Mobile Strategy for Big-Box Retailers Q4 2010


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Mobile strategy for big-box retailers. Discussion on both short-term and long-term strategies in Smartphone platform selection, mobile applications, mobile coupons, and mobile marketing with location based services.

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Mobile Strategy for Big-Box Retailers Q4 2010

  1. 1. Mobile Strategy for big-box retail<br />Image Source: Oracle<br />Q4 2010 | Rei Kasai |<br />
  2. 2. RK Consulting<br />.<br /><ul><li>Globally, there are approximately 4.6B mobile subscribers = 68% of world population
  3. 3. Mobile phones outnumber TVs 3 to 1 and PCs 5 to 1
  4. 4. One mobile phone = One unique user, making it a precisely targeted communication channel
  5. 5. Mobile technology (Smartphones and 3G high-speed data networks) finally mature and widely available to enable mobile retail
  6. 6. In the U.S., 20% of mobile subscribers are Smartphone users (45M) and have the potential of using mobile retail today, growing to 50% by end of next year
  7. 7. Aberdeen survey of 129 retailers found 38% are engaged in mobile retail (compared with 18% in 2008)</li></ul>MOBILE IS AN IMPORTANT CHANNEL TO CUSTOMERS<br />Source: Chetan Sharma, Frost & Sullivan, Juniper Research, Gartner, Aberdeen<br />
  8. 8. RK Consulting<br />.<br />MOBILE APPLICATIONS IN THE RETAIL PURCHASE CYCLE<br />Source: Adapted from GS1 and GigaOM<br />
  9. 9. RK Consulting<br />.<br />MOBILE FEATURES OF TOP 10 MASS MERCHANTS OF THE INTERNET RETAILER TOP 500<br /><ul><li>Retailers are experimenting. Best Buy, Macy’s, and Target have the broadest scope.</li></li></ul><li>RK Consulting<br />.<br />Short Range<br /><ul><li>After the iPhone, prioritize mobile application development for Android over Blackberry
  10. 10. Develop mobile applications than mobile web, for now
  11. 11. Focus mobile app to be a productivity tool for product research in-store and outside</li></ul>Long Range<br /><ul><li>Make mobile coupons part of a larger digital coupon platform strategy
  12. 12. Pilot location based services to validate technology and approach
  13. 13. Research shopping enabled TV and movies with iPad application</li></ul>MOBILE STRATEGY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RETAILERS<br />
  14. 14. RK Consulting<br />1. AFTER IPHONE, DEVELOP FOR ANDROID OVER BLACKBERRY<br />ANDROID WILL LEAD SHIPMENTS BY THE END OF THE YEAR<br />MARKET LEADER BLACKBERRY IS LOSING SHARE QUICKLY TO ANDROID<br /><ul><li>Support for Android can’t be ignored. Android adoption growing very rapidly and will lead shipments by end of the year –due to broad GTM of availability on every U.S. carrier and over a dozen handset models.
  15. 15. Blackberry is market leader, but ability to deliver a comparable apps user experience to iPhone and Android questionable. Blackberry is laggard for mobile web and app usage. iPhone and Android disproportionately drive mobile web and apps traffic, per AdMob.
  16. 16. Windows Mobile should be de-prioritized too. Upcoming release garnered positive reviews, but will have limited availability on GSM networks (AT&T/T-Mobile) until the middle of 2011, when it will launch on CDMA networks (Verizon/Sprint).</li></ul>IPHONE + ANDROID DRIVE MOBILE WEB AND APPS TRAFFIC<br />Source: Nielsen, AdMob<br />
  17. 17. RK Consulting<br />2 . DEVELOP MOBILE APPLICATIONS THAN MOBILE WEB, FOR NOW<br />4b mobile apps downloads = strong consumer demand<br />IPHONE AND ANDROID EQUALLY USE MOBILE APPS AND MOBILE WEB<br /><ul><li>iPhone shifted consumer behavior from navigating content through web browser to installing mobile apps to discover, view, and purchase content.
  18. 18. iPhone and Android users spend at least 79 minutes/day using apps and download 9 apps/month per AdMob.
  19. 19. While mobile web has broader reach and HTML5 provides mobile application like features (integration with GPS/camera and data storage), poor user experience of browsers for non iPhone/Android devices and lack of reliable mobile data services are temporary reservations for mobile web.</li></ul>MOBILE APPS PROVIDE BETTER USER EXPERIENCE THAN MOBILE WEB<br />Mobile Web = Mobile Apps Usage <br />Source: Nielsen, Morgan Stanley, AdMob, Apple<br />
  20. 20. RK Consulting<br />3. FOCUS MOBILE APP TO BE A PRODUCTIVITY TOOL FOR PRODUCT RESEARCH<br />.<br />TRADITIONAL SEARCH ON PC = MANY MOBILE APPS<br /><ul><li>Retailers can drive higher adoption and user engagement by aligning mobile app as information tool for product research in-store and outside than as a transactional use-case.
  21. 21. Traditional search (Google on PC) is not a gateway for information on mobile. Mobile apps are discrete information search engines (Yelp, Fandango, Redfin, Weather Channel).
  22. 22. Product research capability can be improved by:</li></ul>Focus help with shopping in categories consumers care about opinion of others (Baby, Home, Electronics) and price. <br />Optimize interaction with products through bar code scanning, and visual search. <br />Enable recommendation engine and 3rd party reviews to enhance product data.<br />STREAMLINED PRODUCT SEARCH WITH BAR CODE SCANNING<br />ScanàResearchàBuy <br />Source: Search Engine Land, Shop Savvy<br />
  23. 23. RK Consulting<br />INSTANT REVIEWS AND PRICING WITH BAR CODE SCANNING<br /><ul><li>Mobile barcode scanning using Smartphone camera
  24. 24. Instant product information, user reviews, brick-and-mortar and online pricing data
  25. 25. 5.5M Android and iPhone downloads
  26. 26. 250K barcode scans in 24 hours for Xbox Halo Reach game
  27. 27. SDK available for retailers
  28. 28. Competitors Red Laser acquired by eBay June 2010 and SnapTell by Amazon June 2009
  29. 29. Current internet retailers that have barcode scanning in their mobile apps: Amazon, Sears/K-Mart, Target, and Best Buy</li></ul>PRODUCT RESEARCH VENDOR SPOTLIGHT- SHOP SAVVY<br />Shop Savvy<br />Source: Shop Savvy<br />
  30. 30. RK Consulting<br />VISUAL SEARCH IS STILL EARLY BUT PROMISING<br /><ul><li>Mobile visual search with Smartphone camera
  31. 31. Like barcode scanning, but with pictures for instant product information and pricing data
  32. 32. SDK available for retailers
  33. 33. Pilot with BestBuy and NexTag
  34. 34. Strong IP with PhD imaging recognition staff
  35. 35. Future application could include search in mobile video/TV content
  36. 36. Amazon is the only internet retailer that has visual search through 2009 SnapTell acquisition</li></ul>PRODUCT RESEARCH VENDOR SPOTLIGHT- IQ ENGINES<br />oMoby by IQ Engines<br />Source: IQ Engines<br />
  37. 37. RK Consulting<br />4. MAKE MOBILE COUPONS PART OF LARGER DIGITAL COUPON PLATFORM STRATEGY<br />.<br />MOBILE COUPONS TOP OF MIND<br /><ul><li>Mobile coupons are important to retailers because they can drive noticeable lift to online and physical store traffic (redemption of mobile coupons compared to paper coupons 16% vs. 1%).
  38. 38. Technology has evolved from scans of paper to digital platforms for retailers and brands to collaborate in real-time to drive marketing programs.
  39. 39. Adoption slow due to lack of personalization (mobile is personal, thus pushing generic coupons viewed as spam), problems with redemption at POS, and competition with online coupons.
  40. 40. Mobile coupons can be successful if retailers incorporates mobile coupons as part of larger digital coupon platform strategy that anticipates redemption on .com and physical stores, as well as personalization through a customer ID.</li></ul>MOBILE AND ONLINE COUPONS ARE PART OF DIGITAL COUPONS<br />Mobile Coupons<br />Online Coupons<br />Source:, In-Store Marketing Institute, Target<br />
  41. 41. RK Consulting<br />.<br /><ul><li>Digital coupon platform
  42. 42. Supports over 800 devices with SMS-based and Smartphone based coupons
  43. 43. In pilot at 16 retail locations with JC Penny in Houston, TX
  44. 44. Strong presence in Grocery with support at over 5K Safeway and Kroger’s locations
  45. 45. Proven technology with over 10M coupons issued
  46. 46. Challenging business model for retailers due to Cellfire wanting control of brand experience with consumers
  47. 47. Current internet retailers that have deployed mobile coupons: JC Penny, Macy’s, Target, HSN, and </li></ul>MOBILE COUPONS VENDOR SPOTLIGHT- CELLFIRE<br />Cellfire<br />Source: Cellfire<br />
  48. 48. RK Consulting<br />.<br /><ul><li>Digital coupon platform
  49. 49. End-to-end service for distribution, redemption, and reimbursement of coupons
  50. 50. Integrated redemption with existing POS through firmware upgrade to Motorola/ Symbol & Verifone
  51. 51. Provides retailers control over manufacturer coupons and eliminates fraud
  52. 52. Streamlines manual coupon processing for faster reimbursement
  53. 53. In pilot with McDonald’s for loyalty program and Winn Dixie for P&G, Con Agra, General Mills, Unilever, Coke, Pepsi manufacturer coupons</li></ul>MOBILE COUPONS VENDOR SPOTLIGHT- INFINIAN<br />Scanner/Payment terminal<br />Infinian Coupon Cloud<br />1<br />2<br />POS<br />Source: Infinian<br />
  54. 54. RK Consulting<br />5. PILOT LOCATION BASED SERVICES TO VALIDATE TECHNOLOGY AND APPROACH<br />.<br />LOCATION BASED SERVICES USERS ARE YOUNG AND MALE<br /><ul><li>Location based services are important to retailers because they provide mobile marketing opportunities that are location context aware.
  55. 55. Services such as Foursquare and Gowalla are gaining traction (2.5M+ users). Users are young (70% between 19-35), male, and a small early adopter market (5% of online users) per Forester Research.
  56. 56. However, rapid mainstream adoption is expected. Facebook likely facilitate education of location based services through its “Places” feature given its broad 500M+ user base.
  57. 57. Due to early nature of market and fragmentation of vendors, retailers should execute pilots to validate the technology and approach so that it augments existing user experience well.</li></ul>FACEBOOK PROMOTING LOCATION BASED SERVICES WITH “PLACES”<br />Source: Forester Research, Facebook<br />
  58. 58. RK Consulting<br />.<br /><ul><li>Loyalty program with in-store location services and promotions
  59. 59. Drives foot traffic to under shopped categories
  60. 60. Installation of proximity sensor for in-store navigation (GPS does not work indoors)
  61. 61. Similar to Cellfire, the application user experience is centered around the vendor (Shopkick), not the retailer or brands
  62. 62. Currently in pilot at 250 retail locations with BestBuy
  63. 63. Macy’s, Target, American Eagle, Sports Authority also running pilots</li></ul>LOCATION-BASED MOBILE MARKETING VENDOR SPOTLIGHT- SHOPKICK<br />Shopkick<br />Source: Shopkick<br />
  64. 64. RK Consulting<br />.<br /><ul><li>Geo-SMS mobile marketing
  65. 65. Delivers mobile promotions to consumers based on location and time
  66. 66. Creates geo-fences around retail locations to trigger promotions
  67. 67. No additional hardware necessary. Leverages carrier mobile network for location detection service
  68. 68. Deployed with The North Face at over 1000 locations in major metro areas to drive traffic to retail stores</li></ul>LOCATION-BASED MOBILE MARKETING VENDOR SPOTLIGHT- PLACECAST<br />Source: Placecast<br />
  69. 69. RK Consulting<br />160m ipads and web tablets will ship by 2015<br /><ul><li>iPad apps are important to retailers because they provide new user experience to interact with video and m-commerce at same time.
  70. 70. One of the fastest growing new consumer computing device ever, only behind Nintendo Wii and DS.
  71. 71. Usage closer to PCs than mobile handsets. Users consume 3X more videos and spend 4X more time watching videos than PC users, and consume 5X more video than mobile users.
