Samsung galaxy s 2


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Samsung galaxy s 2

  1. 1. Samsung Galaxy sII TOPİC:Samsung galaxy S II COURSE CODE: Eng-204 SUBMİTED TO: GülşenHUSSEIN SUBMİTED BY : RızaYILDIZER NUMBER: 20101006 March 2012
  2. 2. Dual-Core Processor Samsung Dual-Core processor enables quick response over the performance of mobile phones, high-speed multi-tasking, faster web page loading, rapid response speed, a smoother interface transitions, lighting, fast image editing and offer high-performance gaming. And with the ability of smooth video display speed, 1080p / 30 fps video playback and supports the withdrawal, so that dwarf all other dual-core processors
  3. 3. 8.49 mm Slim Design Thinness is the next dimension. SamsungGALAXY S II 8.49-mm ultra-thin size, luxury andgroundbreaking design and easy grip. GALAXY SII is one of the thinnest smartphones also carryfingerprint and slip the battery cover features ahigh-quality metal look, HyperSkin.
  4. 4. Social Hub 2.0 Organize all of your online contacts with Social Hub and synchronize better. E-mail, SMS, IM and SNS standard menu layout information in one place and interact with more people the way you want to do.
  5. 5. 8MP camera with flash LED Make your shots. 8 MP autofocus camera, whether fixed or moving but shoot, do not miss any details. Built-in LED flash even in low light with beautiful, detailed photos shoot. And a much improved user interface with Android Gingerbreadin, it is possible to change the scene quickly. Forward-facing and 2 MP camera, fast switching, allows you to take your own portraits. Different view.
  6. 6. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Samsung GALAXY S II, the company access to road users by providing seamless, reliable and easy to deploy Ciscos AnyConnecte adapted to provide a network connection is encrypted. Business e-mail and, by providing access to a virtual desktop session, or other Android applications, makes it possible to link business- critical applications.
  7. 7. Cisco WebEx Stay on the same page and connect to important meetings on the road without interruption. Thanks to support from Cisco WebEx, secure, online meeting a click away. Users shared desktops, browsers, applications and documents, explanation notes can view a live WebEx meeting and Samsung GALAXY S II screen to start their own inverters and people feel the experience of deep integration with the unique feature provided.
  8. 8. Game Hub Join the fun. Samsung GALAXY S II Game Hub feature makes it possible to download high quality games. Social network games, including many high- quality game can be found here. Search for and locate new versions of games, or start playing instantly. The motion sensor, magnetic sensor and gyro sensors, the dynamic movement of the hand and arm differs from similar games.