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Presentation of conseo

  1. 1. PRESENTATION OF CONSÉO P.1 Con s é o Project Management in logistics & supply chain Get ready for Russia! Are you ready for change? Tremendous logistics It is clear that business paradigms evolve challenges in Russia rapidly here. The need for change is Russia was, is, and remains a strategic evident, especially in the largest BRIC growing market. country! SERVICE OFFER SOLUTIONS FOR A SPECIFIC But, driven by competition, the Nevertheless, you know perfectly well MARKET development of modern trade, and the that the launch of any new logistics modernization of production tools, operation is an inherently risk-filled business is facing today an process, consuming scarce resources, 1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT unprecedented list of challenges: potentially exceeding cost targets and ❖ DC moves ‣ a stronger demands for service and possibly damaging the reputation for a ❖ Preparation to outsourcing quality, ❖ company, as a result of a lack of Cross docking setup ‣ pressure on supply chain costs, ❖ WMS selection & implementation structure and control. ‣ a poor logistics infrastructure, ❖ Real estate facility selection ‣ smaller drop size, ❖ Warehouse automation ‣ more picking, ❖ Productivity enhancement Our response ‣ Larger amount of transactions, ‣ New distribution channels, To manage those risks we use proven & 2. LOGISTICS OPERATIONS comprehensive tools, providing a SUPPORT structured approach to any new project ❖ Crisis management we run. It ensures a consistent overall ❖ Temporary take over of operations framework, which generates a ❖ Audit predictable & “no surprise” performance at one of the most sensitive times of the client’s company life. 3. STRATEGIC SUPPORT ❖ Business plan screening ❖ End-to-end network review & capacity planning Our peculiari ❖ Logistics strategy & master plan setup ties ‣ We gather te ❖ Professional advisor and counselor to In fact growth does not give you ams with multin background. Al ational the board straight opportunities to optimize in Russia l partners have experience and simplify the business, as it is ‣ We work on small, mid-siz facing growing complexity in the scope assignm ed and large 4. LOGISTICS SUPPORT ents. same time. ‣ We offer so lutions coverin ❖ Forecasting & replenishment, Supply projects: from g the whole of conceptual le chain planning operations, in vel, to infield You are now facing on a daily basis cluding archite ctural design, ❖ 4PL and even cons such stressful question as: truction manag ❖ Stocktaking outsourcing ‣ We set up co ement ✓ What is the true total cost of my nsortiums, an become the on d “vehicles” to ly contact poin logistics function? organization t for your ✓ What are the limits of my logistics ‣ We commit: 5. ENGINEERING In our capacity? practice, we m ❖ Design of warehouses, logistics parks, uch more implemen factories industrial Clusters ✓ How to grow tomorrow? t and manage th ...or even sometimes: an only recommen ✓ My logistics does not work, why? d. IN COLLABORATION WITH thought. done.
  2. 2. PRESENTATION OF CONSÉO P.2 CREATE VALUE WE ASSIST YOUR BUSINESS IN SUPPLY CHAIN CHALLENGES | Storage capacity assessment | EDI | Transport | Logistics performance | Security | Best Practice | Activity Based Costing | 3rd Part Logistics | Logistics Service Level | Seasonability | Quality | Flexibility | Logistics Control Systems | Tender | KPIs | 4th Part Logistics | Forecast accuracy | Direct Store Delivery | Security | WMS | JIT | Assessing logistics performance | Reliability | Integration | Fit with Corporate Strategy | Information Management | Capacity Planning | Productivity | Total process cost | Discrepancies | best practices | Benchmarking | Balanced scorecards | Transportation strategies | Outsourcing | Competitors | service levels | Rolling containers | logistics real-time & accurate data | MRP | Forecast & replenishment | inventory turn rate optimization | Optimal shelf availability | Cross Docking | Acquisition | Reverse Logistics | Inventory Management | … Typical project Typical project Barycentric analysis & Liquor market DC move r premium network design DC move fo Scope spirits ❖ Transferring stocks from one facility to Scope ❖ Identify the required logistics evolution to sferred another in the most efficient way bottles tran face the coming 24-60 months ‣ 200,000 of control 0 points ❖ Find opportunities: ‣ 1,000,00 rruption Works developed ‣ No b usiness inte ion • Transfer preparation ‣ to optimize the logistics infrastructure, in 3PL select ‣ to reduce logistics costs ‣ Assistance to past. ‣ Assess best transfer period & strategy r or equal ❖ Choose among a set of candidate sites ‣ KPIs bette ‣ Full project detalisation: ‣ Risk m anagement • resources for the transfer ‣ Factories nsizing ‣ Warehouses ‣ Staff dow and • transfer processes formalization under accise ‣ Supply points ‣ Business • detailed schedule e ❖ Taking into account license regim • teams role definition ‣ specific constraints & costs functions • coordination of new DC suppliers (racks, MHE, fitting out, ...) Works developed ❖ Transfer execution ❖ Validation of stakes ‣ trainings ❖ Quantitative, qualitative & Strategy ‣ Pre & post move stocktakings geographical flows modeling ‣ Management of the regular & ❖ Running of different scenarii Advisors additional technical and workforce Our teams ha resources for the transfer ve been assist ❖ After transfer consolidation Deliverables companies in ing several their strategic ‣ Support new DC logistics team in ❖ Network design & concept precisely providing supp development, ort in taking de smooth and efficient ramp-up defined for a given period ‣ Working with cision : ❖ Resources & sites zones of influence sized board of direct ‣ Assisting ge ors neral manager Advantages ❖ List of facilities to close or merge. the right supp s in selecting ❖ Budgets ly chain candid ❖ Skilled team with strong background in ‣ Supporting ates the developm strategic ent of DC moves Advantages projects such ❖ Least interference to existing business ❖ Align resources with needs without as ❖ On-time & within budget realization creations of ne w ❖ Implementation of new processes if chronically reassessing strategic choices 3PL operators of investment and logistics required spin-offs for instance. IN COLLABORATION WITH thought. done.
