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CV-User Experience


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CV-User Experience

  1. 1. P a g e 1 | 4 Rodney John de Souza Curriculum Vitae – User Experience 777, Pasir Ris Street 71. #05-416 Singapore 510777 +65 8125 6847 10+ I was fortunate during my early days as a web designer to work with experts from different industries. That experience taught me to analyse business processes and translate them into user-centric flows which, after much online trawling, brought me to varies articles about usability. I have learnt to look at graphic user interface as functional UX element of usability; one of the many important considerations for an improved holistic user experience. Through workshops, talksand consulting with UX experts, I have learned to prepare and conduct stakeholders interviews, focus groups and in-depth user testing. I have also learned to analyse user test data, develop wireframes & information architecture, present findings and recommendations to internal teams as well as clients. UX is a collaborative effort that involves teams of different specialties. The end product should be a great user- centric product that also meets stakeholders’ vision and business objectives. That said, I also understand that products are meant to evolve with user expectations. UX is an ongoing activity. 15Years in System Integration (SI) Years in UX …with on-site projects in Qatar, Oman, Maldives & Australia (Summary of UX/Usability and UI work) Spring Singapore, EnterpriseOne Portal Jan 2015 Apr 2015 NCS Pte Ltd UX Lead & Creative Consultant About Project objectives was to identify useful services & content for SMEs and how information could be made easier to understand. Process Reviewed business life cycles (planning, starting, running and growing), identified useful services and content for each stage through stakeholders’ interviews and focus group sessions. Outcome Findings from initial UX sessions indicate proposed portal strategy is aligned with stakeholders’ vision and information architecture meets users’ expectations. Worked with  SME Advisors  Business Strategist  Editorial Team  Creative Team NCS Pte Ltd UX Lead, UI & Creative Consultant About SC+ was designed to generate reports of students’ performance using data to monitor academic performance and identify areas of excellence and timely intervention. Process Findings from stakeholders’ interviews and user testing translated to high-fidelity wireframes & other materiel for ideation workshops. Outcome Identified useful data for various roles required to effectively engage students; track progress, share information and monitor students’ overall wellbeing. Initial dashboard UI concepts were refined to cater for:  Presenting useful aggregated data  Easier retrieval/development of reports  Benchmarked performance data  Profile attributes  Attendance scores  Information sharing among school staff and parents. Worked with  School Advisors  Business Intelligence Specialist  Back-end Developers  Creative Team Ministry of Education, School Cockpit Plus Dec 2014 Apr 2015 RingMD Telemedicine Application Feb 2016 May 2016 RingMD Global Pte Ltd UX/UI Designer (Startup) About RingMD is a healthcare network that connects patients with doctors around the world through technology. Responsibilities Review current web and mobile interfaces and propose improvements to UI and IA for better user experience. Worked with  Product Manager  Front-end Developers  Back-end Developers  Creative Team Achievements at Work Organised onsite usability training Improved communications with system developers Developed & Co-wrote usability standards & guidelines for NCS Created awareness of benefits of UX Adapted eGov models overseas  Hukoomi, Qatar Government Portal  Oman Ubar eGovernment Portal 6 awards for UX work 1 service award  2010, Frontier Award. Oman Ubar Portal  2011, Service Recognition Award. 10 Years  2012, Frontier Award. Centralised Display Management System  2012, Frontier Award. OneMobility  2012, Team Award. MyTransport.SG  2013, Innovation Award. OneTouchTM  2014, Group Enterprise Gold Award. SPRING Grant Mobile Application 2014 2016
  2. 2. P a g e 2 | 4 Rodney John de Souza Curriculum Vitae – User Experience My Methods Contextual Inquiries Focus Groups Card Sort Affirmation Diagrams MORAE Heuristic Reviews Quick Tests basic good excellent Empathise With Users Understand Stakeholders I have no problem "fronting clients" as I make it a point to present findings, as informative as possible, and explain my rational behind UI recommendations and how UX best practice come into play. I conduct varies levels of user research; heuristic reviews and in-depth user testing; they are part and parcel of data gathering which is done in collaboration with the development teams as part of project requirement gathering. 2012 2014 Singapore Academy of Law, LawNet Jun 2012 Aug 2013 State Government of Victoria, Australia, Business Victoria Mobile Jan 2012 Jun 2012 Land Transport Authority, Public Transport Digital Strategy Dec 2013 Jun 2014 I Work with… Stakeholders Creative Teams System Developers Front-end Developers Content Writers and Editors Change Management Consultants Business Strategists UX Consultants Digital Strategists Business Intelligence/Data Analysts Account and Marketing Managers NCS Pte Ltd UX Team Member (with OgilvyOne) About Public transportation digital strategy to identify areas of improvement and address current & future expectations of commuters and road users. Process Reviewed digital assets, mobile applications and front-line processes through stakeholders’ interviews and user tests to better align LTA’s future vision and commuters’ expectations. Outcome Proposed areas where technology could be used to improve commuting or travel experience for commuters and road users. The report and accompanying scenario-based presentation not only looked at UX for digital assets but also how users’ journeys could be made more “natural” and pleasant by taking into account different modes of transport and weekday/weekend patterns. Worked with  OgilvyOne UX Team  OgilvyOne Creative Team  Transport Advisors  Business Strategist NCS Pte Ltd UX Lead, UI & Creative Consultant About Singapore Academy of Law set out to make LawNet better by introducing more intuitive processes and new functions to address off-line tasks (legal notes, document