2013 CityLites USA Media Kit


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2013 CityLites USA Media Kit

  1. 1. Minneapolis | St. Paul | Rochester | Duluth | Des MoinesRobert Kalman • 612.436.7189 Direct | 612.532.4500 Cell • robert@citylitesusa.comDelivering your message and driving results on a higher level!
  2. 2. Minneapolis / St Paul has the largest climate-controlled pedestrian skyway system in theworld, linking nearly 120 blocks of downtownattractions, businesses and hotels.CityLites is the“Exclusive”provider ofskyway advertisingin all of our markets!Who we are…CityLites USA was created in 1996 to offer an alternative to traditional “out-of-home” media formats, where our skyway media reaches and engages consumersthroughout the heavily used skyway systems in the Midwest.Since then, skyway media hasgrown exponentially to meetdemand, becoming the mostin-demand media that Out-of-Home has to offer in themarkets we represent!
  3. 3. Minneapolis *260,000+ visitors daily; 1.6 million per week;6.4 million monthlySt. Paul*100,000+ visitors daily; 575,000 per week;2.3 million per monthMall of America**140,000 visitors daily; 980,000 per week3.9 million per monthRochester65,000+ visitors daily; 375,000 per week;1.5 million per monthDuluth40,000 visitors daily; 225,000 per week900,000 per monthDes Moines85,000 visitors daily; 475,000 per week;1.9 million per month.*Source: Minneapolis/ St. Paul Downtown Council and Pedestrian Studies**Source: Mall of AmericaMarkets
  4. 4. CityLites Primary Media…6’w x3’h Full Panel2’w x3’h Single Panel•Break through the clutter and communicate one-on-one with our core audience!•CityLites Backlit Panels are EYE-LEVEL, EFFECTIVE, & ENGAGING!•Your message will command attention on our 6 Foot Wide, Fully-Illuminated, eye-catching signage.
  5. 5. MinneapolisSt. PaulTwin Cities Market250,000 Impressions Per Month, Per Panel!Over 8 miles connected by skyway, the largest skyway system in the world! Hometo over 700 stores and restaurants connected to the skyway system, that’s morestores than the Mall of America!260,000+ consumers daily Monday - Friday.Skyways connect you to some of America’s largest companies like: Target Corp., U.S.Bancorp, Xcel Energy, Ameriprise Financial, Thrivent, Valspar, RBC Dain Rauscher, andWells Fargo to name a few. Skyways are connected to the Minneapolis ConventionCenter, home to 100’s of conventions each year! We are also the #2 Theatre District(next to New York), #1 Business District (*per capita), and home to 24 of top 25largest law firmsTarget Field home to the Minnesota Twins, the #1 stadium experience in majorleague baseball! - ESPNDowntown Minneapolis alone is the home of 37% of all total office space in theTwin Cities metro area, 26 million sq ft.Over 23 Million visitors attracted annually!165,000 Impressions Per Month, Per Panel!40 city blocks connected by skyway100,000+ consumers daily Monday-FridayXcel Center, River Center, Ecolab, MN Life, LawsonSoftware, Science Museum of MN, Children’s Museum,Ordway, MPROver 8 Million visitors attracted annually!
  6. 6. Downtown Core ConsumerWhere Do They Live Education Level DT Worker Market IndexDowntown Minneapolis 7% High School or Less 3% 32% 9%Minneapolis Urban 22% Some College 23% 20% 77%Minneapolis Suburbs 42% Bachelor Degree 41% 21% 195%St. Paul 8% Some Grad/Prof School 10% 3% 333%St. Paul Suburbs 15% Grad/Prof Degree Earned 23% 14% 165%Rural 6% College Grad or more 74% 38% 195%How Long Have You Worked Downtown Demos DT Worker Market Index Marital StatusLess than 1 year 10% 18-24 6% 18% 33% Married 65%1-5 Years 34% 25-34 29% 18% 161% Single 25%6-10 Years 22% 35-44 27% 23% 117% Other 10%11-15 Years 11% 45-54 24% 20% 120%16+ Years 21% 55-64 12% 12% 100%NA 2% 65-74 2% 9% 22%25-54 80% 61% 131%Gender Minneapolis Ranking (per capita)Female 54% #1 Business District (5,000+, per capita)Male 46% #2 Theatre District (next to New York)#8 Email Users#5 Wired CityOccupationExecutives/Professionals 37% Avg. Household IncomeTechnical/Operator 19% $70k+Management/Sales 14%Clerical 30% Internet UseWhite Collar Workers 51% Employees spend 2 hours a day on the internet(Sources: Minneapolis Downtown Council 2010, 2010 U.S. Census, St Paul Chamber and Property Management/Property Owners andUniversity of St. Thomas Master’s Department, June 2010)
  7. 7. Benefits to partnering with CityLites USA• Clutter-Busting Made Simple! Your message isn’t competing to be seen as we are the onlyadvertising media within the skyways of each of our markets! “Breaking through the clutter hasnever been so easy! Thank you CityLites!” -Tony S., Media Planner, HM&M Agency• You have the ability to influence 4-6+ times daily, an affluent audience that is 51% white collar,highly educated, and 90% of our audience lives mostly in suburban & secondarily urbancommunities.• CityLites media gives consumers the opportunity to engage your message and spend time withit vs. other Out-of-Home media forms which may be moving, difficult to read from various vantagepoints, or stationary media that consumers are moving by to fast and/or paying attention to trafficversus your message. Leaving a good chance of your message is going unnoticed!• You also have the ability to get literature into the hands of your potential consumers through theuse of our brochure racks that are adhered directly to the face of our Backlit Poster Panels and arerefilled daily.• CityLites media makes a great standalone or addition to any Out-of-Home marketing strategythat you’re considering in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Mall of America, Duluth-MN, Rochester-MN,& Des Moines-IA!
