Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse 9.0 NetProfiler and NetShark 10.6


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  • Forrester, “Is Software-Defined Networking Ready for the Enterprise? Part 1 of 3, March 5, 2014Empowered buyers: We are now in an era in which competition comes from new sources that are unexpected, fast-moving, and easily funded. Forrester believes that the next wave of competitive advantage will come from deep customer knowledge, engagement tied to the buyer's timing, and actions based on an obsessive desire to deliver what your customers want before your nearest competitor does. Forrester defines this as the age of the customer. Business-to-business (B2B) CMOs will need to drive customer intelligence into sales, service, support, and product development to create meaningful business-focused customer interactions that lead to greater levels of visible value tied to a consistent, distinct brand experience. 40% of US adults always addressable: They use 3+ connected devices, access the Internet multiple times per dayfrom multiple locations, one of which is on the go. They are also more exacting or more demanding than ever. Users expect web pages to load in under 2 seconds. 40% will abandon a site if page load time is >3 secsand a bad e-commerce experience reduces repeat purchases by 79%. These expectations spill over to employees, partners and suppliers.Staying competitive in the age of the customer requires deep customer knowledge, engagement tied to the buyer's timing and optimizing the customer experience.
  • By Web application, region, platform, and browser typeSlow Pages, Page Views, Page Time, Network Busy Time (per page), Server Busy Time (per page)
  • IPv6. If you're moving to IPv6, it's likely for one of three reasons: 1) You're running out of private address space; 2) you're doing business in Asia or South America; or 3) you're under government mandate. IPv6 is much more of a management problem than an equipment problem. Large organizations may implement IPv6 to avoid exhausting their IP addresses, but it will be an operationally costly process because they will need to test all of their applications and devices to make sure that they're compatible with the new address scheme. Network staff will need to be prepared to manage this transition by understanding which elements of the network are likely to be affected and orchestrating a phased implementation to ensure minimal network interruptions. Phase II: WTA Analysis of IPv6 web apps(future)WTA will be able to analyze IPv6-based web apps Phase III: Analysis of IPv6-based traffic in optional ARX modules(future)CX-Tracer, AppSQL Xpert, and UCMM will support IPv6 analysis
  • Support for dual stack environment,ie you can see both IPv4 and IPv6 in the same tables
  • ASA = App Stream AnalysisCurrent benchmarks5000 : 1M to 1.6M pps6000 : 1.2M to 2M pps
  • Choice Hotels is an International franchise with more than 6,300 hotels, representing more than 500,000 rooms. You probably have heard of them by the name Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Quality, Sleep Inn, Clarion. Riverbed AppResponse XpertRiverbed AppTransaction XpertUse it to monitor hotel web sites and central reservation systemBenefitsRoot causes identified in minutes; faster MTTR Improved guest impressions of front desk operations Less downtime for mission-critical hotel management and reservations applicationsBetter use of IT staff timeFaster software release cycle; fewer problems when new releases hit production
  • View all data on the appliance in a standard web browser (no need for Java or the Java Console)• View all types of data available on the appliance—Application Stream Analysis, Web Transaction Analysis, NetFlow, captured packets, voice, video, and so on.• Open Quick View pages that show top talkers, slowest apps, slowest networks, top clients for specific web apps, and so on.• Define your own custom pages with charts, tables, and layouts that target specific workflows and data sets.• Define the Web Insight pages that specific viewers can and cannot access, using the new Role-Based Access Control feature.• Define “real-time” SLA dashboards that can report violations up to the most recent 15 minutes.