  3. 3. PRESENTATION OF CONSÉO P.3 FOUNDER SERGE RIVET Conséo was created in 2007 in Moscow by Serge Rivet. Serge Rivet has been working for more than 13 years for foreign and Russian companies in the area of logistics and supply chain management. French Citizen, he graduated from the Bordeaux Management School.   He is involved in several initiatives such as: ‣ Founder of the Eastern Europe Logistics Community, ‣ Co-creator of the ECR logistics working group (Pooling project), ‣ Logistics lectures to the business community in Russia and Europe: Rusbrand, ECR Russia, Russia Freight 2007 & 2008 Typical project Retail project ❖ Logistics concept detalisation: Quick Scan Logistics fro ‣ Detailed layout m scratch fo ‣ Equipment detailed specification Scope retail chain s ra tart up ‣ Organization & IT details ❖ Identify key elements ensuring that ‣ Bill of materials ‣ Project star te logistics systems are meeting the needs of Plan in handsd with only a Business ‣ Detailed project implementation the marketplace in a cost effective, running wareh - project ended with a schedule flexible, and responsive manner. ‣ Multi tempe ouse and s filled store. Bidding ‣ Rolling rature DC laun ❖ ch Containers ‣ Tender documentation Works developed ‣ SSCC ‣ Long list of local and international ❖ Identification and analysis ‣ Forecasting suppliers & replenishment ‣ Preliminary contacts, technical details ‣ Service levels implemented ‣ Efficiency and productivity in SAP explanation ‣ Supply chain costs ‣ Cross Docki ‣ Short list ng ‣ Bottlenecks and constraints ‣ Responses evaluation ‣ Risks ❖ Supervision ❖ Identification of points of leverage: ‣ Daily onsite supervision, ‣ Quick wins ‣ Opportunities for long term Advantages improvements Typical project ‣ Your warehouse is designed for your ❖ Leveraging to best practices: Warehouse Layout processes and not the contrary ‣ in retail, logistics operations, Planning ‣ These service are often joined to DC and Replenishment, IT & automation Scope move projects, offering the smartest ❖ Specialized support for developers, service to customers. Deliverables investors and logistics operators in finding ❖ Status quo assessment the optimum warehouse concept ion center ❖ Opportunity areas & prioritization Federal distribut sign, warehouse de ❖ Benchmarks Works developed Spare parts mp up ❖ Actions to deliver improvement ❖ Business requirements estimates transfer & ra 9,000 ❖ Indicative quantification of benefit ‣ throughput, stock dynamics, general ‣ 8,000 m2 - ❖ Roadmap for next steps sizing, planning horizon, flexibility and SKUs all to adaptation to the local conditions ‣ From very sm Advantages ❖ Development of logistics concept very big (up to s with ❖ Fast procedure ‣ including: technology, organization 2x3x3m) item ❖ Independent approach chart, storage equipment, MHE, IT soph isticated ❖ Strong knowledge input to the customer ‣ Selection of best scenario taking into identification ed to the account: CAPEX, OPEX, Flexibility ehouse deliver and local condition ‣ Running war customer. IN COLLABORATION WITH thought. done.
  4. 4. PRESENTATION OF CONSÉO P.4 Challenge the status quo Our mission is to serve our clients Our approach missions present a solid local and international with integrity, professionalism, background. discretion and enthusiasm Ethics ‣ We believe success is a collaborative effort and ‣ We work strictly as a client advocate providing so we ask our customers to provide the unbiased analysis and recommendations. necessary resources to achieve success. ‣ As a fully independent consultants, we do not Smart project management maintain alliances with or receive fee from software vendors, real estate agents or ‣ We update and develop continuously our knowledge, skills and tools to deliver best of equipment suppliers relating to promote, class performance. recommend, or resell their products. ‣ We treat our client equally, under no ‣ Assignments are handled with tools designed circumstance we will engage in discriminatory to manage the complexity. These tools ensure activities. the overall control on all aspects, defining in ‣ We respect the discretion of our clients. The details the implementation process for this information clients disclose during projects project, including the team & resources remains strictly confidential. required, timeline, milestones, communication tool, and metrics. Result-orientation Professionalism ‣ We only accept projects we know we can complete. ‣ Conséo proposes a professional approach to ‣  We keep our counterpart plainly informed of design processes and warehouse. This Co nt ac t us : approach gathers logistics and supply chain major developments, we schedule regular meetings and keep focused. expertise allied with industrial and Conséo at Agiplan CI warehousing expertise. This approach has S ‣ Our moto: 3rd Yamskogo polya, • Consistent, smooth and seamless proven its efficiency in Europe and Russia. 18, 125 040 Moscow, Russ implementations ia. Simplicity • Least interference to existing business • On-time and within budget realization ‣ To handle large project, we gather T: +7 916 453 30 55 competencies from different horizons. Among F: +7 495 258 69 23 • Transferability of knowledge to other members of this team, experienced people E: s_rivet@conseo-cis.c implementations om from our partner companies. In order to S: rivetmoscow Teamwork simplify the approach to the project, we can set W: www.conseo-cis.c om up a consortium, such a “vehicle” becomes the ‣ We strongly believe that, in Russia, the specificity of the local market requires a deep only contact point for your organization and experienced view on the situation. That why all the people intervening in Conséo’s IN COLLABORATION WITH thought. done.