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Kerio Connect 7 Overview


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Kerio Connect 7 Overview

  1. 1. Kerio Connect 7More Than Just a Mail Server
  2. 2. AgendaKerio Connect overview & benefitsKerio Connect 7.1 new features• Kerio Connector for BlackBerry• Outlook 2010 support• iPhone 4 / iOS4 support• Sync Public and Shared Folders• New Integrated Sophos AV• New Retention Policy settingsEnhanced features & system requirements changesDemoQ&A
  3. 3. Kerio ConnectComplete Messaging Solution for SMBs Cross-platform collaboration Mobile device synchronization Anti-spam/anti-virus content filtering Email archiving Automated server backup
  4. 4. Kerio Connect BenefitsEase of Administration• Small IT footprint• Installs in minutes• No Dependencies• Supports both Active Directory and Open DirectoryFlexible Deployment• Windows, Mac, Linux, VMware, Parallels• Runs on desktop or server OS• Broad client support• Full featured webmail client• All-in-one. No add-ons required.
  5. 5. New in Kerio Connect 7.1 Kerio Connector for Outlook 2010 Support iPhone 4 / iOS4 Support BlackberryPublic and Shared Folders Integrated SOPHOS AV Greater Retention Policy on Mobile Devices Flexibility
  6. 6. Kerio Connector for BlackBerry Kerio Connector for BlackBerry Native over-the-air sync of email, contacts, calendars and tasks between BlackBerry devices and Kerio Connect
  7. 7. Kerio Connector for BlackBerryNative over-the-air sync of email, contacts, calendars and tasks betweenBlackBerry devices and Kerio Connect.Installed on the same server running BlackBerry Enterprise ServerNo additional BlackBerry client neededNative UI of BlackBerry devicesSupported:• BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 5• BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express• All BlackBerry devices supported by BlackBerry Enterprise Server.Note: Continued support for NotifySync and AstraSync.
  8. 8. Kerio Connector for BlackBerryArchitecture
  9. 9. Outlook 2010 & iPhone 4 Support Outlook 2010 support iPhone 4 / iOS4 support Supports 32-bit version of CardDAV Outlook 2010 CalDAV Supports custom tools such Conversations as spam/not spam and rules
  10. 10. Sync Public and Shared Folders
  11. 11. Sync Public and Shared Folders
  12. 12. New Integrated Antivirus• A new high performance scan engine from Sophos.• Genotype Virus Detection Technology• McAfee to Sophos FAQ document available
  13. 13. Retention Policy ImprovementsItems clean-out•Mail can be retained forany number of days oryears•Domain wide settings canbe overridden forindividual usersPOP3 server download•Leave mail on POP3server is now an option
  14. 14. Full Web AdministrationFull Web Administration•Full Feature Set, Traffic Charts, Statistics and Log Reporting•Remotely administer Kerio Connect from anywhere•Standalone Administration console discontinued
  15. 15. Changes in System RequirementsNew Supported Platforms•Outlook 2010•BlackBerry/BES•iPhone 4•Safari 5•openSUSE 11.2•RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.5•Ubuntu 10.04 LTSFurther Unsupported•openSUSE 10.0-10.3•Standalone Administration console•Visnetic AV plugin
  16. 16. Connect 7.1 Summary• Kerio Connector for BlackBerry• Outlook 2010 support• iPhone 4 iOS4 support• Sophos AV – New integrated AV engine• Support for public folders in mobile devices• Leave POP3 messages on remote server• Improved Mail Retention Policy• WebAdmin improvements (inc. traffic charts, export users)• Standalone Administration Console is discontinued
  17. 17. Demonstration
  18. 18. Thank You