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Music production tools at the Ruby Drink-up of Sophia, September 2011

  1. Ruby in a music production tool-chain Sep 6 th 2011 Muriel Salvan X-Aeon Solutions
  2. Who am I ? Muriel Salvan Creator of X-Aeon Solutions Open Source Lead developer and architect Fights for software freedom
  3. What is a music production tool-chain ? Songwriting Recording Mixing Mastering Distribution Promotion Statistics Backup
  4. Deterministic and precise processes
  5. Processing power handling high quality audio
  6. Low costs on software
  7. Lacks precision and determinism
  8. Big complex integrated frameworks
  9. Automation and plug-ins use proprietary protocols
  10. Simple => Several independent tools
  11. Easy integration => Command line interface
  12. Automated/Customizable => Configuration files
  13. Easy to interface with C for performance
  14. No need for complex GUI
  15. Quality libraries handling most of the work needed
  16. Simple command line parameters
  17. C libraries for performance
  18. Handles any type of Wave file
  19. Uses Wave Swiss Knife
  20. Can be used to produce complete albums Recording, Mixing, Mastering
  21. Provide shopping carts
  22. Deliver multimedia content
  23. Integrate external forums, blogs, chats, podcast
  24. AJAX compliant
  25. Handle batches of collections orders
  26. Extensible using plug-ins for processes
  27. Handles files generation mechanisms Songwriting and backup
  28. Write tests to get out of Beta status
  29. Port WSK on many platforms
  30. Finish FSCMS toolbox
  31. Complete documentation
  32. Create a generic Rails platform for users maintaining and tracking their social networks (synchronization, statistics...)
  33. Create Rails gems for complete AJAX handling and external websites integration
  34. Music Master
  35. Ruby on Rails
  36. Stats Collect
  37. FSCMS
  38. Muriel Salvan's blog , Github , Twitter
  39. Riviera.rb
  40. X-Aeon Solutions Some icons designed by: Creative nerds Visual Pharm Pixel Mixer This presentation is available under CC-BY license by Muriel Salvan
  41. Q/A