  8. 8. Minneapolis Skyway Media Locations
  9. 9. St Paul Skyway Media Locations
  10. 10. ROCHESTER - DOWNTOWN100,000 impressions per month, per panel!* Above ground skyway system & underground walking subway system— CityLites is the exclusive advertising vehicle inboth of these systems!* Retail shops, Entertainment centers, more than 1,700 hotel rooms, over 3,900 parking spaces and the Mayo CivicCenter all interconnected in the system with a average household income of $125k+!* The Mayo Clinic employs 29,000 medical care professionals who care for one million outpatient visitors per year.ROCHESTER - AIRPORT37,500 impressions per month, per panel* 2 major air carriers with scheduled daily service (American Eagle and Delta)* Allegiant Air with scheduled service two times per week* Largest Airport in South East MinnesotaDULUTH80,000 impressions per month, per panel!* Over 3 miles of skyway connect the city with over 150 shops and restaurants and 3.5 million tourists per year!* Major industries include Tourism, Healthcare, Financial/Banking, Mining/Paper/Shipping and Education.DES MOINES125,000 impressions per month, per panel!* Skyway system that links roughly 35 city blocks and 3 miles of the downtown area with 2.8 million visitors annually.* City population of 200,000 & Metro population of 500,000.* Major industries include Insurance, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Government.Rochester | Duluth | Des Moines
  11. 11. Rochester Skyway / Underground Media Locations
  12. 12. Duluth Skyway Media Locations
  13. 13. Des Moines-IA Skyway Media Locations
  14. 14. Media Assets: Recent/Current Full Panel Creative
  15. 15. Media Assets: Recent/Current Full Panel Creative
  16. 16. Media Assets: Recent/Current Single Panel Creative
  17. 17. Media Assets: Brochure Rack Add-On to Backlits
  18. 18. Media Assets: Unique Additions to Backlit Poster Media
  19. 19. Media Assets: Backlits with Wall Clings
  20. 20. Media Assets: Backlits with Wall / Floor Clings
  21. 21. Media Assets: Direct Application Wall/Window Clings
  22. 22. Media Assets: Direct Application Clings On Temporary Wall
  23. 23. Media Assets: Pillar Wrap Dominations
  24. 24. Media Assets: 517 Building Domination
  26. 26. Media Assets: Northstar Escalator Domination
  27. 27. Media Assets: Highland Escalator Domination
  28. 28. Media Assets: Highland BannersHigh traffic area toTarget Field /Target Center / Theatre/ Restaurant / BarDistrict
  29. 29. Media Assets: Highland Dual Wall Backlitswith Wall/Floor Clings
  30. 30. Media Assets: Northstar Skyway Octagon Wrap& Open Storefront Cling Opportunity
  31. 31. Media Assets: Elevator Door Wraps
  32. 32. 22’w x 8’h144”w x 80”hTarget Field Unique Media Examples
  33. 33. Target Field Unique Media Examples
  34. 34. Target Field Unique Media Examples
  35. 35. Media Assets: Wall Banners in St Paul
  37. 37. Mall of America250,000 impressions per month, per panel!Largest retail complex in the United States, with 4.3 miles oftotal store front footage.More visitors annually than the combined population of NorthDakota, South Dakota, Iowa… and Canada.More than 40 million visitors annually.Over 12,500 parking spaces in two ramps.65% of traffic is local shoppers, with 35% of traffic fromoutside 150 mile radius.55% of shoppers are female, 45% male; 52% have HH Income$75K+; 27% have HH Income $100K+; 74% are age 25-54; 48%are college grad+.Metro shoppers make an average of 7.2 trips to MOA over athree month period of nearly 30 trips annually
