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Presentation 14 March , Creative Urban Renewal , Colchester UK

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Cure rk colchester

  1. 1. Urban Renewal: Crisis? What crisis?Rene KooymanColchester 14 March 2013
  2. 2. Creative Urban Renewal: between Creativesand Urban Area Development Rene Kooyman
  3. 3. Creatives: SMEsThree criteria:Staff headcountAnnual turnover or:Balance sheetturnover???? CURE-WEB.EU
  4. 4. Size of Enterprises EDCCI: Page 64 By sector across CCIs eurokleis 2009
  5. 5. Labour Characteristics• Labour market of the CCIs is complex• Careerwise a high degree of uncertainty• Non-conventional forms of employment; part-time, temporary contracts, self-employment , free-lancers• Multiple job-holdings; combined other sources• New type of employer; the ‘entrepreneurial individual’ or ‘entrepreneurial cultural worker’• Does not fit into typical patterns of full-time pro’s• Heterogeneity of human resources categories; higher professional, vernacular, craft industry, any other CURE-WEB.EU EDCCI: Page 64
  6. 6. CCIs Market Conditions• Markets volatile and unpredictable• Promoting business strategies that are embryonic, provisional, highly responsive• Based on intuitive and emotional knowledge as much as standard market research• Unpredictable demand conditions; ‘nobody knows’• Entrepreneurs are price takers: accept the prices that result from supply and demand. None of the players has enough market power to ‘dictate’ prices to the customer (price makers) CURE-WEB.EU EDCCI: Page 64
  7. 7. Cultural and Creative Industries CURE-WEB.EU
  8. 8. Urbanisation , Knowledge society
  9. 9. The Urban Dimension• Territorial consequences: Former Industrial areas in decay: lack of funds, lack of initiatives• Diversified cultural environments (Jacobs)• Social integration/identification : belonging and distinction (Bourdieu/Florida)• Integrated approach: – Physical: bricks and mortar – Social – Infrastructure: networking CURE-WEB.EU EDCCI: Page 64
  10. 10. The CURE Partners Colchester Borough Council cre8te, Edinburgh Grundstücksgesellschaft Kettwig Stadt Hagen (Lead Partner) Stad Brugge Stadt Dinslaken Lille Métropole Utrecht School of the Arts CURE-WEB.EU
  11. 11. CURE: Creative Urban Renewal• Creative Zone Innovator: integrated approach to urban, economic, cultural, social and entrepreneurial development• ABC: Area , Building, Creative entrepreneur• Four Dimensisons: a. Learning Lab: learning environment b. Cultural Value Chain: networked alliances c. Flow of diversity: continuous new impulses d. Cultural Business Modeling
  12. 12. Creative Zone Innovator CURE-WEB.EU
  13. 13. How is it done?• Radically re-interpret the area• Define identity and profile• Spread the word; Corporate Communication• Build support networks• Take time• More Dash than Cash CURE-WEB.EU
  14. 14. Urban Renewal: Crisis? What crisis?Rene KooymanColchester 14 March 2013