  • High-level, “out-of-the-box” overviews of your dataImmediately discover top Business Groups and Applications, such as— Top talkers— Slowest apps— Most active apps— Business Groups with the most web-page requests— Business Groups with network issues (latency, packet loss)• Analyze specific Business Groups and Application to find key data such as— Top response times and delay components for an Application— Top clients and HTTP response codes for a Web Application— Top apps for a Business Group• Drill down into data of interest—many labels and chart elements act as links that load the relevant data into a separate Navigator tab
  • Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse 9.0 NetProfiler and NetShark 10.6

    1. 1. Simplifying Web Application Monitoring Riverbed® SteelCentral™ AppResponse 9.0, NetProfiler and NetShark 10.6 May 20, 2014 Copyright Riverbed Technology 1
    2. 2. Riverbed Confidential Age of the Customer ● Empowered buyers – Knowledgeable, hyper connected, exacting – 40% of US adults always addressable – Use 3+ connected devices – Access Internet multiple times per day, from multiple locations and on the go ● Employees, partners and suppliers also have heightened expectations – 64% of employees care about BYOD ● Staying competitive requires – Deep customer knowledge – Optimizing the customer experience Copyright Riverbed Technology 2 Forrester, March 2014
    3. 3. Riverbed Confidential ● Shift from device- or link-centric monitoring toward end-user experience monitoring – How, when, what and why customers and employees are using applications and devices – Focus on the holistic or end-to-end experience ● NPM not just for Network Ops anymore! – Broaden the audience: app support and business owners Outside-In Monitoring Copyright Riverbed Technology 3
    4. 4. Riverbed Confidential Web Apps & EUE Key Use Cases Copyright Riverbed Technology 4
    5. 5. Riverbed Confidential What’s New in NPM? AppResponse 9.0 and NetProfiler 10.6 Copyright Riverbed Technology 5 SIMPLIFIED WEB ANALYSIS • Geographic heat maps • Custom Web app analysis • Web analysis by business groups • AppResponse Web console • AppResponse Quick Views • NetProfiler templates • NetProfiler integration with SteelCentral Dashboard EASY INFORMATION SHARING IPv6 SUPPORT • IPv6 support • Faster TCP analysis
    6. 6. Riverbed Confidential Simplifying Web Analysis Copyright Riverbed Technology 6 Business Group Geographic Heat Map Business-Specific Web Page Analysis ● Geographic display of end-user experience for Web applications and page views ● Focus triage efforts on most critically affected users ● Customize web page monitoring ● Flexibly map web pages to apps − Group page views − Separate pages that are monitored together − Monitor non-standard file types ● Organize app users into groups − By location or department − Understand the group experience for a web app
    7. 7. Riverbed Confidential Geographic Heat Map Copyright Riverbed Technology 7
    8. 8. Riverbed Confidential IPv6 Support ● Three reasons for supporting IPv6 – Running out of private address space – Doing business in Asia or South America – Government mandate ● IPv6 packet acquisition and TCP analysis – AppResponse appliance is manageable as an IPv6 end station – Natively support acquiring, storing and indexing IPv6 packets – Support TCP response time analysis for IPv6 TCP connections Copyright Riverbed Technology 8 Response Time Composition Chart
    9. 9. Riverbed Confidential IPv6 Addresses in Drilldowns
    10. 10. Riverbed Confidential TCP Performance Boost ● ASA Boost Mode provides significant performance increase for TCP analysis without hardware upgrade – Analysis pipeline runs multiple threads in parallel – Throughput increased by 50% - 100% – Supported on 10G appliances (ARX 5000, 5100, 6000 models) ● Works in conjunction with all AppResponse modules – WTA, AppSQL, Shark, CX-Tracer, VoIP, UCMM
    11. 11. Riverbed Confidential Customers Want Unified Dashboards Copyright Riverbed Technology 11 97%
    12. 12. Riverbed Confidential Case Study Copyright Riverbed Technology 12 “Our group has set up a number of dashboards for various app teams and for the NOC. There is great value to the visual images on a dashboard. When someone sees a red light or a sharp spike, they realize immediately there’s an issue. They don’t have to know what’s wrong, but they realize the severity and know to call someone.”
    13. 13. Riverbed Confidential RPM Dashboards Copyright Riverbed Technology 13 BrowserMetrix AppInternals AppResponse ● Pulls data from multiple sources – NetProfiler now integrated ● Standardize on web-based UIs – Increase adoption by more and different users – Improve information sharing & collaboration – Identify trends and issues faster New NetProfiler integration provides Top Talker and Top Interface information
    14. 14. Riverbed Confidential Seamless Drill Down into NetProfiler Copyright Riverbed Technology 14
    15. 15. Riverbed Confidential AppResponse Web Console SLA Dashboards report violations Quick ViewsCustom Views Role-based access controls
    16. 16. Riverbed Confidential AppResponse Quick Views & Profiler Templates ● High-level “out-of-the-box” overviews of commonly used data and workflows ● Easy to create and share – “One click” creation – Role-based access controls ● Fast drill down into data of interest AppResponse Quick Views NetProfiler Dashboard Templates