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  1. 1. Logos/Titles . The production Logo that we created uses light as a dominant feature, which we created in the editing process using flash. Lots of production logos on films use this feature, and so to try and make the logo authentic and give it a professional feel, we created a logo that use light such as the spotlights used in the ‘Fox Searchlight’ Logo taken from the “One Hour Photo” trailer.
  2. 2. Logos/Titles . The title is against a black background and the font itself is a much lighter colour and had a red glow surrounding it. This is common within most horror trailers. The colour scheme connotes the horror genre, as Black, White and Red are very conventional, therefore we decided to use similar colours and styles within our own title.
  3. 3. Logos/Titles . The credits in our final trailer was laid out in a specific way. It uses white white font against a black background. All text is written in capital letters and centre aligned. We also used the production logos we had made within the final credits underneath the writing. All these features can be seen on the credits for One Hour Photo.
  4. 4. Props and Costumes. The knife is a very iconic object within the horror genre, and therefore I thought that this would be an appropriate object to use when filming our trailer. Its main purpose in this shot was to show the knife as a murder weapon as the killer is washing blood from ist. In the number 23, we also see the killer reaching for the knife to use in the same way. I knife is instantly recognisable as a key part of mise en scene of a horror film, and makes you understand the nature of the film immediately.
  5. 5. Props and Costumes. Here, we see almost the exact same shot, of a man circling numbers in a book. A book is an iconic tool for things such as research or even obsession if he has gona as Far as to write in the book. This is the story life for both films. The use of this prop also allowed for interesting shot choices such as the close up you see above.
  6. 6. Props and Costumes. In both film, the antagonist is shown wearing a black jacket. In horror, the colour black conventionally Portrays evil and darkness, which is fitting for someone who is killing people. Both actors also have longish dark hair, and this could be seen as a way to hide their identity And make them seem more mysterious.
  7. 7. Camera Work These shots show a point of view shot. This makes it look as though the killer is watching from somewhere more hidden, which in both these cases is a ca. The use of low key lighting and highlights adds to the sophistication of the shot. I think that this shot is very effective because it is a more complex type of shot, and truley gives the feeling that someone is ‘watching her’. In the one hour photo shot, the woman is being watched through a camera lens to tie in with the theme of the film.
  8. 8. Editing. In this shot, we see the same lighting effect, where the light gradually runs across the antagonists face. I feel this gives the audience a sense of fear as you do not know what the shadow is Hiding. It creates an enigma within the character. I feel that the use of shadows is conventional to The horror genre as they are often used to conceal things and keep audiences guessing, often Making them more afraid of what they cannot see, which in this case is the monster within.
  9. 9. Narrative. In our trailer, we used carefully placed props such as the door number you see above to help get the point of the story across, as well as the use of voice clips taken from the film to help push the narrative forward in a way that would make it clear for the audience. The number 23 does a similar thing by presenting the focus of the film (the numbers) in a repetitive way, while using a voice over to help fit the pieces together. I feel this leaves the audience at a point where they understand that the numbers are somehow important but do not know why, therefore creating an enigma.
  10. 10. Character Representations. In both trailers, the females characters are shown as being damsels in distress, both being persued and dominated by a man with a knife while they try and run away. I feel this is conventional to horror as most females characters in horror films are portrayed as being quite useless and need another man to save her and defeat the male antagonist. This sort of female character has been refered to as a “scream queen” in the media.
  11. 11. Genre. One of the most iconic pieces of imagery of a horror film is blood and both trailers contain this. Blood connotes violence and death, and that is the foundation of a horror film, so seeing this immediately lets you know what sort of content to expect from the film.