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Invited Talk at TCIL- IT, Chandigarh in Sep'12 on Career in Data Center Technologies: Storage, Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

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  1. 1. Career in Data Center Technologies:Storage, Virtualization and CloudComputingTCIL-IT, Chandigarh3rd September, 2012By:Rizul Khanna(ESP, ETSP, VTSP)Final yr, B-Tech(ECE), NIT, Jalandhar
  2. 2. About the Presenter:- Three International Research Publications.- One Software Copyright filed in India.- Certifications: Eucalyptus Technical Sales Professional(ETSP) VMware Technical Sales Professional(VTSP) Eucalyptus Sales Professional(ESP)- Currently associated with Omnius Solutions, Hyderabad as NorthAmbassador & Technical Support Engineer and working on variousEnterprise Grade Projects.
  3. 3. Market Predictions:There are going to be 14 Millionjobs in Cloud Computing by theyear 2015.
  4. 4. Few questions I wouldlike to ask ?
  5. 5. End Result of your work !Did you reach the sweet spot ?What problems did you face?
  6. 6. Career map in ITThe two kinds of IT Jobs are: DeVOps DevelopmentOperations
  7. 7. Cloud Computing
  8. 8. Essential Cloud Features: On demand Self-Service Broad Network Access Resource Pooling Rapid Elasticity Measured Service
  9. 9. Different types of CloudPublic CloudPrivate CloudHybrid Cloud
  10. 10. Cloud Service Models• IAAS• PAAS• SAAS
  11. 11. Career and Skills in these CloudServices
  12. 12. Our focus for the Morning todayCloud IAAS
  13. 13. Data Center
  14. 14. Downtime in Industry
  15. 15. Why make a Career in Data CenterTechnologies ?
  16. 16. Jumping to Cloud: How much it takes ?
  17. 17. STORAGE TechnologyImportance in Real time IndustrialScenario
  18. 18. DATA and Information:Why are they so Important ?Structured and Unstructured
  19. 19. Concept of IOPSData Access from Hard Disk and FlashDrive is in form of block accessThroughput and IOPS
  20. 20. Evolution of Storage• From Local Disks to Networked Storage:SAN- Block level accessNAS- File level accessHUGE Wastage is Saved: HOW ?
  21. 21. Safety for DATARAID: Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks Stripe Mirror Parity
  22. 22. Market Scope and Demand inStorage• Saturation is very FAR• Storage is a 5 year PLAN, so for 5 years at-least bright scope• Evergreen field• Recession in Communication Sector currentlyand in Software as well in the past. No suchproblem here.
  23. 23. What more to talk of in Storage ?• Snapshots• Backup Mechanism• Storage Protocols• SAN/ NAS Security• Major Players in the Market• Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  24. 24. A whole NEW W0rLd: Certificationsin StorageSNIAISMNetApp Certified Storage EngineerEMC Certified Storage Engineer
  25. 25. Job Portal Visit
  26. 26. Welcome to the Virtual World !
  27. 27. WHY Virtualization ?
  28. 28. Supporting TechnologiesSales Benefit
  29. 29. Data Center Scenario: Investments
  30. 30. Cloud and Virtualization in India:Where have they reached ?
  31. 31. Cloud or Virtualization: What toCHOOSE ?
  32. 32. What more to do in Virtualization ?• Resource Management: Thin and ThickProvisioning, DRS• Virtual Machines• Cluster Management and Resource Pools• VM Migrations: They can really Fly !• Snapshots and Fault Tolerance• Virtual Network Scenario• VCenter Management and Vmware Appliances• Key Virtualization Players
  33. 33. Cloud: The NEXT Level• Vmware VCloud• Amazon and Eucalyptus Cloud• OpenStack Cloud
  34. 34. Contact• Linkedin:• Facebook:• Gmail: