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Lyfestyle Style Social Network
Lyfestyle is a global social network that curates urban fashion and art trends. Lyfestyle will be the primary curator of trending content for the urban style industry.

Published in: Mobile, Technology
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Pitch deck

  1. 1. Insert Logo Here LyfestyleStyle Social Network Lyfestyle is a global social network that curates urban fashion and art trends. Lyfestyle will be the primary curator of trending content for the urban style industry. Social Network Advertise Capitalize The Lyfestyle social network will allow users to see the trending fashion and art culture within major metropolitans across the world. Further, Lyfestyle will provide a platform that empowers regional clothing designers and small business owners to grow their business. Lyfestyle further accomplishes this by providing these same business owners with a platform that exposes them to a geographically larger audience and increases the potential to expand their customer base.
  2. 2. What makes LyfeStylespecial? Product Curator Functionality The Lyfestyle app is a mobile social network that allows users to share their personal style and connect with others with similar tastes and interest. Lyfestyle will be the primary curator of trending content for the urban style industry. Lyfestyle will provide effective and valuable advertising platform for fashion and entertainment companies. Our slogan will be "What’s Your Lyfestyle? The mobile app will be broken into seven separate parts consisting of the Trend page(homepage), a personal feed page, messaging page, friend page, search page, settings and a video page.
  3. 3. Here’s how it works LyfeStyle will be broken into seven separate parts: Trend Page(Home Page) The homepage will be the first page that displays once the app is opened. The Homepage will contain the trending urban culture from around the world. Users will have the ability to click on a city and see the trending culture from that city. Cities will be sorted on a trending basis, which is a measure of the activity within a given city relative to the other cities and categories on LyfeStyle. Users will also have the ability to search hash-tags from this page. For example, users can search Ralph Lauren and all the pictures that have been hash-tagged with Ralph Lauren will appear sorted by LyfeStyle ranking and time posted.
  4. 4. Personal Feed Page The personal feedpage will resemble the homepage. However, the content will be filled with content from the users preference. There preferences will consist of the content uploaded by friends, groups, and users that have been followed. In this page users will have the ability to sort their feed from content from their friends/joined groups only and by the people followed. Messaging Page The messaging page will allow users to send and receive private messages and pictures. This allows users who are conducting business with each other to keep their discussion private.
  5. 5. Friend Page The friends page will list the users friends. The user will also be able to sort their friends by name and by their trending status. When the users friend list is sorted by the trending option their friends are sorted in ascending order relative to the amount of views and activity on relative to the account. The user is also listed in trending relative to their friends. The friends list will also show the groups they are in and the people they are following and will allow for editing of both. To be considered a friend users must accept the friend request. If a users friend request is denied the user will be placed under the following category. Search Page The search page will allow users to search for individual users and LyfeStyle insiders. Further, functionality will include the filtering of industry insiders from each city. For example, users can filter to see all the designers and make up artists in Philadelphia or see all the Models in Los Angeles.This page will produce search results by default in an ascending trending order allowing users to see the top trending LyfeStyle insiders each city.Users will be able to complete hashtag searches from this page along with collaboration searches.
  6. 6. Video Page The video page will display videos that are uploaded by LyfeStyle. These videos will show the lifestyle of some of our more prominent lifestyle users. The videos will be a snippet of the users lifestyle and personal style. When I refer to prominent users, I am referring to celebrities, LyfeStyle Insiders, and users with a large number of followers. Users can also submit videos to be posted on the video page. However, videos submitted by users will need to be approved by LyfeStyle before it is posted to the video page. Settings Page The setting page will contain the general settings of the app and will allows users to make adjustments to their accounts and change passwords, city represented, and apply for insider validation to receive an icon next to their profile.
  7. 7. The Market Obviously the app market has shown an incredible adoption rate as apps have become a part of our society and as the market continues to grow. As of now, Google Play and Apple's App Store both have more than 700,000 apps available for download. Adding in the offerings from smaller app competitors Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Amazon, the app industry is huge and chaotic, and it brings in a lot of cash: Global revenue from apps is expected to rise a full 62% to $25 billion this year, according to Gartner, Inc The Chart Below displays the extreme growth of Messaging and Social Media Apps
  8. 8. The Team Christopher Brewer
  9. 9. Jaleel Brown Randolph Jones Chris Warrick