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Gen Yes Website Scavenger Hunt


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Scavenger Hunt

Published in: Education, Sports
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Gen Yes Website Scavenger Hunt

  1. 1. NAME___________________________ Date: ________________________ Generation YES Website Scavenger Hunt Directions: Explore the Generation YES Website ( ) to find the answers to these questions and learn about GenYES and where it came from. 1. What are the past names of the GenYES program? 2. What was the first school district and state to embrace the GenYES program? 3. What organization honored GenYES with a rare "exemplary program" award in the year 2000? 4. Click on the About Us link on the main Generation YES homepage ( Find out how many other GenYES schools are from your state. If there are none, what is the name of the first school listed for the Virgin Islands? 5. The GenYES program is evaluated annually. Find what percent of teachers reported that their GenYES experience would change the way that they teach in the future. © Copyright 2009 Generation YES