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iPaymu adalah payment processor yang sangat popular di Indonesia. Penggunaan dan integrasi ke website sangatlah mudah. Sangat user friendly dan membuat ecommerce Indonesia makin kuat.

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Presentasi iPaymu - Indonesia Payment Processor

  1. 1. DID YOU KNOW… That Indonesia is the FASTEST GROWING eCommerce market in the world? Indonesia  Online  Payment  Overview  |  2013  
  3. 3. INDONESIA – KEY TRENDS Increasing Middle-Class Wealth Stable economic growth of 6%, personal spending levels rising by 10%/year. Mobile-First Internet Market Intense competition between mobile companies is pushing prices down and raising consumer awareness. 149 Million Internet Users by 2015 Internet penetration in Indonesia is projected to double within the next 2 years. Indonesia  Online  Payment  Overview  |  2013  
  4. 4. INDONESIA – MOBILE INTERNET DEVICES MAIN USES Feature Phone 86% 76% Social Networks Smartphone 20% 45% Instant Messaging 7% 42% Information Search Tablet Source: Yahoo & TNS Global, 2013 Source: eMarketeer, 2013 Indonesia  Online  Payment  Overview  |  2013  
  5. 5. INDONESIA – KEY STATS POPULATION 242,3 Million INTERNET PENETRATION 2013 29% SMARTPHONE USER 38,5 Million Source:  eMarketeer,  2013   INTERNET USER 2013 72,7 Million 57% 24% URBAN INTERNET PENETRATION SMARTPHONE PENETRATION Indonesia  Online  Payment  Overview  |  2013  
  6. 6. TOP 5 INDONESIA E-COMMERCE ISSUE BEHAVIOUR Trust level relatively still low towards online shopping. The average shopper spends between Rp. 200 K – Rp. 500 K. PAYMENT OPTIONS Not many online payment options. Although credit card purchases are unpopular, ironically majority of establishments strictly provide payment via credit card. Only a handful of banks possess online payment facilities for ecommerce. MOBILE Majority of ecommerce websites are not mobile ready, yet smartphones and accessing the internet via mobile device have been increasing exponentially. LOGISTICS Currently, only 3 providers are prepared to support the logistics system needed for online shopping. This can cause shipping difficulties for the customer. REGULATIONS Companies have to face mix of complex bureaucracy and lack of regulation in this fast-growing sector.
  7. 7. INDONESIA – ECOMMERCE PAYMENT METHOD Source: Direktorat e-Bisnis Ditjen Aplikasi Informasi Komenkoinfo 2012 Indonesia  Online  Payment  Overview  |  2013  
  8. 8. INDONESIA – DEBIT vs CREDIT CARD CREDIT CARD 14.7 Million in July 2013 CREDIT CARD PENETRATION 4.5% DEBIT 63.6 Million in July 2013 BANKING PENETRATION 20% “There are 4 TIMES as many Debit Cards than Credit Cards in Indonesia!” Source: Indonesia Credit Card Association, 2013 Source:, 2013
  9. 9. INDONESIA – ONLINE PAYMENT ISSUES >  150 Banks in Indonesia Indonesia is an archipelagic country. Has more than 150 banks (International, local and regional Bank) all over Indonesia, as well as a “popular” bank within each city. <7 Banks Ready for e-Commerce Less than 7 banks are ecommerce ready. Even then, such payments can only be made between those that have an account in the same bank. The difference between an online buyers – sellers (merchant) banks for ecommerce causes problems. Webstore Merchant It is not easy to become an ecommerce merchant partner/having a merchant ID from the bank, whether for credit card services or debit transactions. Only webstore merchants with a reputable name is provided access, while new webstores or start ups tend to be difficult getting a merchant ID from the Bank.
  10. 10. Indonesia’s Internet and mobile use is growing exponentially while ecommerce players continue to increase and compete trying to grab a foothold in Indonesia’s market. The current issues affecting Indonesia’s online ecosystem be handled with subtle care as more and more non-bank online payment provider arise such as provide ease for online payment to help support the growth of Indonesia’s e-commerce. Indonesia  Online  Payment  Overview  |  2013  
  11. 11. “THE 1st INDONESIA ONLINE DEBIT E-WALLET PROCESSOR” Indonesia  Online  Payment  Overview  |  2013  
  13. 13. IPAYMU – ADVANTAGES CONNECTED WITH MORE THAN 137 BANKS. through ATM Bersama, Prima, Plus, Link and Meps networks. Includes both local and foreign major Banks in Indonesia. PAYPAL OFFICIAL PARTNER CONNECTED WITH PT POS INDONESIA with more than 4000 outlets throughout Indonesia.
