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  1. 1. Private School The Teen Room Interior Space Planning and Color Concept 123Belvidere Road Anywhere, Illinois
  2. 2. Concept Floor Plan
  3. 3. Existing Fixtures and Furnishings Schedule Low height table with preschool chairs 36” X 72” In-use Check-in desk with (2) chairs 30” X 60” In-use Round table with (4) upholstered chairs 48”D. In-use Oblong conference table with (6) upholstered chairs 36” X 72” In-use Large Oblong conference table 48” X 96” Relocate Furniture Grouping: (3) Large chairs 34” X 34” In-use (1) Sofa 34” X 60” In-use (2) End, coffee tables Relocate Wooden decorated bench 18” X 48” In-use Electric Organ 24” X 43” In-use(Storage) Upright Piano 28” X 60” x 52”h In-use Drum set 5’D. In-use Stacking chairs: Tan/Grey Upholstered (15) In-use Preschool plastic (6) In-use(Storage) Red/brown plastic (15) Relocate Blue stacking upholstered (9) Relocate Ping-pong table 60” X 108” In-use Pool table 55” X 102” In-use Foosball table 29” X 54” In-use Air Hockey table 45” X 86” In-use Sectional sofa 11’ X 10’ Relocate Area carpets: Large Blue 12’ X 9’ In-use Large Tan Berber 12’ X 12’ In-use Small Red Oriental 5’6” X 8’6” Relocate Miscellaneous: (3) Round Table/stools (white) 23”D. In-use Fabric Window Valances Remove Large craft table Relocate
  4. 4. General The Teen Room has been revamped to become the ultimate hangout and meeting place for the T.G.I.F. Group. The furnishings have been relocated and grouped to make the best use of the space for many different activities in one room, as well as unity within the room for an entire group of teens to interact. The existing wall color works well for the space with the addition of student artwork on the south wall, and a large scale mural on the north wall near the TV area. The theme is bold, appropriate and relevant. Furnishings Existing Fabric Valances Removed Window Blinds Existing Existing misc. artwork Relocated New 12”x12” Acrylic frames $37/set of 6 for student artwork Large scale wall mural $45 Paint/materials Proposed Budget $75-100
  5. 5. Sitting Area The Sitting Area is located in a quiet corner, but directly adjacent to the Game Area. The sofa and one chair will be used, with two of the chairs being relocated to another area. This allows the seating to be open to the rest of the room and Game Area for better flow and interaction. The existing coffee and end tables will be replaced by modern versions with a great pop of color, and a new lamp or two are a great option. Furnishings Sofa and (1) chair Existing 9’ X 12’ Area Rug Existing 24” X 24” End table – Red $12.99 ea. Table lamp, 20”h $16.99 ea. Proposed Budget $30-$60
  6. 6. Conference / Kitchen Area The Conference and Kitchen Area will be used as an area for arts & crafts, snacks, or gathering spot for projects or instruction. The Kitchen will remain as it is. The center area will have both the preschool height table and small conference table for seating. The North wall can be used for presentation by relocating an existing chalkboard or applying chalkboard paint directly to the wall. The desk and chairs located at the entrance will remain. Furnishings Preschool table & (6)chairs Existing Conference table & (6)chairs Existing Check-in desk & (2) chairs Existing Chalkboard or Paint $8 Proposed Budget Optional
  7. 7. Game Area The Game Area will be the new center point of the room with all the existing game tables located here. The 48”d. round table and chairs become a game table for the area, and the wooden bench is located against the wall for the score keepers to have a seat. The pool cues will be relocated along the south wall, and new chalkboard decals added to keep track of scores. The drum set and upright piano will be on display while acting as a visual screen between this area and the storage area. Furnishings Game Tables Existing 48”D. table & (4) chairs Existing Wooden Bench Existing Drum set & piano Existing Chalkboard decals $18-40 Room screen (opt.) $50 Proposed Budget $18-40
  8. 8. TV Area The new TV Area will be located in it’s own compact space, but still open to the other areas for great interaction between activities. Existing furnishings will be relocated here, with a few new additions to make this a great gathering place, or an area for casual instruction. Furnishings (2) chairs Existing 12’ X 12’ Area Rug Existing 23”d. Tables/stools-white (3) Existing New 20”X20” Floor Pillows $6-12 ea or Donations TV/Stand Options Current TV/Stand Existing New floor unit w/ storage $70 New Wall unit w/ storage $229 New 32” Flat screen TV $350 Proposed Budget Optional
  9. 9. Presented by: Racquel Fout