UKM Urban Traffic Control


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The development of Bangi Traffic Control by UKM researchers
This slide is part of Urban Traffic Control course

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UKM Urban Traffic Control

  1. 1. Urban Traffic Management SystemDevelopment of an Intelligent Urban Traffic Management System Riza Atiq bin O.K. Rahmat
  2. 2. Smart Camera Microprocessor M M P MP M P P Fixed-point to fixed-point communications Wide Area Wireless TRAFFIC CONTROL CENTRE GPS Traffic Travellers Traffic Pavement Disaster Public Control Information Surveillance Maintenance Detection & Transpo System System System System responce rt Inf. SystemTraffic Traffic IncidentManagement Detection &Expert System respn System Big Picture of UKM Intelligent Urban Traffic Management System
  3. 3. Travellers Roadside Smart Camera for traffic surveillance, incident detection, disaster detection and road maintenance system Personal Information Remote Traveller Public Transport Access Support Information M M (Realtime) P P Wide Area Wireless (Mobile) Communications Wireless Fixed-point to fixed-point Communications Urban Traffic Traffic Surveillance Traffic Incident Vehicle Control System Detection System Public Bus Traffic Expert Public Transport Disaster Detection System Information System System Maintenace Vehicle Emergency Pavement Management Travellers Information Vehicle System (Maintenace System) SystemVehicles Transport Control Centre Figure 2 Intelligent Urban Traffic Management Architecture
  4. 4. Intelligent Urban Traffic Control Roadside Smart Camera for traffic surveillance, incident detection and disaster detectionM M M MP P P P Wireless Fixed-point to fixed-point Communications Urban Traffic Traffic Expert Traffic Surveillance Control System System Transport Control Centre PROJECT 1: UKM Intelligent Urban Traffic Management Architecture
  5. 5. Area wide control based on a five-unit controller Approach Road Link Optimized Intersection Exit Road Link Coordinated Intersection (Source: Yagar, et al., 1996)
  6. 6. Existing Control RoomSurveillance Camera Projek 2: Smart Surveillance System
  7. 7. Existing or New Control Room Proposed Micro- ProcessorExisting or New Camera
  8. 8. Traffic Counting
  9. 9. Incident Detection
  10. 10. Speed Measurement
  11. 11. Speed Measurement
  12. 12. Lane 1 2 3HeadwayVolumeSpeed Logical Architecture Function 1: To provide visual traffic images in real time Function 2: To provide traffic data such as lane volume, Speed, headway, occupancy and classified counting. Terminator: CCTV Camera - Control Room – traffic controller Main process: Image grabbing and image processing
  13. 13. Microprocessor Microprocessor Microprocessor Microprocessor Fixed-point to fixed-point wireless communications To Control Room Physical Architecture
  14. 14. Very expensivetelephone line
  15. 15. Microprocessor Microprocessor Microprocessor Microprocessor Microprocessor Wireless CommunicationInexpensivecommunicationsystem