  14. 14. How can you get an IPAYMU account?… As easy as 1… 2… and… done
  15. 15. Make sure you have the correct Bank Name, Account Name and Account Number. For more information, go to:
  16. 16. DONE!... You have Your own Ipaymu Account! After filling out the registration form, you will get IPAYMU’s VIRTUAL ACCOUNT NUMBER then you can start doing transaction using all the services such as Debit/e-wallet, Escrow & Cash withdrawal. For more information about your Account Status, go to:
  17. 17. As a member, with 1 IPAYMU account, you can instantly get benefit as a Merchant for those who own a webstore. Or… with an IPAYMU Account, ALL MEMBERS (buyers) automatically become MERCHANTS (sellers) as well. Transaction Menu for IPAYMU Member. Merchant’s Menu. “You can be a BUYER & a MERCHANT (seller) with 1 (one) IPAYMU account”
  19. 19. shoppingcart product subscription online donation easy checkout transaction report EASY, OPEN SOURCE (API), PLUG & PLAY Integrated System for Webstore
  20. 20. With  Only   1% fee/transaction
  21. 21. Accept Payment from Member NON Member IPAYMU and PayPal MEMBER IPAYMU NON MEMBER IPAYMU USER “To activate PayPal services, merchants must have PayPal account”
  23. 23. BENEFITS FOR USER (BUYER) Simple & Secure Payment! Easy & Real-Time Top Up Fast & Easy Online Transaction
  24. 24. IPAYMU – USER TOP UP IPAYMU E-Wallet ATM Internet Banking Mobile Banking “Easy & Real-Time Top Up from 137 Banks” Cash Deposit (only for CIMB Niaga)
  25. 25. ESCROW “Secure Your Payment – Guarantee Your Online Transaction”
  26. 26. Service fee is 2% from the price of the product. IPAYMU Escrow System send TV payment from “A” after confirmation from “ABC” store. Escrow Transaction is successful. IPAYMU Escrow System notifies payment confirmation TV purchased from “A”. Online Store “ABC” sells TV at a price of Rp 1.000.000,- 3 “ABC” ONLINE STORE 6 IPAYMU ESCROW ONLINE STORE “ABC” 1 Buyer Member “A” placed TV payment. Payment is suspended in IPAYMU Escrow system. In this case, the 2% Escrow fee (Rp 1.000.000,- + 2%) is charged to “A”. 2 IPAYMU BUYER MEMBER “A” Buyer Member “A” agree to purchase TV at “ABC” Online Store. Buyer Member “A” purchases using Escrow service, to make sure the item is received before paying. 4 “ABC” Online Store make TV delivery purchase to “A”. 5 “A” confirmed the TV has been received from “ABC” store via email that has been provided by the IPAYMU Escrow System. NOTE: IPAYMU Escrow Service could only be used between IPAYMU members.
  27. 27. IPAYMU – ESCROW SERVICES Escrow Service is a guarantee service from IPAYMU, customer can use IPAYMU ESCROW as an independent guarantor in every transaction conducted by the merchant’s online store. 1. REGULAR ESCROW IPAYMU An integrated Escrow Service with IPAYMU member account. As a member, you will receive Escrow Service benefits. Regular Escrow service fee is 2% from the price of the product (charged to buyers). 2. PREMIUM ESCROW IPAYMU Premium Escrow Service that could be set up according to your needs. Merchant can adjust the Escrow Service as needed. Fees will become profit for the Merchant.
  28. 28. IPAYMU – PREMIUM ESCROW PROGRAM Payment  OpLons   Monthly   OR   Yearly   For more information about Escrow Premium, please click:
  29. 29. AFFILIATION PROGRAM “Together We Can”
  30. 30. IPAYMU – WHAT IS AFFILIATION PROGRAM? n  Affiliation or Referral Program is a program that we offer to IPAYMU Merchants. n  Upon becoming an IPAYMU member, merchant partners can immediately participate in IPAYMU Affiliation/Referral Program where IPAYMU will give referral link that could be accessed by member merchant. n  IPAYMU Affiliation/Referral Program gives all member a chance to receive commission by recommending others to register on the website as an IPAYMU user. n  Merchant member will receive commission up to Rp. 25.000,- for every member with verified status or those who have Top Up and registered from the Referral website.
  31. 31. IPAYMU – AFFILIATION SIMULATION IPAYMU Affiliation or Refferal program gives all IPAYMU members a chance to get commission up to Rp. 25.000,- for every new member (those with Verified status or have Top Up deposited Rp.100.000,-) who registered with IPAYMU through the referring website. Affiliation Member Total Affiliation Member Affiliation Commission Fee Total Commission Fee 1 – 10.000 10.000 Rp 10.000,- Rp 100.000.000,- 10.001 – 30.000 19.999 Rp 15.000,- Rp 299.985.000,- 30.001 > 20.000 Rp 25.000,- Rp 500.000.000,- TOTAL MEMBER 49.999 Member GRAND TOTAL Rp 899.985.000,- With only 50.000 new IPAYMU member, you will have a chance to receive Rp 900.000.000,-. Let’s promote IPAYMU through link Referral on your website and make sure they register now!
  32. 32. IPAYMU – AFFILIATION PROGRAM n  IPAYMU member will receive confirmation from Affiliation Program through their Referral web link for every member registered. n  Commission fee will instantly issued to merchant member after new member’s Top Up deposit of Rp. 100.000,(Verified Status)
  34. 34. Thank You untuk INDONESIA!