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Flipping the classroom


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My personal experience in flipping my class

Published in: Education
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Flipping the classroom

  1. 1. Flipping the classroom Riza Atiq bin O.K. Rahmat
  2. 2. Kerangka Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) Constructivism aligned to PLO (OBE) Mastery learning Experiential Learning Problem Based Learning Flip Class Room E and M Learning, game 3 Learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
  3. 3. UKM Vision UKM Mission Program Objective Program Outcomes Stake Holders Educational Block 1 Educational Block 2 ‘n’ Co-curiculum Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course ‘n’ Course n1 Course n2 Course n3 Course ‘nn’ Co-Curiculum 1 Co-Curiculum 2 Co-Curikulum 3 Co-curikulum ‘n’ Total Student Learning Experience UKM Educational Objective Constructive alignment
  4. 4. Assessment Objective Intended Learning Outcomes Teaching Activities Evaluation Lecturer Perspective Evaluation Learning Activities Learning Outcomes Student Perspective (Biggs 2010) We need a good and comprehensive assessment plan to ensure all learning outcomes are achieved by all students
  5. 5. Mastery Learning  "the students are helped to master each learning unit before proceeding to a more advanced learning task" (Bloom 1985)  Badge Reward as Assessment System Give student a badge when he or she masters certain competency Learning Style Learnin g pace
  6. 6. Experiential Learning & OBE knowledge skills behaviors Exam. Project simmulation Soft Skills Course Outcomes Real Problem Based Leaning
  7. 7. Flipping the class  Traditional lecture - broadcasting knowledge with fixed duration of time, disregard learning pace and learning style.  Video based lecture – anywhere, anytime, repeatable Learnin g Style Learnin g pace
  8. 8. Video on a subject matter - LMS Lecture based Video - LMS Project or Problem based learning - in the classroom. Lecturer ->> facilitator Learning Channels Visual See it Auditory Hear it. Say it Kinesthetic Do it
  9. 9. Video Production EduCreation Explain Everything
  10. 10. Group discussion
  11. 11. Short Presentation / Pitching
  12. 12. Peer Assessment
  13. 13. Sekian, terimakasih