Webscale Discovery EDS / WorldCat Local "quick start" Charleston 2012 - Expanded


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Expanded presentation from 2012 Charleston Conference on how to complete missing metadata in certain EDS records by obtaining it from WorldCat to ensure linking to desired item held by local library.

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Webscale Discovery EDS / WorldCat Local "quick start" Charleston 2012 - Expanded

  1. 1. Discover EDS:Tales of Implementation and Use Implementing and Customizing the User Experience Assessment, Usability and Customization Rafal Kasprowski Electronic Resources Librarian, Rice University Expanded Charleston Presentation:Augmenting Record Metadata with EBSCO Discovery System CustomLinks and OCLC’s WorldCat Local "quick start" 2012 Charleston Conference, November 7-10
  2. 2. Agenda• Custom Links − Increase successful linking to desired items, online & print − Offer versatility and granularity Presentation limited to Custom Links − Pre-coded by EBSCO − Created with the help of EBSCO Support• Related Enhancements − WorldCat Local “quick start” • FREE locally branded & customized version of Worldcat.org − Serials Solutions OpenURL resolver menu • graphically enhanced with JavaScript coding from jQuery library
  3. 3. Overview: Full-Text Linking in EDSFull texts native to discovery platform (HTML, PDF, Smart Links)• Discovery service vendor is also content provider.• Discovery service vendor’s content is available directly through discovery platform.Proprietary external links (Custom Links)• Discovery service vendor establishes linking protocol with individual content providers• Static linking is predictable, works as long as links remain unchanged• Links created one provider at a time: limited, but growing in scaleOpenURL links• Link resolver checks library’s A-Z list and links to matching full text• Existing standard: scales across most providers• Dynamic linking can be problem if no holdings, or if source & target formats differ
  4. 4. Custom Links w/ EDS Partner Databases• Use EDS Content Questionnaire (Excel sheet) to indicate which links to setup, e.g., − JSTOR − Web of Science − American Psychological Association − Lexis Nexis − Alexander Street Press − NewsBank − OAIster − arXiv − OUP: Oxford Handbooks Online, Oxford Scholarship Online − ScienceDirect, etc.• Possible to set up some Custom Links to show up only for certain collections.• New Custom Links are being created by EBSCO – follow the EDS Partners listserv for additions.• Ask EBSCO to create Custom Links, by outlining parameters and it will be put in a development queue, e.g. Oxford Art – Music – Reference Online.• Some libraries are creating their own EDS Custom Links using the EBSCOhost admin module, see CustomLinks – Best Practices Guide.
  5. 5. Advantages of Custom Links to EDS Partner Databases• As explained by EBSCO in EDS Questionnaire Help: − Using a CustomLink direct to the publishers content will often result in a reduced number of clicks for end users - since some link resolvers may require several clicks before end users reach the full text. − Using a CustomLink direct to the publishers content may be more reliable, since using a link resolver results in adding another layer in the process. − Using a CustomLink direct to the publishers content allows you to promote your external content, since the link text will use the publishers name by default. It also becomes more transparent to end users where the link will take them because the link text is contextual.
  6. 6. Problem situation• Users are presented with EDS records from third-party databases (i.e. not local catalog or IR). − Harvard Library Bibliographic Dataset − Government Printing Office Catalog, etc.• A number of these third-party EDS records may be duplicates of local catalog records.• Certain third-party records have insufficient metadata for link resolver to work, preventing resolver from reaching item or resolver service page, e.g.: − Books − Audiobooks − Audio − Music Scores − Video, etc.• Custom Links from EDS Partner Databases are not available.
  7. 7. Questionable Solutions• OpenURL links – insufficient metadata in EDS records; user will not even reach ILL form on resolver menu page: dead end• ILL links – if local catalog has full text, ILL request will be denied• No links – dead end; user has to search citation in other resources• Remove the duplicate third-party databases − All-or-nothing approach: Potential loss of valuable records and data − Parsing through good and bad databases: time-consuming − EBSCO may rearrange databases: risk of removing databases that will need to be put back later & potential waste of effort
