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Building and Deploying a Global Intranet with Liferay


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Enterprise 2.0 is no longer a hype but a necessity in a new era where more enterprises are starting to have a global presence. As users' expectations of intranets grow it has become crucial for global enterprises to rise to the challenge and stay competitive by providing their employees with an effective means of collaboration, communication and socialization to not just increase productivity, but also strengthen employee loyalty.

This presentation will discuss how Liferay Portal facilitates the architecture of global intranets that meet these challenges, along with practical examples of how it can be used to achieve the results expected from an Enterprise 2.0 intranet.

Published in: Technology
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Building and Deploying a Global Intranet with Liferay

  1. 1. Building and Deploying a GlobalIntranet with LiferayShagul KhajaSoftware Architect, Rivet Logic Corporation
  2. 2. Rivet Logic Overview•  Award-winning professional services firm focused on enabling: •  Collaboration and Community Platforms •  Enterprise Content Management •  Web Content Management and Portals•  Using Leading Open Source Software•  Company Facts •  Headquartered in Reston, VA •  Regional Offices in Boston, New York City, Los Angeles •  Near-shore Development Center in Costa Rica
  3. 3. Rivet Logic and Liferay•  Certified Partner since 2006•  Conduct Public Training on East Coast USA•  Contributor (various means)•  Host of first ever East Coast User Conference in 2009•  25+ Liferay implementations
  4. 4. Enterprise 2.0•  Is it still a hype? Your employees are here.•  Needs a balance Yes. In social networks.•  Micro-blogging •  Great for quick updates
  5. 5. Intranet vs. Public Site How does your Come. Take a look at it. intranet compare to the public site?
  6. 6. ROI vs. Value ROI on Coffee? Yes. There is a balance.•  Reduced help desk calls•  Easy to Collaborate•  Easy content management•  Increased employee loyalty•  Executives can communicate easily with employees
  7. 7. Challenges: Global Intranet•  Language difference •  Language variations •  Same words have different meanings
  8. 8. Cultural Differences Nice to meet Good afternoon! you!
  9. 9. Liferay to the Rescue•  Themes and color scheme•  Blue, pink, yellow and green do not have the samemeanings.•  Identify the color that goes well with your region
  10. 10. Liferay to the Rescue•  Allows authoring content in Who does the multiple languages translation?•  Everything is localizable
  11. 11. Information Architecture•  Surfable vs Searchable•  Channel the information
  12. 12. Liferay to Search and Rescue•  Solr power for search•  Provides search framework •  Hook in various enterprise search engines •  Override Indexer if needed •  Provide Indexer for custom assets
  13. 13. Channel Information•  Organize global contents using categories and tags •  Categorize based on region, country etc.•  Aggregate Contents using •  Asset Publisher You don’t see the document if you don’t •  Custom WCM applications have permission. No•  Permission based sharing more errors like this.
  14. 14. Is this the same document? Is this the same moon?•  Single source of truth•  You know where to look•  Single document, content, etc. •  Supports versioning•  Email is not a document repository
  15. 15. Sharing vs Separation•  Challenge •  Ability to manage content •  Ability to share •  Ability to secure •  Global compliance•  Liferay to the rescue again •  Single tool to share and secure •  Security through Communities •  Communities are isolated •  Use teams within communities •  Openness through Global scope
  16. 16. How do I Find People?•  HR and Legal security and privacy constraints•  The directory needs to be global•  Find people easily•  Custom Fields to the rescue •  Map attributes from other systems •  Can be selectively indexed •  Apply field level permissions •  Roadmap for more features
  17. 17. Governance•  Challenge •  Legal ramifications •  Provide control without sacrificing collaboration•  Moderation through workflow•  Regional vs Global content management •  Liferay roles and permissions•  May affect user adoption
  18. 18. Intranet Adoption•  Information Architecture is key •  Navigation•  User training•  Consider user base expertise•  Reward people•  Advanced mobile support coming soon•  Analytics to monitor user behavior•  Provide/enhance the tools that people need•  Beware of too much policing
  19. 19. Liferay is anEnterprise Grade Platform
  20. 20. Liferay is Flexible Wow! I can do a lot with bricks.•  It’s all frameworks•  Asset framework•  Auditing framework•  SSO framework•  Search framework•  Workflow framework•  Permission framework•  Everything built with support for integration
  21. 21. Liferay Fits In Can I rely on this stack?•  Built on best of breed open source technologies•  Supports all major enterprise application servers•  Database agnostic•  Enterprise grade support
  22. 22. Liferay is Scalable•  Global companies It looks like our other •  Large user base integration systems can’t scale. •  Can grow rapidly through acquisition•  HA/Fault Tolerance•  Backup/DR•  Validate scalability of external integration points
  23. 23. Q&A
  24. 24. Thank You! More Information