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Research and Innovation in USA

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  1. 1. Glasses Raman KannanImage Source:
  2. 2. gone with the times No more crowding around No more stacked monitors See what you want from where you are.The exchange has come a long way and someday in thenear future it will be empty with people working from homein the comfort of their glasses.Images belong to original publishers..I have no claim over the images.
  3. 3. birds eye viewfrom cockpit to the Controllers view
  4. 4. dots and squaresConnect them all-- no monitors Wall Street can operate on Glasses Air Traffic Controllers can see what Pilots see Pilots can see what ATCs see Distant Specialists can guide field ops-- there is no the world it is all inside our head..
  5. 5. rough while getting usedNo Glasses in Mumbai or Shanghai, please traffic is a fine mess alreadyUntil one figures out to dampen distraction
  6. 6. what nextsharing dreams fly with Stephen Hawking to the edges of the black holewhy limit to one half of the visionget to the sourceconnect the pulses direct from the cortexone soul many bodies are a realitymany souls one connected body is a reality
  7. 7. all in the front seatYou can see what anyone else can seethe main processor cortex, if connected send glass ball to the bottom and see all that is seen stuck in a deep mine turn on your devices let me see what you see from afar.offenders -- I can see what she can see andwhat my child can are not alone
  8. 8. 16 GB Sandisk on my Glasses
  9. 9. just the beginningminiaturized + usual aids + We cannot even imagine what is around the corner. This is just integrating the visual factory.. imagine adding language, hearing and other human faculties once augmented, will end forgetfulness, we can store and recall without limit 2100 is incomprehensible...
  10. 10. think about this...all of this has been made possible bystellar ATT Bell Labs research -- there is no such thing -- Bell Labs in Holmdel, NJ is ghost townDARPA funded Virtual Reality research(1970s)Media Labs MIT
  11. 11. more to ponderwhile these have been downsized by thebraindead -- who have consistently voted -- to increase their paychecks and benefits -- while shortchanging our future.This is not a partisan issue. This is about thefuture generations.
  12. 12. Credits To my mentors Dr. Ramana Reddy Professor, College of Engineering WVU, Morgantown, WV 26505 and Dr. Datta Naik, Professor, Dean Graduate School, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ 07764
  13. 13. Copyright and OwnershipImages:Are from the WWW and are owned by respective owners.Usage: You can use these ideas in whole or in part as you wish.Contact me: if you wish to do something about Bell Labs like innovativeresearch. Bell Labs is just one casuality. Culture of research and innovation has been decimated. Innovation and Reseach has to be revived.on LinkedIn or