Development Agenda - Road and Traffic


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Development Agenda - Road and Traffic

  1. 1. MahadevapuraDevelopment Agenda Task Force
  2. 2. Mahadevapura As of 2001 Mahadevapura had a population of 135,597  Average literacy rate of 73%, higher than the national avg of 59.5%  Male literacy is 79%, and female literacy is 66% Self sustaining Eco-System  Residential accommodation available in plenty, apartments & Gated communities  Has good health care facilities and super specialty hospitals  Excellent schools both government and private including international schools  Commercial centers - Hotels, Malls & Shopping centers  Railway station, Metro (planned), CONCOR & Regional Transport Center (planned)  Spiritual wellness – Satya Sri Sai Baba & Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashrams An Industrial Hub – Mix of Old & New Industries  Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant, Geers & Pinions, Jaico, United Telecom, IFB & Bhoruka  ITPL, GE, SAP, iGate, Tesco, Aviva, TCS, Wipro GE, Cambridge, It has the essential ingredients for a prosperous community
  3. 3. Development Agenda – Roads &Traffic KR Puram RS Kadugodi ROB Rajmane Jn Hoodi Jn Hope Farm JnBeniganahalli ROB EPIP Jn Kundanahalli Jn Varthur Kodi Jn Marthahalli ORR
  4. 4. Beniganahalli Railway Bridge
  5. 5. KR Puram Railway Station Junction  Road should be widened, guard rails to be provided along the road & the Fly-Over  Hawker Stalls to be removed.
  6. 6. Garudachar Palya Junction  The main problem is the bus-stand which is just before the junction.  The pavements are in a very bad state  The parking is done on the road, specially the lorries and 2- wheelers
  7. 7. Garudachar/ESI Junction  Road in very bad condition  No kerbs and sides dug up by BWSSB Key access road from KR Puram to Brookfield, AECS layout, Kundanahalli Road needs to be widened and paved
  8. 8. Hoodi Junction  Need flyover at Hoodi junction for traffic to hope farm junction  Multi storey residential and commercial properties at the junction will significantly increase traffic density
  9. 9. Rajmane Junction (After Brigade)  Police not present at all times.  Lot of cross traffic.
  10. 10. Big Bazaar Junction  Key gateway to KIADB  Need ramp from left lane for free right turn to KIADB complex
  11. 11. Hope Farm Junction  Need flyover on Whitefield main road towards Sai Baba junction Key access junction for Whitefield to Hoskote & Devanahalli
  12. 12. Varthur Junction  Ozone Mall under construction  Will significantly increase traffic at junction Residential complex being built on lake bund Lake bund road needs to be widened Bridge at Varthur junction needs to be rebuilt
  13. 13. Kundanahalli Gate Require grade separator/flyover for thru traffic to Varthur
  14. 14. Brookfield Road to KIADB  Require flyover from left lane to turn into KIADB  This is key entrance to entire KIADB industrial complex During office hours this junction is big bottleneck
  15. 15. Pavements
  16. 16. Parking on Streets
  17. 17. Location of Bus-stands
  18. 18. Bad Roads