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Untrasonic Scalpel


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Instruction on how to set-up and operate a ultrasonic scalpel.

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Untrasonic Scalpel

  1. 1. UTRASONIC SCALPEL Set-up and operation Model No: ABC-123-45-678 Serial No. 1234-56-879 Throubleshooting
  2. 2. Place generator in a flat and stable surface
  3. 3. Check if the power cord in the back is securely attach.
  4. 4. Set your hand piece and the ultrasonic cable in the mayo table.
  5. 5. Insert the silver end of the blue cable into the bottom opening of the hand piece.
  6. 6. Holding the silver end of the cable, turn the hand piece clockwise Until its tight.
  7. 7. Insert the torque wrench on the tip on the hand piece.
  8. 8. Turn the torque wrench clockwise until you hear 2 clicks Indicating that the hand piece is secure.
  9. 9. Turn on the generator by pressing the power button located Located in the right lower corner.
  10. 10. Pass off the other end of the cable to be plug in this port located in the left lower corner.
  11. 11. The circulator will then insert and connect the hand piece into the generator.
  12. 12. Your circulator can now start test process by pressing test button in the generator.
  13. 13. You can also perform a test by pressing any of the button in the hand piece.
  14. 14. You will hear 3 beeps when the test is done, now the ultrasonic scalpel Is ready to use.
  15. 15. Throubleshooting• No Power -Check if power cord is securely attach and the power button is turned on• Hand piece not working. - Check cable connecting to the generator - Make sure hand piece is tightly connected to the cable - Restart generator by turning it off and on again - Perform a retest• Power is not enough or to much. - Increase or decrease power by pressing the power level button up and down as needed.• Generator is to loud or to low - Turn volume knob down or up located in the left lower corner next to the power button. Report Issue
  16. 16. Request for Repair Ultrasonic Scalpel Generator Model No: ABC-123-45-678 Serial No. 1234-56-879 Reported Issue: (Choose only one)  No Power  Electrical (e.i. Frayed cable)  Mechanical (e.i. Broken parts)  Other Choose Room no. 1 2 3 4 5 Send to Bio-med
  17. 17. END John Springer CST