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Social Networking and Social Media


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A presentation I gave at the Fromm Institute at the University of San Francisco

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Social Networking and Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media Social NetworkingFromm Institute – University of San Francisco Robert Keahey 5/21/2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Review the handouts• Social Media and Social Networking – Differences – A quick sampling – Common types of social media – Why is it important?• The Social Graph• The good and the bad sides of social media• Break• Explore a few social media sites• Quick look at the future• Suggested reading• Wrap-up and Q&A 2
  3. 3. Handouts Handout Key TakeawayNYT: The Flight From • We are losing the art of conversationConversation • Technology allows us to present an alternate persona • False sense that through connectedness we are not aloneSJMN: California poised to • Bars companies from asking for logon credentials to socialbar employers from peeking networksinto private information on • Do companies have obligation to protect other employees?social media sites • How is this different from drug tests and credit checking?SJMN: Victims of • Can students be censored for “off-campus” behavior?cyberbullying fight back in • Lack of clear legislation to address cyberbullyinglawsuits • Freedom of speech boundaries make the issue complexNYT: Mayor warns of the • Social media is leading to “daily referendums”pitfalls in social media • Disempowers leaders focusing on the longer term vision • How do you leverage the value of technology?Huffington Post: Livehoods • Is using location and behavior data an infringement ofMaps Neighborhoods For The privacy?Social-Networking Age • Can it provide an accurate cultural/social representation? 3
  4. 4. What’s the Difference? SocialNetworking = What Social Media = How 4
  5. 5. A few Social Networking/Media Sites43 Things DailyBooth Fuelmyblog iWiW Renren DailyStrength Friendica Jaiku Netlog ResearchGate TumblrAdvogato delicious Friends Reunited Kaixin001 Nettby TwitteraNobii deviantART Friendster Kiwibox Nexopia Ryze VkontakteAsianAvenue Diaspora Frühstückstreff Lafango NGO Post ScienceStage Vampirefreaks.comaSmallWorld Disaboom Fubar LaiBhaari Ning ShareTheMusic ViadeoAthlinks Dol2day Gaia Online Odnoklassniki Shelfari DontStayIn GamerDNA LibraryThing OneClimate Skoob VirbBadoo Lifeknot OneWorldTV Skyrock VoxBebo Douban LinkedIn Open Diary Social Life WakoopaBIGADDA GetGlue LinkExpats Orkut SocialVibe Elftown Gogoyoko Listography OUTeverywhere WasabiBlackPlanet Elixio Goodreads LiveJournal Pandora SoundCloud WAYNBlauk Epernicus Goodwizz Livemocha Passportstamp Spotify WebBiographiesBlogster Google+ LunarStorm PatientsLikeMe Stickam Experience Project GovLoop Makeoutclub Partyflock StudiVZ WellwerBusuu Exploroo MEETin Pingsta Students Circle Network WeOurFamilyBuzznet Facebook Habbo Meetup Pinterest StumbleUpon Wepolls.comCafeMom Faceparty hi5 Meettheboss Plaxo Tagged weReadCake Financial Hospitality Club MillatFacebook Playahead TalentTrove WiserEarthCare2 Fetlife Hotlist mixi PureVolume Talkbiznow WooxieCaringBridge FilmAffinity MocoSpace Playfire Taltopia WriteAPrisoner.comCellufun Filmbuffet Hub Culture MOG Taringa! FledgeWing Hyves Plurk TeachStreet XINGCloob Flixster Ibibo Mubi Qapacity TermWiki Xt3CouchSurfing Flickr MyHeritage Quechup The Sphere YammerCozyCot Indaba Music MyLife Quora Fotki IRC-Galleria My Opera Qzone Travellerspoint YouTubeCrunchyroll Fotolog Myspace Raptr Zoo.grCyworld Foursquare Itsmy myYearbook Ravelry Zooppa 5
  6. 6. Common Types of Social Media Type Purpose ExamplesBlogs (microblogs) Inform or disseminate an opinion or position on a particular • Blogger, WordPress subject • Posterous, TwitterSocial Networks Build personal and professional relationships and share with • Facebook, Orkut friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues • Google+, LinkedInContent Channels Share information and expertise about a common topic or subject • StumbleUpon, Pinterest and/or disseminate or receive and optionally receive feedback on • YouTube, Vimeo audio, video, publications or products • Pandora, Spotify • Picasa, Issuu, Tumblr • Email, browsers, SMSSocial Games Casual (“time available”) gaming with social communities • Words With Friends • Draw Something • FarmvilleVirtual Worlds Virtualized gaming or social experiences • World of Warcraft • Second LifeForums Exchange personal and professional expertise and advice • • QuoraSocial Influence Share auto-biographical information and establish social •, awareness and credibility (influence) • XeeMe • Klout, Empire AvenueBookmarking Capture and classify information and sources of interest •, Digg 6
