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Internet Summit 2012: Social Media Measurement: No Silver Bullets


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Up to this point, social media marketing has been largely about free posts for free, low impact results.

Now that Facebook is forcing the issue with Promoted Posts, marketers need a new set of tools where they can measure the value of each social media marketing channel and decide, based on real facts and numbers, which channels are cost effective.

Presented by Rob Kischuk (@rkischuk) & Kurt Uhlir (@kurtuhlir)

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Internet Summit 2012: Social Media Measurement: No Silver Bullets

  1. 1. Measuring Social for Real Results
  2. 2. Who are we? Kurt Uhlir Rob Kischuk Generate buzz. Reward Fans. 1.25 million players Foundational technology patents location, check-in, ads, and video games Social startups since 2006@KurtUhlir @rkischuk
  3. 3. Where’s My Silver Bullet?Social Mea surement & ROI
  4. 4. Shifting Market@KurtUhlir #isum12
  5. 5. Shifting Market@KurtUhlir #isum12
  6. 6. Shifting Market@KurtUhlir #isum12
  7. 7. Shifting Market@KurtUhlir #isum12
  8. 8. Where’s My Silver Bullet?
  9. 9. What are you trying to measure? .%$)( 1%2%"*%( !"#$#%&%"( !)*+$,-"( /%"%0$,-"( /%"%0$,-"( Intentionally Focus and Optimize@KurtUhlir #isum12
  10. 10. Keep it Engaging@KurtUhlir #isum12
  11. 11. There is a Time for Education Generate buzz. Reward Fans.
  12. 12. Measuring Leads
  13. 13. @rkischuk #isum12
  14. 14. Facebook Moved Our Cheese
  15. 15. A Facebook App for Every Brand@rkischuk #isum12
  16. 16. Don’t Forget the Permissions@rkischuk #isum12
  17. 17. Open Graph is the new “Free” Cheese
  18. 18. Track That Funnel@rkischuk #isum12
  19. 19. Be Smart About Links @rkischuk #isum12
  20. 20. So What Ads Are “Worth It”@rkischuk #isum12
  21. 21. Conclusion .%$)( 1%2%"*%(!"#$#%&%"( !)*+$,-"( /%"%0$,-"( /%"%0$,-"(
  22. 22. Generate buzz. Reward Fans.@buzztasticapp @badgy @KurtUhlir @rkischuk