Topline trends in health & wellness


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The River Group's Strategy Director, Alex Marks, discusses topline trends in health and wellness.

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Topline trends in health & wellness

  1. 1. Topline trends in health & wellness
  2. 2. Negative attitudes have become the norm • Size used to represent success, generosity, fertility, and wealth in many human societies • In most western cultures it now represents a level of personal failure • Stigma against overweight people is becoming a cultural norm around the world, even in places where larger bodies have traditionally been valued • “Americanisation of our bodies once meant importing the concept of the gym… Today, especially outside the metropolitan areas, the Americanisation of our bodies means obesity” Cristina Odone, Journalist 2011 Source: Current Anthropology- Mar 2011 /Herbalife Study 2011
  3. 3. ` And weight has become a global issue Source: WHO : Territories with population > 35% overweight - 2010
  4. 4. Global attitudes to Health and Wellness is not always compatible with exercise ` `` Source: WHO statistics 2012 Above average value on Health and Wellness Above average amount of exercise
  5. 5. Cultural nuances abound across Europe when it comes to attitudes to health and food Food is more aligned with function than form Highly price conscious when it comes to food Weight issues are often „not their fault‟ Exercise seen as the main solution to health problems A healthy lifestyle is about eating well and being happy. Young are highly „look‟ conscious A balanced diet and active lifestyle is seen as the best solution to weight problems Conspicuous consumption and celebrity culture are not admired Weight issues more closely linked to personal responsibility Love their food and many feel they are doing enough Food is linked to pleasure and happiness „Frenchness‟ is highly important
  6. 6. The global market for weight loss support continues to grow • Global weight loss market is expected to be worth $586bn by 2014 • Food, drink and services show the highest growth potential 0 50 100 150 200 250 2007 2008 2009 2014 Devices & Accessories Food & Drink Services Drugs, Supplements, & Cosmetic Global Market for weight loss products $ bn Euromonitor - 2011
  7. 7. The future of health and wellness? • The aggregation of health data for tracking – Calories consumed, blood sugar levels, exercise, calories burned, body fat %, – Through worn devices or implants (new market segment) • Programmes become the most „personal‟ – DNA relevant programmes in weight loss and fitness • Handheld Hospital ― Mobile device becomes more diagnostic ― Linked to doctors and other health professionals • Gamification of health and fitness – Community development around health „leagues‟ – Consumer rewards for healthy living; Insurance costs, Tesco points – Corporate wellness programmes bring their own rewards for employees Sources: PFSK/e-health and web 2.0 – M boulos
  8. 8. Media consumption also has its territorial trends Despite high penetration of Internet TV and Radio consumption still dominate High propensity to read magazines online at the right price A nation of geeks who love their devices 1/3rd of total shopping conducted online amongst internet users BBC skews consumption as is free to use. Self-expression and having fun are a strong feature of online behaviour. Spanish are behind many European countries when it comes to e- commerce. Very strong newspaper market Technophile culture with over 90% online penetration 78% of Germans prefer the printed word over digital content Online shopping is very popular – eBay is 2nd largest online destination Socially cautious online Very strong magazine market Communication is dominant online behaviour but Twitter not widely used
  9. 9. • Screen led – More and more of our „experiences‟ will be accessed through a screen – The screen becomes less relevant and content becomes more personalised • Mobile – Media will be „wearable‟ – All devices will interact – Mobile Wallet • Personalised – Growing role of data – Allowing brands to target your „network‟ – Content experiences tailored to individuals • Social • Consumers expect as a hygiene factor • Portable Address book • Gated social communities • More co-creation The Media future will be… The end for the printed word The finish of radio The death of cinema The curtain call on theatre What it won‟t be Source: MCE/Future Lab/Own sources
  10. 10. Get in touch To find out how River Group can develop a strategy to monetise your brand contact: Alex Marks, Strategy Director Phone: +44 (0)20 7420 6485 Email: