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French cwe diy_en

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French cwe diy_en

  1. 1. Programme Etudes et Travail 2011/2012 Orientation
  2. 2. Who We Are• Experience Education was founded in 2008.• We specialize exclusively on internship, co-op, and work-term programs.• Each year we place more than 500 students in exciting and rewarding internships and work terms.• Our clients include some of Canada’s most prominent ESL schools as well as both public and private universities.
  3. 3. Programme Etudes et Travail
  4. 4. Programme Etudes et Travail• Paid casual work in the city.• Placements available in cafes, retail, restaurants, fast food, and more.• All hosts are carefully monitored to ensure they give students ample speaking time, and provide a supportive environment for language learners.• Supported self-placement
  5. 5. Programme Etudes et Travail• Supported Self-Placement. We will provide you with online materials and individual assistance with: – CV Preparation – Interview Preparation – Job Search – Job Placement Monitoring• All services begin 4-6 weeks before your start date.
  6. 6. Programme Etudes et Travail• CV Preparation – Download Power Points in English and French, telling you how to make a resume – Download an EE resume template – Submit your resume to EE online, and received a modified Canadian-style CV
  7. 7. Programme Etudes et Travail• Interview Preparation – Read online interview preparation materials in English and French – Watch sample interviews – Practice your interviews via Skype with an EE counsellor or in person, during monthly interview workshops
  8. 8. Programme Etudes et Travail• Job Search – 4-6 weeks before your start date, an EE counsellor will give you a login and password for the support site – 3 weeks before your start date, your EE login and password will allow you to access job postings in Montreal – You can apply to these directly through the website – You can also find job search resources and advice
  9. 9. Programme Etudes et Travail• Job Placement Monitoring – Regular Online Reports on Your Placement – This helps us know if you are meeting your program goals, working and improving your French – It lets us know if you are having any problems and will need assistance – It helps us determine if your host would be a good company for future students
  10. 10. Programme Etudes et Travail• CWE is a self-placement program.• There are other guaranteed placement programs you can ask your counsellors about, but they are very different from CWE.• In CWE, we will help you, but it is up to you to work hard and apply for jobs if you want to start on time.
  11. 11. Next Steps• The next nearest start date is November 21st. Those students will receive an appointment request from us on October 24th.• Please respond to that appointment request as soon as possible.• Other students, you will receive your request 4-6 weeks before your start date.