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How to Get Grant Money Free and Easy

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Free Money Sources

  1. 1. $2FREE MONEY SOURCES Beware of Grant Scams (page 1) Free Local Grant Libraries (page 1) Public vs. Private Grants (page 2) HOW TO GET Secrets of a Grant Writer GRANT MONEY (pages 2 & 3)FREE AND EASY Low-Cost Grant Seminars (page 3)
  2. 2. FREE MONEY SOURCES BEWARE OF GRANT SCAMS!!! Guard your wallets because there are grant scams everywhere you turn. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Maybe you’ve heard bits and pieces about free grant money on TV, radio, or YouTube. You may have paid money on a website to get a grant listing. They may have promised you a $10,000 grant if you paid $1,000 upfront. The economy is tight, and you might become an innocent bystander in a free money scam, so please beware. Here are 3signs of a grant scam.1. PAY MONEY UPFRONT TO GET FREE MONEYThere are thousands of real grant opportunities available that don’t charge you a penny to apply. Infact, most grant funders want you to apply! That’s because foundations are created to give awaymoney to people, businesses and nonprofit organizations. If they had to charge people to apply, theywould never get an applicant. So, if there is a website that is requiring payment in order for you toapply for a grant, this is a fraud. Or they may charge you a fee to do a grant search. Why should youpay when you can visit a grant library in your own community where you can search free -of-charge?2. YOU’RE GUARANTEED TO GET A GRANTIf a company guarantees that you will get a grant, please read the small print. A grant committeemeets once a month or a few times a year to select grant recipients. They must review hundreds ofapplicants to find the one who meets the qualifications. Sometimes there is only one recipient, othertimes there may be a dozen. If you apply for a grant and do not meet the minimum qualifications, donot expect to receive it. How can a company know that you will get a grant unless they are a psychicmind reader? If a grant proposal is well written, it can increase your chances t o get a grant, but neverguaranteed.3. HIGH PRESSURE INTO MEETING DEADLINESThere are many grants that have deadlines, and there are some with rolling deadlines. Some grantfunders accept applications year-round and fund your idea on an as-need basis. If there is a companytelling you that you should pay them money right away so that you can meet a certain grant deadli ne,it is most likely a scam. When you feel that you might miss a grant opportunity deadline, you will bemore inclined to pay any amount of money just to meet that deadline. Take your time and researchthe grant before you apply, and make sure it is worth your time and energy. FREE LOCAL GRANT LIBRARIES DONORS FORUM EVANSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY 208 S. LaSalle, Ste. 1535 1703 Orrington Ave. Chicago, IL 60604 Evanston, IL 60201 © 2012 RK Armour Consulting (312) 957-4717 x101 Page 1
  3. 3. FREE MONEY SOURCES PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE GRANTS Public grants are awarded by federal government agencies, while private grants are funded by foundations or family trusts unassociated with the government. There are also corporate grants funded by corporations such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. ADVANTAGES OF PUBLIC GRANTS:Public grants usually offer larger sums of money. Also, accessing information about these grants, such as deadlines and application forms, is often easy. DISADVANTAGES OF PUBLIC GRANTS:The application process is more bureaucratic, and competition is tougher because of so many applicants.ADVANTAGES OF PRIVATE GRANTS:Private grants are easier to get and more likely to be awarded to individuals.Also, the application process is usually simpler.DISADVANTAGES OF PRIVATE GRANTS:The grant amounts are generally smaller, and finding information usuallyinvolves more research time.No matter which route you choose, there is a large possibility that you will get a grant; it depends on howmany you apply to, and how closely you meet the qualifications. It is recommended that you search forpublic grants on websites like and private grants on OF A GRANT WRITERI’ve earned over $250,000in grants, fellowships, I won a fellowship to travel abroad to Nigeria, BY RK ARMOURawards, and scholarships West Africa and conductedthroughout my career, and research on WesternI am going to tell you how media and women. I won ato do the same. business start-up grant from Avon and impressedAt an early age, I learned judges such as Phyliciahow to write fundraising Rashad (Cosby Show),letters out of necessity. I Sarah Ferguson (Duchesscame from an of York), and Suze Ormanimpoverished household, (Financial Expert).and my parents could notafford to pay for any Your writing skills must beextracurricular activities. able to convince the selection committee thatTherefore, I learned to use you are the perfectmy talents and skills in candidate for the grant.written and oral You must use propercommunications to gain grammar, and be able toaccess to programs and tell a story about how youopportunities mostly or your organization willavailable to the privileged. use the funds.© 2012 RK Armour Consulting (312) 957-4717 x101 Page 2
  4. 4. FREE MONEY SOURCESSECRETS OF A GRANT WRITER CONTINUED…Whether you are writing a grant So, when writing the budget, agency and using similarfor yourself, business or please keep in mind that you language in your proposal. Findnonprofit organization, you must should list every single item you out the mission and values, andbe able to tell a story. The story will need to make your proposed align yourself with what theyshould describe the people who project a success. That way you believe. That way, when theywill benefit from the money and can buy what you really, really read your application, they willshow the funding agency as the need. think you are a perfect match.hero. Many funders don’t like it when Also, be creative in yourThose funders want to feel that you are unrealistic about how approach and read the RFPtheir money is being put to good much it will cost to run your (Request for Proposal) in greatuse, so come up with a creative project, so be as honest as detail. That way you won’t makeidea that will “wow” them. Your possible. If you need a million careless mistakes on thegrant proposal must have a dollars, don’t say you need application. When you forget tocomplete plan of action on how $100,000. That’s because the include additional items such as ayou will put your funds to good funders will think you haven’t resume, or references, then ituse. thought about your project in will only delay the process. enough detail.I’ve been able to purchase Many funders have onlinetransportation, computers, When you receive the grant, they applications, but some still usebooks, projectors, real estate, must be confident that you can the traditional approach.and other items from grants I handle the money and will do Sometimes they want you tohave received through the years. what you say you will do. One make several copiesof theThere’s nothing in fine print benefit for the funding agency is application and send it by USPS.which states you have to return the free publicity they get whenthese items, so after your project they award a grant to your cause. If you are looking for a grant thatis up, that property is yours to requires a 501(c)3 status with thekeep. You might reuse those One secret to being a successful IRS, you should visit oritems in a new project and be grant writer is conducting find a fiscal sponsor by visitingable to help more people. thorough research on the LOW-COST GRANT SEMINARS Located at the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), Skyscraper Seminars provides low-cost seminars, workshops, and conferences to anyone who is looking to start a business venture or nonprofit organization. Even current business owners can benefit from these high-impact and exciting workshops with a beautiful view of Chicago’s amazing skyline. For as little as $10, individuals can learn about topics such as grant writing, business proposal writing, new client acquisition, job opportunities, B2B marketing strategies, and much more. One-on-one consultations are an additional fee. Dress code is business professional, and B2B networking opportunities are always available. To learn more about Skyscraper Seminars, visit or call 1(877)759-8291 x101. Group discounts are available. Mention Offer Code: ____________________________ © 2012 RK Armour Consulting (312) 957-4717 x101 Page 3