Web Browser Demystified


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Web Browser Demystified

  1. 1. -Review of browsers architecture by Rohit Joshi
  2. 2.  Browser introduction  Top Level Architecture  Browser History/Lineage  How various browsers are related  Survey of Current Prevailing browser  Who promotes them  What is the differentiating factor  Mobile Browsers
  3. 3.  Scripting (ECMA)  JavaScript (JS)  ActionScript (AS)  HTML Document Structure  CSS  Tables  DOM  Plugins  Flash  Audio/Video  Helper Application  Adobe  XML
  4. 4.  “A Web browser is a software application that enables a user to display and interact with text, images, and other information typically located on a Web page at a website on the World Wide Web or a local area network... Web browsers format HTML information for display, so the appearance of a Web page may differ between browsers.”
  5. 5. Browser Creator Cost Open Source Engine Key Differentiator Firefox Mozilla Free Yes Gecko  Feature rich  Secure  Plans for Firefox Mobile Opera Opera Free No Presto  Light Weight Opera Mobile Opera 24$ No Presto  Can installs Java App also IExplorer Microsoft Win No Trident  - Safari Apple Free No WebKit  UI  HTML Speed NetFront Access ? No ?  Best in class Widget support  Fast Rendering  Bluestreak Technology's Flash playe  EBO (Embedded Browser Optimization) from Bytemobile
  6. 6. Shorter Bars are better – Safari is fast but not that fast, it has tweak to show better numbers – Source ZD Net Here
  7. 7.  Mobile browsers are optimized to display Web content most effectively for small screens  Current Mobile support most of PC browser functionality  Typical Additional support  WML, i-mode HTML, or cHTML,.  Browsers used by major mobile phone and PDA vendors  Android (mobile phone platform) by Google (based on WebKit)  BlackBerry Browser by BlackBerry (proprietary)  Blazer by Palm, installed on all newer Palm Treos and PDAs (based on NetFront).  Internet Explorer Mobile by Microsoft Inc. (browser engine history unknown).  MOTOMAGX by Motorola (based on WebKit).  NetFront by ACCESS Co., Ltd. (proprietary).  Nokia Series 40 Browser by Nokia (proprietary).  Opera Mobile by Opera Software ASA (Norway). - Capable of reading HTML and reformat for small screens (proprietary).  Safari by Apple Inc on iPhone and iPod Touch (based on WebKit).  Web Browser for S60 by Nokia (based on WebKit).  Mobile HTML transcoders  Mobile transcoders reformat and compress web content for mobile devices  used in conjunction with built-in or user-installed microbrowsers  Can also be used to design Complete UI  Movial IXS  KDE - Knoqueror
  8. 8.  Features from Marketing  Faster content Display  Faster Zoom In/Out  Rendering Mode Changes are Now Faster  Backend Optimization  UI consideration for Mobile screen  Fully integrated with Access Linux Platform
  9. 9.  Never browser was named mozilla  Phoenix, Galeon, Firefox  Part of Mozilla Application Suite  Managed by Mozilla Corporation (Taxable entity)  Wholly owned subsidary of Mozilla Foundation (NPO)  Mozilla Based  FireFox (Managed by Mozilla Foundation)  Maemo has plan (GNOME MOBILE) http://browser.garage.maemo.org/  Movial has plan
  10. 10.  Developed by Apple  Modified from KDE (Konqueror)  KHTML morphed to Webkit  KJAVA morphed JavaScript- Core  KWQ came due to OS-X Requirements  UI Proprietary of Apple
  11. 11.  3 main components UI  Browser Application User Interface (Browser UI),  Browser Engine (Engine) and  Bookmark Manager (BM)  Browser UI  developed by Nokia  It makes use of GTK with Hildon  Hildon support can be disabled at compile time EAL  interacts with Engine via Engine Abstraction Layer (EAL)  EAL  not dependent on any engine implementation  open source component developed by Nokia.  3 browser engines are compatible with the Browser UI: Variant EAL  Opera Engine, included in Nokia 770 and Nokia N800 devices as part of Internet Tablet OS 2005, 2006, and 2007 editions.  Mozilla Engine which can be used in Nokia N800 device now. It is delivered together with the development version of Mozilla based browser for maemo.  WebKit Engine is a community driven implementation of GTK WebKit for maemo platform. Variant Engine
  12. 12. Happy Browsing