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Short presentation on memory skills

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  1. 1. 15 May 2008 Starter : Look at the objects on the next slide for one minute and see if you can remember them. You can write down a list if it helps.  (10 minutes)
  2. 3. How did you do? How many did you get?
  3. 4. At the end of this lesson you should: At the end of this lesson you should: Learning Outcomes : How to improve our memory. All: Know how to create a mnemonic Most: Know at least two ways to remember information Some: Be able to extend the technique to include more information. 15 May 2008
  4. 5. Have another go but this time work with a partner and use the sheet provided. Look at the sheet for ten seconds and then turn it over and see if you can remember the objects. Try activities 2 & 3 on the sheet, can you remember more?  (15 minutes)
  5. 6. Your brain has a short term memory that can hold 7 items or chunks of information. To increase that you need to allow it to create a story or rhyme which it can place items in. The rhyme is called a mnemonic
  6. 7. A mnemonic works by using the first letters of the things you want to remember and creating a sentence. Try activity 4 on the sheet, see if you can create a better mnemonic for the colours.  (10 minutes)
  7. 8. Try activity 5 on the sheet, see if you can create a mnemonic or a story for the lists on the sheet.  (10 minutes)
  8. 9. Plenary : Be realistic?  I have learnt …  Target for next lesson …  I am still unsure about …  Strategy … June 3, 2009  (10 minutes)