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Italy and rome's geography


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Kailyn and Kirsten

Published in: Education
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Italy and rome's geography

  1. 1. Italy and Rome's geography Kailyn Van Plake Kirsten Miller
  2. 2. Italy’s climate • Warm dry summers and cold rainy winters. • This climate is like southern California
  3. 3. Italy’s location • Italy is a boot-shaped peninsula that jutes out of Southern Europe into the Atlantic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterrean Sea and other waters. • Rome is the capital of Italy.
  4. 4. All about Rome • Thastavery is one of Rome’s ancient city, it’s name means literary across Tiber. • Founded in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus. • Rome has been the capital of Italy since1870. • Greatest emperor born from Rome was Julius Caesar.
  5. 5. What Italy Grows and Eats • People in Italy grow grains, citrus fruit, grapes, and olives. • For 22 centuries, Italians and their ancestors have cleared fields, grazed land stocks and hunted wild animals. • They made wine and olive oil.
  6. 6. In The Old Days Of Rome • The roman empire height the most influential power in the ancient world. • Etruscans history today comes to us from indirect sources – either from roman historians who had an axe, or from Ancient Greek historians.
  7. 7. Roman soldiers • Four of the greatest soldiers were – Trajan, Caesar, Gaius Marius and Constantine I • Only men who were 20 could become a soldier • Roman legendries could not get married
  8. 8. The Roman Gods • The roman gods were Jupiter, Juno, Mars, Venus, Minerva, Neptune, Vulcan, Diana, Bacchus, Mercury, a nd Vesta.
  9. 9. This is the end of our presentation.
  10. 10. The credits • • • • • • • m •