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Final treatment


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Published in: Education
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Final treatment

  1. 1. Film Title – Shortcoming. <br />Genre – Horror.<br />Sub-Genre - Slasher<br />
  2. 2. Final Plot Synopsis<br />Jennie Smith is a regular American citizen with a regular home and a regular job. Nothing has ever been beyond the ‘norm’ in her small town in Ohio. Each day consists of the same persistent routine. However one thing that begins to crop up on a regular basis is very far from her normal life.<br />Irregular and unexplained events begin to emerge causing a life of pain and fear for Jen. It all begins when her mother dies of unknown circumstances. She goes to say her last goodbyes and reads the coffin plaque. The last 3 digit number was something of a mystery to Jen, but was not in the state of mind to advertise her concerns.<br />Only when she begins to tidy her mothers belongings, is when her concerns become reality. She finds a picture of her grandmother just before she was killed by a hit and run driver with a sign for Junction 823 in the background. Merely a coincidence until her best friend also later dies, and is recorded as a suicide by the police after finding 823 carved into her wrist. The repetition of the 3 numbers has come into Jens days and sleepless nights as ever number lurks within every corner of her eye, 823 burnt into her bed sheets, 823 smeared in what can only be her brothers blood on the bathroom wall., 823 is what only can be the trademark of a serial killer. A serial killer who has a simple, but deep connection with Jen’s life. The only question: will Jennie Smith find the killer before her finds her? And will she be safe in her home, of number 824, Chorsley Road.<br />
  3. 3. Influences (films/posters/sites)<br />After receiving negative feedback on my font choice, i opted to use a similar font to the one featured on the One Missed Call poster. I also intend to use a similar layout to the bottom half of the poster.<br />In my feedback, it was suggested that my mock up poster seemed a bit clichéd and obvious so i took inspiration from The Watcher and decided to use a shadow effect to create more of an enigma. Also, i like the glow effect style on the font and will try work this into my own poster.<br />
  4. 4. Generic Conventions<br />- Male Antagonist.<br />- Female Victim (suggested)<br />
  5. 5. Dominant Image- style and composition<br />After negative feedback on my mock up, i have decided to change my dominant image slightly.<br />My original image of a man with a knife tested to be too clichéd to audiences, who suggested making the character less of focal point, but maybe to focus more on the weapon so create an enigma.<br />This feedback gave me the idea of a silhouetted man holding a knife with a necklace hanging from the edge. The knife and necklace will be the main focal point and will be emphasised.<br />I feel that this creates more of an enigma and gives both antagonist and victim mystery, encouraging people to watch the film to find out more.<br />
  6. 6. Characters/Representations/Stereotypes/Star image<br />My antagonist is shown entirely in shadow; I think this suggests a dark, mysterious character.<br />My victim is shown from a low angle shot, screaming. Her face and body language suggests a submissive character. This is stereotypical to the female representations in horror films.<br />
  7. 7. Secondary Images<br />I was thinking of possibly digitally imposing a face onto the knife blade, almost like a reflection of the victims face, screaming in terror. Also adding an engraved effect of the numbers 823 to the knife, as they are pivotal to the story line.<br />
  8. 8. Colour palette<br />BLACK<br />SILVER<br />GOLD<br />RED/ORANGE<br />BROWN<br />
  9. 9. Typography– style/font/colour<br /><br />HITMAN.<br />After receiving negative feedback on my original font, i opted for a more low key font which tested better in a survey.<br />
  10. 10. Dominant text – tagline/credits etc/logos<br />TITLE: SHORTCOMING.<br />TAGLINE: How much do you know about your neighbours?<br />Credits.<br />
  11. 11. Target Audience/Uses and Gratifications/Points of Identification<br />Target audience:<br />- 15-24 year olds.<br />- Mixed Gender<br />