Knowledge to Abilities: Are you differentiating yourself from the crowd?


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In order to be known for your abilities, you need to make sure you integrate knowledge and skills very well. While you are learning a new skill, you will need to be cautious about how well-rounded and comprehensive knowledge you are acquiring about this skill.

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Knowledge to Abilities: Are you differentiating yourself from the crowd?

  1. 1. © Personal-Resonance All rights reserved Raman K. Attri DNA of Mastery and Practical Wisdom : A Journey from
  2. 2. DNA of Mastery and Practical Wisdom Knowled ge
  3. 3. Where you should stop in the journey to excel yourself? 3
  4. 4. Part-I: Knowledge to A bilities: A re you differentiating yourself from the crowd? 4
  5. 5. Get Competitive Edge By Expanding Your Strategic Knowledge 5
  6. 6. Acquire important skills and practice to perfect those. 6
  7. 7. You “can” do it. You have been equipped to do it, but we are yet to see the disposition how effectively you do it
  8. 8. Differentiate Yourself From Crowd With Your Abilities. Integrated Your Knowledge and Skills Well 8
  9. 9. Stay tuned and come back Stay tuned for remaining 6 parts of this presentation which will make you change the way you think about yourself. Or visit my blog PersonalResonance© and subscribe. 9
  10. 10. Subscribe or follow my blog Personal-Resonance© Blog Art and science of Self-discovery, Personal Expertise and Self-leadership Personal Resonance is a stage in the journey to know yourself, where your demonstrable professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and experience start vibrating at same wavelength as your most fundamental inner drives, passions and dreams. At this point, all elements of your inner- and outer-self reinforce each other to deliver peak personal performance. PersonalResonance © is a research based model to enable professionals with comprehensive selfdiscovery and self-analysis. This model enable them through their personal day-to-day activities rather than some out-of-the-world or go-by-the-book leadership tools. 10
  11. 11. As a job holding professional, Didn't you always want a simple and easy to understand game plan which can enable you to achieve higher performance and better personal effectiveness? And you wanted it by staying what you are and not by completely converting, polishing or camouflaging your real personality into something you are not. Just by being what you are, I will show you how to develop yourself into a leader without ever changing yourself, rather by knowing yourself. Basic premise is that you don't need to change and you can achieve everything the way you are. This blogs brings you a rare method of combining art and science to true self-discovery which sticks forever. Not any tips or guidelines but proven research based techniques and practices which you can even use to train others and get same results. Follow me to get simple yet uncharted secrets, methods, techniques and tools to bring best out of you and achieve greater personal effectiveness and unimaginable professional performance you always wanted. Why Personal-Resonance©? 11
  12. 12. Raman K. Attri Raman is a transformation management consultant and hi-tech learning specialist. Paralyzed with polio in childhood which limited his mobility, he set to challenge the limitations and over-exert speed of his learning and exploiting his potential to the maximum. In spite of obvious challenges in personal and professional life, he used his will power to take risks and ventured into professions and activities normally reserved for physically fit people. Learning the lesson from life hard way, he has the mission to help people develop their personal and professional mastery without having to change their fundamental personality. His strong believe in unlimited human potential lead him to conduct research for many years for develop Personal Resonance model, a unique selfdiscovery and performance enhancement model to help people step-by-step discover their best potential and resonate it in personal and professional world. E-mail: | Twitter: | LinkedIn: | Publications: Http:// | SlideShare: | Google +: Being a training specialist, he focusses on providing "how-to" methods, techniques to attain skills, rather than providing philosophical tips. Combining it with his unconventional learning and training models, his advisory services are targeted to equip organizations and individuals to increase personal effectiveness, develop self-leadership, achieve peak professional performance and reduce time-to-proficiency of their employees. Site: Https:// | StumbleUpon: | Tumblr: | Pin: Raman holds Professional Doctorate in Corporate Training, MBA in Operations Management and Executive MBA in Customer Relationship Management. He is pursuing another Doctorate in developing expertise faster through training strategies. 12
  13. 13. 13