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Portfolio Rob Jetter


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Portfolio Rob Jetter

  1. 1. Portfolio Robert S. Jetter
  2. 2. Medical
  3. 3. Siemens, 2007 Handheld ultrasound unit with probe, docking station and patent pending ergonomic attach features. Winner of the Medical design excellence award.
  4. 4. Siemens, 2008 Directed over 8 cross functional engineers spanning across Boston, Silicone Valley and Asia. Collectively designed over 20 mechanisms, dozens of plastic panels, cast and extruded aluminum structural members and several other unique materials. Brought complete ultrasound unit from conceptual phase into production. Integrated ID, EE, Manufacturing, Acoustics, Display, Ergonomics and Mechanism validation testing. 4 Mechanical design applications in process.
  5. 5. Siemens, 2005 Replaced existing CRT solution with a custom LCD display . System included a new speaker layout, microphones, tilt/swivel mechanism with lockout features, function keys and a DVD player. Integrated ID, Asia tooling and European display OEM’s into production all within a 3 month design window that included fabrication, validation and development.
  6. 6. Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, 1999 Minimize handling of IPG strips with innovative strip holder designed for rehydration, sample application, and IEF. Use the Cup Loading Strip Holder for increased versatility in sample application. Perform fast separations with high voltage and efficient cooling. The Ettan IPGphor Cup Loading Strip Holder features a movable, disposable sample cup that can be easily and securely sealed against the gel surface for applying up to 100 µl of sample. Run up to 12 strips (7, 11, 13, 18, or 24 cm) simultaneously. The movable electrodes of the Cup Loading Strip Holder can be positioned to accommodate IPG strip lengths up to 24 cm. Patent Number 6,495,017
  7. 7. Startup, 2008 Developed new diabetic blood test system capable of automatically piercing, extracting and analyzing blood samples without removing finger from apparatus.
  8. 8. Consumer
  9. 9. Palm - pre, 2008 Supported Palm development team through design reviews and detailed tolerance analysis for high volume manufacturing. Advised team on bi-stable slider and structural integrity issues on critical components. LCD research and implementation.
  10. 10. Aliph, 2009 Integrated a new shield design and earbud ergonomics into a completely new package design to create a better “out of box” experience .
  11. 11. Advanced Mobile Solutions, 1998 AM1010 Wireless Handsfree Headset Project Manager / Mechanical Engineer responsible for developing product configuration from early conceptual stages through manufacturing. Developed creative modular design solutions for both CLA and belt clip applications. Solved difficult headset to ear ergonomic issues. Successfully Engineered elaborate acoustical as well as mechanical requirements while maintained true to industrial design. Created complex surfaces utilizing ProEngineer Modular Wireless Headset System: Patent Number 6,230,029 Modular Wireless Headset System for Hands Free Talking: Patent Number 6,078,825
  12. 12. ClearWire/Motorola, 2004 Developed a new antenna design that could attached, swivel and tilt on most every LCD laptop display. Design would also elegantly sit onto the table. Engineered new PCMCI card for low gain antennas
  13. 13. Logitech, 2005 Wireless game controller for Xbox. First OLED integrated display.
  14. 14. Logitech, 2006 Polycarbonate protective case for the Sony PSP, equipped with santoprene protection and additional storage space.
  15. 15. Logitech, 2007 Polycarbonate protective case for the Nintendo DS Lite, equipped with santoprene protection and additional storage space.
  16. 16. SoundID, 2008 Bluetooth headset pushing the envelope when it comes to size. Working with Mike Nuttel, Industrial Designer, this product went from a pure concept into production and is now being recognized by ATT and Apple to be sold in store around the world.
  17. 17. Shoretel, 2004 Assisted overseas design firm to integrate ID into manufacturing. Resolved tough ID constraints and folded high fidelity acoustics into a small telephone system.
  18. 18. Computing
  19. 19. Appple G4, 2002 Responsible for developing a new latch/locking handle mechanism while utilizing existing ergonomic touch and feel. Successfully completed “critical path” design objective by validating best concept offline then folding it back into working prototypes. Activities included directing brain storm sessions with internal Apple and external Acorn employees, detailed engineering mechanisms that included structural analysis, tolerance analysis and 3D CAD modeling utilizing ProE. Other subsequent duties included brainstorming thermal layouts, high volume design, screw less HDD assembly, EMI and structural analysis to the overall chassis.
