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Child Education Is The Pillar to build Nation


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Education is a necessity to build a good future ahead for every child. Hence it is the backbone for the progress of the nation in order to eradicate unemployment and child labour from the root. Check out how child education works as a pillar to build every nation.

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Child Education Is The Pillar to build Nation

  1. 1. Importance of Education Education is not only about having degrees, passing certificates or to by heart the lessons to get ourselves clear through the academics. It is an ultimate source, which gives us the knowledge and the intellect to differentiate between right or wrong and good or evil. If the children of our nation are given an equal opportunity to gain education, it will lead our nation to achieve the progress diminishing illiteracy and poverty.
  2. 2. Opportunity to Learn……
  3. 3. Equal Opportunity of Education To make a healthy educational environment all over the nation, it is the responsibility of the government to endow the best of education to every child irrespective of the race, colour, sex, creed or other status. For any developing country, child education should be the upholder of all the emerging programs for the nation’s development.