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iPad manual


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A quick start guide for beginners on how to get up to speed with your iPad.

Published in: Technology
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iPad manual

  1. 1. The iPad EssentialsYour iPad is a marvelous state of the art device and is made to be quite userfriendly. That may very well be the case for users that have experience withApples iOS operating system, but pickup an iPad for the first time and you mightjust find yourself lost, especially without an iPad manual. The following pages willprovide you with some helpful knowledge about your iPad.
  2. 2. The iPad DiagramOne of the first things you’ll need to get familiar with is the iPad’s externalbuttons and connections. The diagram below from the iPad manual shows you allthe available options on your iPad. The “Micro SIM Tray” is only available on thecellular iPad models.
  3. 3. Setting Up Your iPadIf you’re using your iPad for the very first time you’ll need to set it up first. This isa process that involves entering information such as your name, language, region,email, some security questions, and a few others to fully configure your iPadexperience.
  4. 4. Your iPad’s Home ScreenOnce you have your iPad setup and ready to use you’ll be brought to your homescreen. On your home screen you’ll notice some default apps that comepreloaded on your iPad. It’s a good idea to get better acquainted with some ofthese apps to get a better understanding of what your iPad is capable of. One ofthe main apps you’ll be using is the Settings icon which will help configure a lot ofyour iPad’s features.
  5. 5. Interacting With Your iPadUsing your iPad requires hand gestures to execute actions. The diagram belowshows you some of the basic hand gestures in the iPad manual that you’ll need toknow in order to start navigating around on your iPad.
  6. 6. Learning More About Your iPadIf you’re using your iPad as an expensive email checker and would like to learnmore you have a few options. Downloading the iPad manual and trying to figure itout on your own, or join The iPad Video Coach and get a complete A to Z videoguide with lifetime updates and a 30 day 100% money back guarantee!