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Fabolous documentary


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Fabolous documentary

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Fabolous documentary

  1. 1. Fabolous By John Rizzo
  2. 2. History John David Jackson born November 18, 1977 is an american rapper who is better known by his stage name, Fabolous. As a kid Jackson was raised in notorious burrough of New York, Bedford Stuyvesant. In Highschool Jackson’s career began, as a senior his first opportunity arose. Fabolous was given the opportunity to rap on Dj Clue’s Hot 97 radio station. From this point forward Fabolous’ career began. Dj Clue signed Jackson to his record deal, Desert Storm. At this point Fabolous’ long successful career had begun.
  3. 3. History Fabolous Song example off Soul Tape mixtape On the infamous date in American history, September 11, 2001 Fabolous had also released his debut album, Ghetto Fabolous. As he aged he continued to release top selling albums, mix tapes and Eps. Fabolous released his second album Street Dreams followed by his third album Real Talk. His fourth album From Nothing To Something topped out on the billboards top 100 and made a name for the rapper. He released a series of mix tapes labeled There is No Competition 1, 2 & 3. Also releasing his fifth album Loso’s Way after Topping the billboards. Since 2010 Fabolous has not released a studio album, he has however released three mix tapes know as The Soul Tape 1, 2 & 3. These mix tapes are mellow raps to the beat of old soul music and have been some of his more successful pieces. During these past years Fabolous has been apart of multiple hit singles which excites his fans for his next album labeled Young Og soon to be released.
  4. 4. Opinion While Fabolous has creative lyrics (and a creative way to spell his name) I respect him as an artist for many other reasons. Like other artist he constantly shouts out his home town and pays respect to the area which he is from. Also Fabolous in my opinion has the most clever lyrics out of current rappers and puts meaning behind many of his songs. He also isn't concerned with making songs that will be big hits on the radio, Fabolous makes music that speaks on his behalf and makes points, not just a catchy chorus to make himself more money. Finally i respect Fabolous the most because of his love for his family. In a time where many artists are ignoring their children etc. Fabolous constantly states his love for his son Johan.
  5. 5. Fabolous Tattoo of son Fabolous with son Johan Mixtape Covers for popular Soul Tape Series
  6. 6. Fabolous ft Tamia So Into You As previously mentioned Fabolous does not often make radio hits. This song however was once #4 on the charts and a very popular song in the early 2000’s.