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Getting started with Git and GitHub


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A 10 slide-step through GitHub - if you've ever wondered how to get started, this should help!

Published in: Technology
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Getting started with Git and GitHub

  1. 1. Getting Started with Gitin 11 slides (or 10 without the title slide)
  2. 2. download git from
  3. 3. How to check you have git - type "git" into aterminal
  4. 4. go to
  5. 5. sign up for a free account
  6. 6. Set up git variablesgit config --global "My name"git config --global ""
  7. 7. Fork your first repository
  8. 8. You can now edit the files!
  9. 9. Make sure git tracks all the filesgit add .
  10. 10. Add a commit messagegit commit -m "I changed an exclamation mark"
  11. 11. Push it back to your repositorygit push
  12. 12. Admire the awesome resultgit push