  7. 7. Why is Social Media Important? It’s the mechanism by which marketers intend to separate you from your money in the digital age…• 1995: ~16 million users on dialup• 2012: ~2+ billion users on direct internet access• The number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the worlds population in 2012• By 2016 that number will grow to 10 billion… 7
  8. 8. A real-world example…• Livescribe – Really cool technology – Records and links audio to written text• Perused Livescribe website• Googled for buying options• Ads appeared 32 times during my research 8
  9. 9. Pervasiveness of social media 9
  10. 10. The Social Networking revenue engine• Offer something of value at no cost to the end user• Create “stickiness” to maintain the consumer base• Organically grow through word of mouth and peer pressure• Make breaking up hard to do• Milk the cash cow… 10
  11. 11. Social Graphs – food for the cow 11
  12. 12. The value of Social Graphs Cloud Computing & Big DataHey Facebook, the SuperBowl Sure, Pepsi, just a sec… let meis in six weeks. I’d like to check…know everybody who is:• 18-35 years old tick… tick… tick…• Male• Single OK, here’s your list of 23• Is a Giants or Patriots fan million people. That will be• Plays fantasy football $1,000,000 please. Laser-targeted Hey Dudes! advertising to 23M It’s the Pepsi Fan Jam Fantasy potential & existing Football Challenge! Enter now to customers win a trip to SuperBowl XLVI 12
  13. 13. In real terms…But how do you accomplish sustained revenue growth? 13
  14. 14. Own the (social) data…am too… are not… 14
  15. 15. Extend the Social Graph 15
  16. 16. Go Mobile… 16
  17. 17. But wait… 17
  18. 18. The Shrinking World• Six degrees of separation – Originally published by Stanley Milgram in 1967 – Popularized in the 1990’s by the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”• 2011 study suggests the degrees of separation is shrinking – 4.74 – Based on 721 million Facebook users 18
  19. 19. Side effects…• Privacy – Facebook, Google – “Opt-In” vs “Opt-out”• De-personalization and distraction• Scams – Phishing – The Nigerian connection – Advanced fees paid for a guaranteed loan or credit card – Disaster relief funds• Brand management – Gap – Domino’s Pizza – Yahoo!• Cyber “virtual” theft – YoVille “gray market”• Cyber-bullying – Lori Drew case – Alex Boston case 19
  20. 20. The Lori Drew Case 20
  21. 21. Benefits…• Crowdsourcing – Smithsonian Institute – – Project Imagin8ion• Global awareness and social activism – Twitter, Facebook – SOPA, PIPA, CISPA• Reconnecting & bonding – Facebook Groups• History/memory preservation – – – – Facebook Timeline• Education – edX – Kahn Academy, Learning Jar, SkillShare 21
  22. 22. • Clearly understood the value of connections and relationships• Designed as a “platform” – Open ecosystem • Gaming • Commercial applications • Advertising • Community applications – Well-documented programmatic interfaces• Migration costs are very high 22
  23. 23. • Geared toward the “tech savvy” crowd• Attempts to emulate real life relationship models – Circles• Integrates all Google services 23
  24. 24. • The “hot” property (for now)• The new “bulletin board” – Photos (and now video) – Images possess information and powerful images evoke emotion. Emotion is the drive that moves us to act. – Excellent channel to promote products• Gives good insight into likes (and wants) – “… a haven for materialistic deaperadoes living out their consumerist dreams…”• Creates rich targeted marketing opportunity 24
  25. 25. • Geared toward the “tech savvy” crowd• Provides a forum for “friendly” competition• Marketing promotions – “Swarm” badges – Gift certificates – McDonald’s – Membership – History Channel 25
  26. 26. Occasionally things go wrong… • Failed to control the user experience • Limited added value • Assumed people were willing to interact with total strangers • Burned through $41 million • Offered limited free services • Paid services added little value • Poor performance and user experience • Failed to see the value in a “platform” • Ignored key issues of copyright and digital rights management • Underestimated power of RIAA 26
  27. 27. The future of social networking Proximity-based Social Location auto-social Tribal BehaviorDemographics and Context networks + + + Layar, Mobilizy Glancee, Sonar Acrossair, Metaio Highlight, Banjo “Social Flow” 27
  28. 28. Suggested Reading• Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives -- How Your Friends Friends Friends Affect Everything You Feel, Think, and Do – Nicholas Christakis, James Fowler• Groundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social technologies – Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff• I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did – Social Networking and the Death of Privacy – Lori Andrews• The tone of life on social networking sites – The Pew Internet & American Life Project 28
  29. 29. Questions? 29