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I downloads-2


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Published in: Business, Technology
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I downloads-2

  1. 1. Drive Sales & Increase Revenue THE POWER OF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD INCENTIVES Its Your Customer’s Choice
  2. 2. Digital Products We offer music, mobile games, mobile apps, eBooks, audio books and virtual currencies
  3. 3. Who is using All Digital Reward Programs*? *Customers can accumulate points to select higher priced items
  4. 4. Kellogg’s Rewards Find a code inside specially marked Kellogg’s Family rewards packages. Enter codes to earn points, exchange points for digital rewards including: Music, Mobile Apps, eBooks & Audio books
  5. 5. Aeroplan: This is Air Canada’s loyalty program – since they allow miles to be converted they are seeing lots of high end audio books being selected.
  6. 6. Insurance company – Teen safe driver program: They install a tracking device in the car that transmits all sorts of data on how you are driving. They then reward points based on you being a safe driver. The number one download for the teens … mobile games (particularly the EA games). In test markets currently and rolling out nationwide beginning 2014.
  7. 7. Who is using All Digital High Tech Company Give-Aways*? * from employee incentives to recruiting to tradeshows and on-packs. They like the variety.
  8. 8. Dane Electronics: Dane Elec leveraged our Web & Mobile Premium Rewards Platform. Consumers will have the opportunity to redeem their 3 credits for music, apps, eBooks, Audiobooks, Virtual Currencies or a Target Exclusive offer of 25 Free 4X6 Digital Prints.
  9. 9. Playtex: A pin code in every pack of Playtex, valid for one download: Choose from: Music, Mobile Apps and eBooks. Rewards delivered from a branded web, mobile and Facebook rewards platform.
  10. 10. ATT: A branded Facebook in page Application, complete with a Facebook Like Gated Mobile application, to deliver music rewards to consumers for completing surveys and other engagement pieces across AT&T social channels
  11. 11. COKE: A branded redemption site where user can select reward: Facebook Credits or MP3 Downloads
  12. 12. For more information about the power of Digital Rewards and Incentives, Contact Download at 512.507.4709 or by email at