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Level Four International Company Overview


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LFI training and executive development services, including risk management course development, case studies, management simulations, coaching, presentation skills, training trainers, message delivery.

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Level Four International Company Overview

  1. 1. Company Overview
  2. 2. 2 Level Four International (LFI) A risk management training firm that delivers measurable benefits to banks and financial institutions worldwide.
  3. 3. 3 We improve management effectiveness through:  Training course design  Facilitation  Case study development  Management simulations  Presentation and interactive teaching skills  Coaching Level Four International (LFI)
  4. 4. LFI delivers results LFI takes its name from the four levels of training effectiveness: 4 1. Participant Satisfaction Thousands have rated courses on average 90% 2. Knowledge Gained Daily testing and final exams ensure key takeaways 3. Behavior Change Measured with participant and supervisor surveys 4. Measurable Benefit Examples of immediate returns to the bottom line
  5. 5. Proven Techniques We understand training and executive development:  Assessment of staffing practices and adequacy of training  Training course materials, case studies and management simulations  Self sustaining process for success with internal resources  Comprehensive materials providing a back to basics approach  Auditable guidelines for the future of management education 5
  6. 6. How do we make managers better? Executive Coaching: Maximize delivery of effective messages Train-The-Trainer: Presentation & interactive teaching skills Simulation facilitation Training course administration 6 We create transferrable skills
  7. 7. What does a typical course include? Management Simulation 7 Lecture Modules Case Studies Countless success stories from consistent, quality and self-maintained training programs
  8. 8. Customer Base Banks and financial institutions with domestic and international presence. Companies who would benefit from:  Executive development  Training material design  Train The Trainer programs  Management simulations  Customized online modules  High volume back office processing training 8 Improved retention and reduced reputational risk
  9. 9. 9 Products General Risk Management Product Specific Courses  Mortgage, Credit Card, Auto Functional Skills  Fraud Management  Collections Management  Collector Training Partner Programs  Bottom Line Operations Leadership  Senior management growth strategy
  10. 10. Why LFI? 10 We ask all of the pertinent questions …. What needs are covered by your Training Roadmap? Who benefits from your training development? Why is your training protocol so important? How proficient are your professionals at delivering training? When was the last time you measured your training effectiveness? What are the best ways to sustain success over time? .… and help you generate the right answers
  11. 11. LFI Founder Rod Jahner - Trained 10,000+ participants, with 90% average satisfaction - Global experience covering the US, Asia, Africa and Europe - Managed best in class training in Asia Pacific in 11 countries - Expertise in course design, case studies and simulations. 5 years executive recruiting, career counseling Co-authored successful Basel Waiver Application 11 A unique background: 27 years in consumer bank risk management with Citi and Standard Chartered Bank 16 years management, design, delivery of risk management training, 10 years in Asia
  12. 12. 12 Global Reach Rod Jahner Level Four International, LLC Professional Affiliations Countries worked in for Training Delivery, as corporate employee and with LFI United States Australia Indonesia Singapore Malaysia Thailand India Philippines Hong Kong Taiwan China Korea Japan UAE United Kingdom Spain Portugal Belgium Greece Switzerland Kenya South Africa Average LFI participant satisfaction ratings: 97%
  13. 13. More than ratings True, the ratings have been above target, but participants tell us that they take away much more…. Networking Opportunity to meet colleagues, learn from them and develop lasting relationships to draw from in future work Behavior Change We ask what participants will do differently as a direct result of the training, responses are enlightening and follow-up surveys confirm Bottom Line We have even seen measurable benefits to financial performance 13
  14. 14. “Rod is a world class trainer…. leveraged his detailed experiences in the US mortgage crisis….. Rod can be relied upon to deliver interactive training with real examples, case studies and simulations. He attracts senior subject matter experts to join the faculty thus ensuring excellent results. I can thoroughly recommend his work.” – Nic Couldrey, Head of Credit Operations “Clearly well versed in his field….. put together course material and also organized the courses very well indeed… Rod is a pleasure to interact with and his sense of humor is legendary for many of us who were fortunate to work with him.” – Shantanu Mitra, Regional Credit Officer “Rod has the unique ability to bring specific formal training to a friendly personal level that maximizes results.” – Bob Swelgin, CEO Testimonials 14
  15. 15. Rod Jahner Founder & President Level Four International 411 31st Street Suite 210 Sunset Beach, NC 28468 USA +1 (919) 435-7580 Twitter: @trainthem Contact 15