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Romanian recipes


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Romanian recipes

  1. 1. Multilateral ComeniusMultilateral Comenius project “Customs, traditions andproject “Customs, traditions and art: a river flowing arroundart: a river flowing arround Europe”Europe”
  3. 3. ORIENTAL SALADORIENTAL SALAD Ingredients:Ingredients:  - 1.5 kg potatoes (boiled in- 1.5 kg potatoes (boiled in the shell, then peel)the shell, then peel)  - 6 boiled eggs;- 6 boiled eggs;  - 250 g of olive oil;- 250 g of olive oil;  - 2 small onions;- 2 small onions;  - A jar of pickled- A jar of pickled cucumbers;cucumbers;  -red peppers in vinegar;-red peppers in vinegar;  -2 boiled carrots;-2 boiled carrots;  -salt and black-salt and black pepper(powder)pepper(powder)  - vinegar- vinegar
  4. 4. PpreparationPpreparation Cut potatoes, eggs and carrots into cubes or thinCut potatoes, eggs and carrots into cubes or thin slices.slices.
  5. 5. Chopped cucumbers, peppers, onions and olives.Chopped cucumbers, peppers, onions and olives.
  6. 6. Add to taste: salt, black pepper, vinegarAdd to taste: salt, black pepper, vinegar and oil. Mix everything well.and oil. Mix everything well.
  7. 7. Enjoy your meal!Enjoy your meal!
  8. 8. 2.2. Biscuit salami (sausage)Biscuit salami (sausage) (desert)(desert)  Ingredients:Ingredients:  Popular biscuit 500 grPopular biscuit 500 gr  300 gr walnuts300 gr walnuts  200 ml of milk200 ml of milk  150 g butter150 g butter  100 g sugar100 g sugar  2 tbsp cocoa2 tbsp cocoa  1 rum1 rum  4 sachets of vanilla4 sachets of vanilla  CoconutCoconut
  9. 9.  Preparation:Preparation:  First, you have toFirst, you have to crumble biscuits andcrumble biscuits and nuts (they must be verynuts (they must be very dry). Attention, biscuitdry). Attention, biscuit pieces must be greaterpieces must be greater than crushed walnuts. .than crushed walnuts. . Cut Turkish delight inCut Turkish delight in smaller bits and thensmaller bits and then add over biscuits andadd over biscuits and walnuts.walnuts.
  10. 10.  In a saucepan, makeIn a saucepan, make a syrup of sugar anda syrup of sugar and cocoa. Add milk,cocoa. Add milk, butter, vanilla andbutter, vanilla and keep them on the firekeep them on the fire stirring until the sugarstirring until the sugar melts and begins tomelts and begins to boil milk. Finally, addboil milk. Finally, add the rum.the rum.
  11. 11.  After it has cooled down, pour the syrup overAfter it has cooled down, pour the syrup over the other ingredients and use a spoon to mixthe other ingredients and use a spoon to mix well until all syrup is absorbed. Be careful notwell until all syrup is absorbed. Be careful not to crush the biscuits too much!to crush the biscuits too much!
  12. 12.  Put mixturePut mixture into ainto a cellophane orcellophane or aluminum foilaluminum foil and run toand run to shape theshape the composition ofcomposition of salami. Leavesalami. Leave salami in thesalami in the refrigeratorrefrigerator several hoursseveral hours to harden.
  13. 13. After cooling, decorate with powderedAfter cooling, decorate with powdered coconut, chocolate as you like. Cut it intococonut, chocolate as you like. Cut it into different shapes and serve. Keep it in thedifferent shapes and serve. Keep it in the refrigerator!refrigerator!