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Audience demographic


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Audience demographic

  1. 1. One area of my target audience would be “scene kids”. This is due to the characters presented in the film. On the Website, the antagonist is shown to be wearing a black, high fashion coat from the store “Topman”. This is a well known scene brand. Although you cannot see on the website, he is also wearing skinny jeans and has quite a prominent side fringe, which is also very in keeping with the scene image. Within this group, the audience demographic would be a fairly even spilt between males and females, predominantly within the 18-24 age range.
  2. 2. Indie Scenesters would also be interested as they have shared interests to the Scene Kids.
  3. 3. Chavs may be interested due to the interested in things related to violence, as they are known for a quite violent nature. This would be the least focused area of my target audience due to the characters and music used throughout the film is more aimed at a scene/alt/geek audience.
  4. 4. “ Geeks” would also be a target audience. They are large cinema goers and frequent users of movie sites such as IMBD and Rotten tomatoes, making it very easy to advertise. They also have shared interests with Scene kids in terms of music and fashion, making the film appeal directly to that nature also. Gamers, who also fall closely in with this category, would also be targeted.
  5. 5. “ geeks” and “gamers” would be perticulalrly targeted for the use of the website, as both of these social group are heavily internet dependent and use movie sites such as, which offers links to official movie websites.