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Numerology Love Compatibility Horoscope Predictions Astrology


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We are using Vedic astrology art Numerology Love Compatibility Horoscope Predictions to predict your future:

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Numerology Love Compatibility Horoscope Predictions Astrology

  1. 1. Love Attraction Krishna Mantra Love Attraction Krishna Mantra Love Attraction Krishna Mantra, Krishna mantra for love is the means of entering the ocean of love. There is no feeling greater than falling in love. This mantra is all of them who wants to flow in love. Attracting your love Two love birds Krishna and Radha are bonded in a great relationship. They are loved and worshiped to receive blessings of pure love. They are strongly attracted towards each other. If you want to strong attract someone else in your love, you should chant the following lord Krishna mantra for love attraction. Krishna mantra: KeshaviKeshavaradhyaKishoriKeshavstuta, RudrarupaRudraMurtihRudraniRudradevta. Radha- Krishna Mantra: Om Kling Krishnay Gopijan Vallabhay Swaha. Krishna and Radha both will bless you and you will receive the followings: 1. Your lover will be strongly attracted to you. 2. He or she will break all bonds to be with you. 3. The relationship will mature and grow even stronger. 4. No third person can intrude into your relationship. 5. Your love will remain strongly connected in each other’s heart forever. Mutual responsibility to keep love strong It’s a two way responsibility to keep the relationship going. You have to be gentle and human enough to not ditch one another. If your lover leaves you for any reason, the Kamdev vashikaran mantra to attract love into your life will bring him or her back to your life. You have to remain faithful and loyal with each other to protect the respect of the relationship. Read the mantra below:
  2. 2. Kamdev vashikaran mantra: “Om NamhKamdevay. SahakalShadrashsahamasahaliyewanhedhunanajanamamdarshanangutkanthitangrenkurukuru, dakshdakshudharkusumvarenhanhanswaha.” This mantra has the powers to create following miracles: 1. The mantra bring your lover back to your life. 2. It attracts your ex-lover strongly to your life. 3. Your partner craves to be with you. 4. He or she realizes the mistake of leaving you. 5. They beg in front of you to again be a part of your life. 6. The relationship is mended for the whole life. Turning love in to marriage A responsible couple always turns their relationship in to marriage. A love is successful when it gains social status and acceptance. Marriage is the life long bond between the two lovers. Chant Radha Krishna mantra for love marriage to happen. Read the mantra below: Om Asta Shree Rajgandhrarvamantrsya, Madan rishi AnushtupachandahRajgandhrvo devta. Om beejang, huhing Shaktih, Kling kilaka mmam krite Amukkanya sheeghrapraptyarthe jpevini yogah. Another powerful mantra for the same purpose: Om vishva so Rajgandhar vkanyangsala ngkrita saha srangvrita mam abhipsitaa mukpraya chchapraya chcha swaha. The above two mantra brings the following changes in your life: 1. Your relationship is approved by your parents. 2. It is accepted by people in the community. 3. Your lover’s family also accept you as their child-in-law. 4. You can get married socially with the one you have chosen. 5. Every hindrance of the marriage is removed. 6. You can marry soon. Marry the desired person If you wish to marry someone, but cannot approach the person, mantra power can help you. There are such mantra that brings that targeted person to you automatically, without any effort. Soon you will see the person approaching you and getting involved with you. Read the Mantra to Marry Desired Person below: “Om Shree varpraday shree namah” If you are a male, read “var” as “vadhu”. Miracles of the mantra: 1. This powerful mantra will sort things on its own.
  3. 3. 2. You do not have to make efforts in it. 3. The person would automatically be attracted to you. 4. There will be natural occasions of you two meeting and clicking with each other. 5. Parents will make effort to bring you together Krishna Love Mantra Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He rules over the destiny of lovers. You can perform Krishna Puja in Janma shtami to seek his blessings. Chant the mantra will devotion and faith in the Lord. He is the supreme. He will do the magic for you. Krishna Mantra Chanting for Lost Love Krishna Kanhaiya never leaves his fans. He is always with them. You have to call Him with all your soul. He is everywhere. At times the regular prayers may not give you desired results. Krishna love mantra will bring you all the things you desire in love. It will do the followings for you: 1. The mantra power will open doors of love for you. 2. If you are alone in life, it will bring your soul mate to you. 3. Your wishes regarding your soul mate will come true. 4. Your life will be filled with love. 5. Your bond with your lover will become stronger. 6. No partner will ever dare to leave their lovers if they are under the influence of this mantra. Faith and love for God You have to keep your love and faith intact in Kanha Kanhaiya Murliwala. His presence is everywhere. He can hear you. You just have to reach to Him. Mantra will help you to achieve that. If you want His blessings, chant his mantra as per guidelines. Contact us to know the necessary directions and instructions of chanting various love mantra.