  20. 20. PTC “Button Box”, 2000 Lead Mechanical Engineer responsible for incorporating a large development team together to deliver a complete design package within a 2 month design cycle. Areas of expertise included Industrial Design, software and electrical engineering for specific components such as the printer and cordless phone, CRT design implementation, keyboard and keypads, labeling, acoustical engineering, thermal and air flow analysis, mechanical FEA analysis, DFA & DFM, EMI. Created complex skeleton surface files using ProE. Met and exceeded clients expectations within budget and on schedule.
  21. 21. Startup, 2007 Developed new media center hub capable of supporting two 17”, 19” or one 32” screen. Multiple screens could freely rotate from portrait to landscape, slide left right along bearing surfaces and counterbalanced vertically to adjust height with one hand. Sourced CM in Asia, integrated ID and EE team to create easy to manufacture solution. Accommodated several OTS components reducing development time and expenses.
  22. 22. Networking
  23. 23. Dell 1550, 2000 Project Manager / Senior Mechanical Engineer responsible for taking product from early conceptual stages through manufacturing. Led internal and external development teams that included Delta (P/S), ServerWorks (PCA’s), Foxconn (manufacturing) as well as several internal Dell organizations throughout a full product development cycle. Conducted elaborate tests from early thermal qualification, shock and vibration through EMI. Supervised Asian manufacturing that included several trips. Product high points include 4 SCSI HDD’s across a 19” rack in a 1U form factor. Screw less assembly of all components and PCA’s. Easy access with innovative top cover rack mount installation scheme which allows for easy access to hot swap, cold swap components.
  24. 24. Apple, 2006 Next generation slim line 1U Xserve. Integrated new slide design. Improved IO while increasing airflow throughout system. Integrated new ultra slim latch system in tight area. Detailed power supply latch and removable PCI card retention
  25. 25. Apple, 2003 Next generation 3U Xserve RAID with improved system performance that includes better HDD vibration isolation, thermal redundancy, screwless rack mounting, HDD EMI sealing, RAID controller horsepower and better DFM.
  26. 26. PowerFile, 2007 Designed next generation slim blue ray dvd read/writers into a mass storage system. Integrated motors, electronics, ID, ME and human factors into a working model ready for production.
  27. 27. HP, 2004 Both a 4U and 7U server with common hot swap fans, power supplies, DVD, CPU module, hot swappable HDD’s, IO tray and memory extraction system.
  28. 28. Hitachi Data Systems, 2001 Project Manager / Mechanical Engineer. Developed product from initial concepts, I.D. presentation, rapid prototyping, design validation testing, oversee asian tooling support through manufacturing - all within a 10 week schedule and within budget. Hitachi Data Systems, 2002 Worked with Industrial Designer to create new Company image branding through its’ redesigned bezel. Engineered thermal requirements that exceeded design specifications. Worked closely with client, I.D. partner and manufacturing to meet accelerated schedules while staying within budget.
  29. 29. HP, 2003 Project Manager / Senior Mechanical Engineer responsible for developing product from initial concept phases through production release. 4U, NEBS certified system. Patent Pending thermal airflow design.
  30. 30. HP, 2001 4U Chassis with hot swappable fans, removable IO, innovative architecture and thermal cooling. Patent 6,999,321- Assembly for tooless installation and locking of a printed circuit carrier to a sytem. Patent 7,068,498 – computer system with slidable motherboard
  31. 31. Pillar Data Systems. “Slammer”, 2002 Project Manager / Senior Mechanical Engineer responsible for developing product from initial concept phases through production release. Patent Pending bezel latch design
  32. 32. Elcon, 1999 MiniPak • Product Manager / Mechanical Engineer • Developed product from initial concept through manufacturing. • Created cutting edge power and signal inter connection that greatly out performed previous products allowing company to gain market share over competitors. • Connector and Male Electrical Contact for Use Therewith: Patent Number 6,322,377 6,604,967 6,403,566 6,835,103 FEA analysis to ensure parts met rigid mechanical Innovative cost reduction design requirements for a low brought expensive 3 & 5 piece profile, thin walled assemblies down to 1 low cost application. solution.
  33. 33. Awards