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Boomers magazine article

  1. 1. Page 32 ~ July 2008 ~ CSI Publication “Boomers” Quarterly Magazine❘❙❚ CHEFCONTINUED FROM page 18ley face in their pancakes. Then they’d eat them and ask formore, because it was fun for them.” It seems you’re never too old to get your hands dirty. At 60,Michalsen still loves to play with food. “It’s fun for me,” shesaid. While her children often were the inspiration for creating 815-624-8393 122 S. Prairie • Rockton, ILnew dishes, they also played a role in her choice of career. www.cyndyscountrycottage.comWhen Michalsen was a single mother with an 8-year-old son, Wed.-Sat. 10-5 • Sun. 12-4 • Closed Mon. & Tues.she discovered bed and breakfasts. “When you vacation withan 8-year-old, you find out pretty quick that you need some-one else to talk to,” she said. “I discovered B-and-Bs that werefamily-friendly.” Michalsen looked for active places to stay. A favorite destination for her and her son was a 5,000- acre ranch in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. “We’d go out for a horse- back ride in the morning, and come back for break- fast. My son had a yard to run around in, and I had LYNN GREENE/STAFF an adult to talk to, if IThe River House Bed and wanted,” she said.Breakfast Getaway Lodge and Later, after meeting herTimeaway Lodge overlooks the husband, Jim, she discov-Rock River in Machesney Park, Ill. ered the romantic side of bed and breakfasts inDoor County, Wis. “Once you get stuck on this lodging style, itgets in your blood,” she said. Once her children flew the coop, Michalsen left her job assales manager at a local radio station. In 1997, she opened herbed and breakfast, and has been accommodating guests eversince. Now, Michalsen has complemented the family-friendlyatmosphere in the Timeaway Lodge with the romantic, cou-ples-only accommodations in the Getaway Lodge. The twobuildings sit side by side on her property. Guests have been enthusiastic about their stays. “This wasour first time at a bed and breakfast,” said Marion and RickKleiner of Franklin Park, Ill. “The friendly hospitality, cleanli-ness and delicious breakfast far exceeded any hotel experi- KEALY PHARMACY & HOMECAREence.” Michalsen has some great ideas for fun group weekends, as 21 S. Jackson St. • 608-752-7869well. Taking a cue from popular TV cooking shows, Michalsenoffers an Iron Chef weekend. People assemble their own group Meet Ourand reserve the Getaway Lodge. “The house is perfect for it *Medicare Part D Specialist*and the kitchen is easy to work in and big enough for acrowd,” Michalsen said. Mark Johnson, RPh During the day, guests each prepare a specialty dish. In theevening, everyone joins in for a great dining experience. Janesville’s Only “It’s a fun thing to do, because everyone has at least onething they make really well,” Michalsen said. “This is sort of a Independent Pharmacyfun way to showoff for your friends and enjoy the whole day Monday - Friday 9 AM - 7 PM • Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM • Sunday Closeddoing it.” BOOMERS ’08 24 Hour Emergency