  8. 8. Why Retain All Third-Party Databases?• If not duplicates to local content, they broaden discovery.• Not all duplicate records have identical metadata – searches may yield records from third-party databases, but not from corresponding local catalog − E.g., book chapter information in a book record: in third-party database record, but not in local catalog record• Third-party duplicates of catalog records are in EDS before local catalog records because the latter are subject to upload delays (days, weeks, months) − CustomLink from third-party duplicates to catalog would offer access in real time regardless of how often local records are uploaded to EDS.
  9. 9. Linking EDS outliers to local catalog• “Outsourcing” metadata − Linking to outside resource that has proper metadata − Customizing outside resource to display local holdings − If local holdings cannot be displayed directly in outside resource, using OpenURL to link to local holdings in library catalog• OCLC’s Worldcat.org − Many records in many different formats − Most records have relatively complete metadata − Locally branded version (i.e. WorldCat Local “quick start”) directly displays local catalog holdings • in real time if library holdings are updated in OCLC Connexion every time a new item is ordered or cataloged − Platform is OpenURL-compatible • If no OCLC# match is established between local catalog and WorldCat to display holdings, then OpenURL button is generated, which leads to service page with links to catalog, ILL, etc.
  10. 10. OpenURL Service Page (Sample page, enhanced w/ JScript*)*Contributors at Rice U.: Mang Sun, Jeff Koffler, Rafal Kasprowski, Denis Galvin Coding reference: Matthew Reidsma, “Rethinking Stock User Interfaces", http://matthew.reidsrow.com/articles/11
  11. 11. Preparing institutional version of WorldCat Local “quick start”• Creating local rice.worldcat.org account - FREE• Institutional branding• OpenURL setup• Link positioning & personalization for best user experience• Selecting link options − e.g., only display OpenURL link if local holdings cannot be displayed directly in WorldCat.
  12. 12. Linking from EDS to rice.worldcat.org• If the following formats are not in our catalog or institutional repository − “Publication type” or “Document Type”: • Audio, Book, Book Article, Book Chapter, Book Collection, Motion picture, Music Score, Videorecording• then use Custom Link labeled “Check for availability” and run Title + Author search in a WorldCat keyword query: http://rice.worldcat.org/search?q=title+author• Rank “Check for availability” as last Custom Link in order of preference• Note: Book chapter queries yield corresponding book titles in WorldCat
  13. 13. Linking process in rice.worldcat.org1) If item IS available in local catalog A. OCLC# match between local catalog & WorldCat  Library holdings display in detailed WorldCat record B. No OCLC# match between local catalog & WorldCat  OpenURL link is displayed in detailed record  User reaches resolver service page  User links to record in local catalog
  14. 14. Linking process in rice.worldcat.org2) If item IS NOT available in local catalog − OpenURL link is displayed in detailed WorldCat record − User reaches OpenURL resolver service page − User selects ILL request option on service page End result the same whether (1) or (2): − No dead ends − User obtains desired item − No manual data entry
  15. 15. Linking issues(1) Linking to WorldCathttp://rice.worldcat.org/search?q=title+author• title contains extraneous information that prevents linking e.g., editor: “… / edited by …”; format: “… [sound recording]…”• author may interfere with search for book chapter titles e.g., OCLC record does not have author info for book chapters• Query within keyword structure is too broad at times – top results are unrelated to item searched Partial solution: keep tweaking at metadata level, e.g., reinstate OpenURL links for book chapter records with DOIs(2) Linking to local catalog• May require multiple clicks
  16. 16. Checking Availability via WorldCat Knowledge Base EDS WC Cat.
  17. 17. Finding EDS items in local holdings using WorldCat Local “quick start”• Holdings match in rice.worldcat.org − E.g., Maria [sound recording]. By: Bartoli, Cecilia. London, England : Decca, p2007. 01/01/2007 1 sound disc (79 min., 47 sec.) : digital, stereo. ; 4 3/4 in. Language: Italian• No holdings match in rice.worldcat.org − E.g., Nature and love in the late Middle Ages. By: Scaglione, Aldo D.. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1963. 01/01/1963 x, 250 p. illus. 24 cm. Language: English