compiling, etc.) Process Data from user testing helped improve the user interface for searching for legal documents and developing a toolkit panel to maintain legal notes, tag citations and compile court documents. Outcome The revamp took into consideration maintaining a level of familiarity by keeping the current branding with an interface designed to be responsive for multiple monitor setup as well as accessible on tablets in courtrooms. Worked with  Legal Advisors  Domain Users  Back-end Developers  Creative Team NCS Pte Ltd UX Lead About Re-platform of Business Victoria as a mobile application alternative for users on the move. Process On-site stakeholders’ interviews and focus group sessions were conducted to identify useful mobile services that would complement services and applications of the main portal. Outcome Developed the IA and a series of mobile-centric application templates for development team. Worked with  End Users  Domain Experts  Front-end Developers  Back-end Developers
  3. 3. P a g e 3 | 4 Rodney John de Souza Curriculum Vitae – User Experience My Tools basic good excellent User Interface Photoshop Dreamweaver Illustrator Guidelines Web Interface Standards (WIS) iOS Human Interface Guidelines Android Design (guidelines) Other Standards & Guidelines Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Wireframing and Prototyping Sketch Experience Design Balsamiq 2011 2013 Ministry of Manpower, Manpower Enforcement System Mar 2012 Jun 2013 Spring Singapore, Account Manager’s Mobile Application Sep 2012 Nov 2013 Supreme Court Singapore, Centralised Display System Aug 2011 Mar 2012 My Skills basic good excellent Heuristic/Data Analysis Persona Development Interviews (stakeholders, user-testing) Wireframing/Sketching Experience Architecture Journey Planning/ Storyboarding Prototyping (paper, low/hi-fidelity, graphical) User Interface Design NCS Pte Ltd UX Lead, UI & Creative Consultant About Defining a more effective way of coordinating reports and activities with teams and other branches. Process Wireframes, stakeholders’ interviews, user testing and working with an external vendor, we developed a system for enforcement monitoring and reporting. Outcome Personalised interface to aggregate data based on user roles and situations; retrieving data from multiple systems for effective collaboration across departments and branches. Project delivery included development of UI themes based on MOM’s core values and aligned with the style guide project. Worked with  End Users  Domain Experts  Front-end Developers  Back-end Developers  External Vendor NCS Pte Ltd UX Lead, UI & Creative Consultant About Mobile application for Spring Singapore account managers to manage accounts, appointments and reports. Process Conducted stakeholders’ interviews, user testing and observed & reviewed existing work processes to understand requirements for a mobile reporting application. Outcome A tablet-based system for account managers for meetings & onsite engagements with their clients; a more productive and improved reporting process where automation helps with more mundane but required tasks. The new application stores & retrieves meeting notes, business cards, notes for reports and account plans, handles email, accesses CRM and other 3rd party applications while on the move. Worked with  SME Account Managers  Front-end Developers  Back-end Developers  Editorial Team  Creative Team NCS Pte Ltd UX Lead, UI & Creative Consultant About Design, development and installation of touchscreen digital information signage at the ground floor of the Supreme Court and court room information at the upper levels. Process Researched product design & ergonomics of similar displays and adapted for local context. Outcome Interactive information display that caters for wheelchair bound users. Worked with  Front-end Developers  Back-end Developers  Product Vendor  Creative Team
  4. 4. P a g e 4 | 4 Rodney John de Souza Curriculum Vitae – User Experience Personal Achievements Participant, Guinness World Records for the longest club DJ session relay, 9 Aug 2014 relay Singapore DJs logo design contest – 1st prize Creative direction for Singapore’s first family genealogy exhibition, “Who Am I? The Joy of Discovering Your Family History” Letter of Appreciation, Interactive CD Project – Eurasian Association, Singapore Eurasian Association 80th Anniversary Commemoration Souvenir Magazine Interests & Hobbies Online Games Catching up with old friends from entertainment days records/longest-club-dj-session-relay Movies (drawn towards sci-fi, action & 3D animation) The odd logo design now & then DIY (if it isn’t broke, I might still take it apart) My Tools (continued) basic good excellent Testing SortSite Colour Contrast Ratio Analyser Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool (PEAT) UX is not a 9 to 5 thought process. Once ingrained, it runs almost 24/7. 2010 2011 …user interaction has evolved; context is now king… Ministry of Home Affairs, Home Team Volunteer Portal Jan 2011 Oct 2011 Land Transport Authority, MyTransport .SG Nov 2010 Mar 2011 NCS Pte Ltd Usability, UI & Creative Consultant About MHA desired a portal to consolidate more effectively, volunteer programmes across all its branches. Process Interviewed stakeholders from different branches as part of the requirement gathering process and worked closely with the technical team to maintain the development tool’s upgrading path. Outcome Presented wireframes and visual mock-ups of consolidated content and services across 4 main branches, developed new information architecture for the new portal and new clean branding style for the varies volunteer groups under the ministry while still making it clear to the general public that the system comes under the umbrella of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Worked with  End Users  Domain Experts  Front-end Developers  Back-end Developers  Editorial Team NCS Pte Ltd Usability, UI & Creative Consultant About Portal with information and eServices for all land transport users. Process Interviewed stakeholders, commuters and road users as well as reviewed similar online services during the requirement gathering phase. Outcome New services and companion mobile application based on user feedback and applied through an interactive user interface with personalisation options. Worked with  End Users  Front-end Developers  Creative Team  Editorial Team