  38. 38. North West1st Level-2 boards2nd Level-0 boards3rd Level-1 board4th Level-2 boardsSouth West1st Level-2 boards2nd Level-0 boards3rd Level-2 boards4th Level-2 boardsSouth East1st Level-2 boards2nd Level-0 boards3rd Level-2 boards4th Level-2 boardsTransit1st Level-3 boards2nd Level-2 boardsEast Main Entrance1st Level-2 boards2nd Level-1 board3rd Level-2 boards4th Level-2 boards5th Level-1 boardWest Main Entrance1st Level-2 boards2nd Level-1 board3rd Level-1 board4th Level-2 boardsNorth East1st Level-2 boards2nd Level-0 boards3rd Level-1 board4th Level-2 boardsMall of America Media Locations
  39. 39. MOA Media Assets: Vertical Backlit Panels 4’x6’
  40. 40. MOA Media Assets: Vertical Backlit Panels 4’x6’
  41. 41. MOA Media Assets: Elevator Door Wraps
  42. 42. MOA Media Assets: Skyway Floor Clings
  43. 43. MOA Media Assets: Transit Station Domination
  44. 44. TAXI MEDIA
  45. 45. Media Assets: Taxi Door Wraps• CityLites has an exclusive contract with two of the largest Taxi companies in the Twin Citeswith 350+ taxi’s reaching the downtown Minneapolis / St. Paul, all suburbs, both airports, andconvention centers.• Each taxi averages 300+ miles a day, compared to a bus’ 117 miles. Taxis accumulate over4,200+ trips daily, 600+ airport trips weekly, & millions of impressions each month.• Taxi’s bring your message to the streets 24/7 where people are living, working, andplaying.• Taxi’s “in-your-face” eye-level door wraps are big, bold, and always on! They arepositioned to demand the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike.• Taxi’s average over 300 miles per day, operating on the busiest roadways and around thebusiest areas in town, generating repeated exposures all day, 7 days a week.
  46. 46. Taxi Daily Route Map Example
  47. 47. Media Assets: Taxi Media Example
  48. 48. Media Assets: Taxi Media Example
  49. 49. TARGETABILITYCityLites signage is in perfect positions to target specific areas within our marketssuch as the Minneapolis Convention Center, Target Corporation, numerous othermajor corporations based in Minneapolis / St. Paul, Sporting Events (MinnesotaTwin, Timberwolves, and Wild), Retail, Theatre, Law Firms, Financial Institutions,and much more.
  50. 50. Target MarketingCityLites signage is in perfect positions to target specific areas within our markets such as the MinneapolisConvention Center, Target Corporation, Sporting Events, Law Firms, Financial Institutions, and many more.For example, Hyundai used a combination of backlitpanels, large banners, door window clings, and floorgraphics to target Auto Show attendees at theMinneapolis Convention Center.
  51. 51. Event Marketing
  52. 52. H&R Block Green Guys EventHeld an event on a single day, 2 weeks in a row. H&RBlock’s Green Guys wore digital QR Codes and interactedwith people having them scan them for a free second look oftheir taxes. They also gave away a variety of chotchkies atboth of their 2 hour events.Skyway Event/SamplingABC Parking Ramp EventUtilizing skyway events to promote parking in their ramps1st Event: 1400 parking coupons to try the ABC Ramps, 20% redemption!2nd Event: 1950 parking coupons to try the ABC Ramps 24% redemption!3rd Event: 1400 brochures to promote carpool Wednesday. 117 new cars parked!CityLites set up sampling areas in Minneapolis and St. Paul to help introduceSoBe LifeWater and Diet Pepsi MaxSoBe LifeWater Give Away4 Separate Events in Minneapolis and St. Paul160 Total Cases, 3 Flavors, distributed!Diet Pepsi Max Sampling4 Separate Events in Minneapolis and St. Paul100 Cases – Approximately 7200 glasses given out to passerbys!
  53. 53. 625 Marquette Avenue South | Northstar West Suite 890 | Minneapolis MN 55402Thank you for the opportunity to present CityLites USA!We are confident our panels can provide you with great exposure.We stand behind our product and service to ensure the bestexperience with the hope of forming a long term partnership.…We look forward to working with you!Robert Kalman612.436.7189 Cell | (612).532.4500 Directrobert@citylitesusa.comDelivering your message and driving results on a higher level!