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GH Wheels


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GH Wheels

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Presentation
  2. 2. GH Wheels <ul><li>Autos – 56 Pages @ 3,500 per page </li></ul><ul><li>MAR through SEP 2009 </li></ul><ul><li>Autos – 8 Pages Trade in OCT 2009 </li></ul><ul><li>Total 56 Pages </li></ul>2009 Proposal duPont REGISTRY
  3. 3. GH Wheels 2009 Proposal GH Wheels ADVERTORIAL (MAR 2009) Two page, “Custom Advertorial Feature” that will tell Dwayne’s story and his motivation for starting GH Wheels. This piece will be used to inform our readers about you, your people and what makes GH Wheels different. It is basically a duPont REGISTRY endorsement of GH Wheels.
  4. 4. GH Wheels 2009 Proposal SEMA ADVERTORIAL (November 2009) Two page, “Custom Advertorial Feature” that will PRESENT to the market all of the new products that GH Wheels will be showing (or showed) at SEMA. This will be written by a nationally recognized writer.
  5. 5. GH Wheels Blow In Card BONUS BLOW IN CARDS (MAR 2009 - FEB 2009) GH Wheels will be featured on top of 1 Million subscription cards that are blown into our March 2009 thru May 2009 issues. 1 million additional impressions in addition to your monthly advertisement.
  6. 6. LEXANI CORPORATION ECBG BONUS 2010 Exotic Car Buyers Guide (OCT 2009 – JAN 2010) Two page spread within the duPont REGISTRY Exotic & Luxury Car Buyer’s guide. For almost a decade it’s been relied upon as the quintessential Exotic & Luxury Car buyers guide…accessories too.
  7. 7. LEXANI CORPORATION <ul><li>Onsert to be used at your discretion – 30,000 </li></ul><ul><li>Wheel Zone Sponsor </li></ul>2009 BONUS duPont REGISTRY BONUS
  8. 8. LEXANI CORPORATION GH WHEELS TARGETED MAILING Starting with the MAR 2009 – GH WHEELS ADVERTORIAL ISSUE, we’ll send a letter from Dwayne, letting all of your top boutique's know that your paying for an annual subscription to the duPont REGISTRY. 2009 Bonus TARGETED MAILING
  9. 9. It’s all about the RESULTS Committed “ At duPont Registry we are committed to partnering with your company to increase image, awareness and sales.”