  72. 72. iPad app could bridge e-commerce and TV/movies to enable the vision of interactive TV. Retailers could move into this new market through partnering with Delivery Agent.</li></ul>6. RESEARCH SHOPPING ENABLED TV AND MOVIES WITH IPAD APP<br />IPAD USAGE MORE LIKE PC THAN MOBILE HANDSET<br />Source: Yudu Media, MeFeedia<br />
  73. 73. RK Consulting<br />.<br /><ul><li>e-Commerce platform for TV and movies
  74. 74. Clients include: leading cable networks and movie studios (ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, HBO, Fox, USA, MTV, Discovery, Paramount, DreamWorks, WB, Sony-Universal)
  75. 75. Supports web, mobile, iPad, iTV clients
  76. 76. Expertise in interactive marketing and merchandizing items within TV and movie content
  77. 77. Outsourced fulfillment
  78. 78. In pilot with Cablevision and Comcast for iTV</li></ul>SHOPPING ENABLED TV AND MOVIES VENDOR SPOTLIGHT- DELIVERY AGENT<br />Source: Delivery Agent<br />
  79. 79. Next Steps<br />
  80. 80. RK Consulting<br />.<br /><ul><li>Impact of PayPal’s future consumer mobile wallet strategy
  81. 81. Retailers’s role in the eBook market
  82. 82. Retailers’s role within the digital home market driven by Apple TV and Google TV</li></ul>ADDITIONAL INSIGHTS TO BE INVESTIGATED<br />
  83. 83. Thank you<br />
  84. 84. RK Consulting<br />.<br /><ul><li>Venture Advisor for Sierra Ventures, VC-firm with $1.5B under management
  85. 85. Focus on early-stage mobile and cloud technologies
  86. 86. 8+ years of mobile, 11+ in software
  87. 87. M&A strategy for a mobile payments venture
  88. 88. BD and Product leader for Dexterra, a multi-OS (iOS, Symbian, RIM, and Windows Mobile) mobile applications platform for carriers and ISVs
  89. 89. Customer development for Net6 (Acquired by Citrix for $50M in 2002), a mobile internet platform for consumer internet
  90. 90. IT Consulting for Octane Software (Acquired by E.piphany for $3.2B in 1999), first internet-based CRM software for enterprise
  91. 91. UC Berkeley-Haas MBA
  92. 92. Contact info:,</li></ul>ABOUT THE AUTHOR- REI KASAI<br />
  93. 93. Appendix<br />
  94. 94. RK Consulting<br />.<br />Rapid innovation in 3-S’s to connect people, places, and things with mobile<br />Sense and Connect<br />Built-in cameras, GPS, motion detection, WiFi, microphone<br />Navigation, location, direction<br />(NFC/RFID)<br />Search and Learn<br />Visual search<br />Image recognition<br />Augmented reality<br />Geo-data/ Maps<br />(Bar codes/QR codes)<br />Share and Discuss<br />Social networks<br />Micro-blogging, status updates, check-ins<br />LOCATION-BASED SERVICES ARE THE FOREFRONT OF INNOVATION IN MOBILE<br />Source: Adapted from Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr<br />
  95. 95. RK Consulting<br />3G (HIGH-SPEED MOBILE DATA) FINALLY MAINSTREAM WITH OVER 1B SUBSCRIBERS<br />.<br />.<br /><ul><li>Ubiquitous access to 3G enables mobile internet and applications anywhere
  96. 96. For the first time in history, data used more often than making calls
  97. 97. US leads subscriber growth and surpassed Japan Q1 2010
  98. 98. Japan is leader for 3G services, followed by W. Europe and N. America
  99. 99. E. Europe, APAC and MENA to reach ~20% by 2011
  100. 100. S. America to reach ~20% by 2015</li></ul>Source: Morgan Stanley, Chetan Sharma<br />
  101. 101. RK Consulting<br />.<br /><ul><li>Global Smartphone market will be dominated by four players: #1 Symbian (Nokia), #2 Android (Google), #3 RIM (Blackberry), and #4 iOS (Apple)
  102. 102. Symbian will remain on the top due to Nokia’s volume and push to mass markets
  103. 103. Android will be leading Smartphone OS in U.S. by end of year
  104. 104. Smartphone will overtake PC as the most common device to view the internet by 2013
  105. 105. 50-70% of mobile devices will be a Smartphone by 2014
  106. 106. All mobile devices in U.S. will be a Smartphone by 2015</li></ul>.<br />IN THE GLOBAL SMARTPHONE MARKET, SYMBIAN WILL REMAIN #1 AND ANDROID WILL OVERTAKE BLACKBERRY AND IPHONE TO BECOME #2<br />Source: Gartner , Frost & Sullivan<br />
  107. 107. RK Consulting<br />THE IPAD HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE A MASS SCALE MOBILE DEVICE<br />CUMMULATIVE TOTAL OF 160M IPADS/TABLETS WILL SHIP BY 2015<br />IPAD ON TRACK TO BE MOST SUCCESSFUL MOBILE DEVICE LAUNCHES<br /><ul><li>iPad is one of the fastest growing new consumer computing devices ever
  108. 108. Reached 1M units shipped in 28 days. Compared to Nintendo DS and Wii in 15 days, iPhone in 75 days
  109. 109. 43M iPads/web-tablets will ship by 2015
  110. 110. Longer replacement cycle of 2-3 years for iPad and web tablet vs. 1-2 years for Smartphone will create a cumulative total of 160M units by 2015</li></ul>IPAD WILL DOMINATE WEB TABLET CATEGORY<br />Source: Morgan Stanley, GigaOM, Yudu Media<br />