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See how RiOS 8.5 with Path Selection Technology can change your WAN Optimization Strategy

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  • With the Q3 launch of Release 8.5 we will be introducing three themes for WAN optimization in the market….Acceleration everywhere for end-users….this refers to new enhancements for traditional and new business applications, freeing up bandwidth for other applications such as unified communications, and video. IT teams can further now deploy social media strategies via the target applications.Control over these applications performance over the wide area networks, that could be simple or complex hybrid networks.and enhanced visibility of the end-to-end application performance…We will cover each one of the themes separately now….(For sale training)It is important to frame this conversation depending on the various decision makers in the organization….business leaders will be very receptive to the visibility and applications performance across their IT infrastructure, and IT teams like the visibility for better control of how applications are performing, and setting expectations for new applications.
  • Steelheads will be more relevant to Enterprises across all major verticals. As they support new cloud services from the branches and deploy hybrid networks in their organization, will will continue to optimize and accelerate applications in their chosen architecture. No one else gives this level of capability in our space, with new tools to manage applications growth and SLAs.WAN Optimization Extended to Application Delivery across Hybrid NetworksDeliver best application and data performance reliably by enabling administrators to prioritize and match applications across private, public and internet links.Leverage high performance, cost effective hybrid network architectures to deploy innovative applications.Dynamically reroute application traffic to secondary route in case of failure.Automated discovery and Visibility + Path Selection means better control of complex applications environment
  • Business and End-user demands are driving IT Infrastructure changes….Balance of power shifting to business stake holders and end-usersLets first look at the key market trends shaping the growth of WAN optimization market….these are significant trends that impact the growth of WAN Optimization marketGartner projected earlier this year that 80% of the Enterprise traffic will move to the WAN by 2014. This within the bigger picture of 2.5X growth of business network traffic has huge implications for customers. This means that the Enterprise environment is already changing. Applications and data are moving outside of the traditional branch to HQ model to hybrid clouds, public clouds. Business leaders and IT leaders both have a stake in making applications work seamlesslyTalking about applications, we are seeing that typical customer cases at Riverbed have 30, 40 maybe even 50 applications. In fact 2011 was the first year that non-windows applications exceeded windows apps in businesses. Custom applications, disaster recovery applications and many video applications (distance learning, digital signaage, perimeter intrusion detection) are some of the content rich applications driving bandwidth. At the same time social media, unified communication also need to be supported to meet the business needs of customers.From a spend perspective…we all know that the IT budgets are very tight growing at 3% and in some cases less…spread across applications that are bought by business unit leaders…some of the IT budget are now being spent on cloud services. WAN services over 80B per year through 2016, MPLS, Internet VPNs and Carrier Ethernet…. will see more spend on Internet bandwidth to access cloud services. As a matter of reference, Cloud IT services will easily be over 100B by 2016. This will mean better collaboration between business teams and IT teams to establish SLAs for their existing applications but also new applications.With 8.5 we can leverage the key trends of data growth, applications diversity not only across a WAN “black box” but make intelligent decisions across the elements of WAN….2011 is the crossover year where Windows only makes up 50% of the enterprise applications with OS neutral applications making up the other 50%. Windows applications will have a very long tail but the rise of new applications cannot be ignored. Recent IDC research shows that Worldwide spending on public IT cloud services will be more than $40 billion in 2012 and is expected to approach $100 billion in 2016. Over the 2012–2016 forecast period, public IT cloud services will enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.4%, five times that of the IT industry overall, as companies build out the infrastructure needed to deliver public cloud services.$374B MPLS and Ethernet Services spend in five yearsCisco Visual Network Index (VNI)Global Business HighlightsBusiness IP traffic will grow at a CAGR of 21 percent from 2012 to 2017. Increased adoption of advanced video communications in the enterprise segment will cause business IP traffic to grow by a factor of three between 2012 and 2017.Business Internet traffic will grow at a faster pace than IP WAN. IP WAN will grow at a CAGR of 13 percent, compared to a CAGR of 21 percent for fixed business Internet and 59 percent for mobile business Internet.Global Business Internet Video Traffic                Business Internet video traffic will from 5.3-fold from 2012 to 2017.Business Internet video traffic grew 52% in 2012.Video will account for 58% of all business Internet traffic in 2017, up from 31% in 2012.The number of desktop videoconferencing users will grow from about 27 million in 2012 to about 213 million by 2017—eightfold growth. We will clearly see video becoming a more mainstream business communicationapplication globally. By 2015 there will be more desktop videoconferencing users than audio conferencing users
  • We talked about the emergence of hybrid networks in the last slide. Lets look at what we mean….Classical network architectures tended to be simple branch office to data center networks with applications leveraging MPLS QoS. For high bandwidth applications and remote access, Internet VPNs were added to the network. This scaled the network well until applications and data needed to evolve hybrid clouds. As branches access cloud services directly from the cloud and subscribe the SaaS many Enterprises now need local internet breakouts from branches to minimize the branch office to HQ traffic.Internet is reliable enough to meet many new web based applications and cost of bandwidth is 4X to 30X cheaper than MPLS services.Riverbed as an example has a mix of MPLS and Internet access for our network, and it would be 5X as expensive if we were to have a total MPLS based WAN... with diversity of access increasing need for complex, high performance Hybrid Networks, between sites and between datacenters.Private Networks for mission critical trafficInternet VPNs for high volume trafficLocal internet access for cloud services and InternetLocal internet breakouts: inbound QoS for SaaS apps.
  • We talked about hybrid networks earlier in the introduction. Path Selection is a key feature of Release 8.5. On a fundamental level, applications can be intelligently mapped to the type of WAN connection, whether MPLS services for high priority traffic, be able to maximize the utilization of backup MPLS connections. For lower priority traffic, these can be mapped to lower cost WAN connections.This changes the way IT and business leaders look at applications…and look at applications not packets. One good example is facebook…instead of looking at facebook as a consumer app…one can allow the facebook news feeds and updates but block non-business applications such as farmville.Changing routing configurations can be further avoided by virtualizing the path selection in the WAN optimization platform where we have a deeper and better applications level intelligence.Another area of improvement with path selection is the the focus on the end-user experience…so as applications fail to perform across the primary path, the traffic can be diverted to the back up path.This significantly expands on the market opportunity for WAN optimization…this trend is validated by many of our customers…More importantly as customers get there, we will be ready with Steelheads to support the applications over hybrid networks.Path failure is in the current release. Verify that jittler latency and packet loss is in the current release.
  • In terms of the benefits to the final customer:Path selection enables one to decrease the WAN monthly spend or significantly scale the bandwidth purchase to meet the applications needs. From a WAN perspective you can map applications across private public and internet links for the best performance of applications. As you start looking at application performance not just packets, you can align service levels to maximize user experience across the organization. Our initial customers specifically emphasize the value increased reliability, especially the the end-to-end monitoring of applications. A couple customers highlighted being able to ensure availability of network resources for the priority applications as a key internal metric.Before it was either mpls or internet.. With qop SH can make that decision for you.. No need for complicated router configs
  • None of what we have talked about could be possible without accurate, detailed and timely visibility of the applications. Release 8.5 introduces the Steelhead platform to integrate DPI data as part of the Cascade flow information between Steelhead and Cascade. Cascade flow is then analyzed by Cascade Profiler to deliver detailed application specific performance reports. Also included in Release 8.5, is an upgrade to Appflow Engine in Steelhead, with improved performace and new application level signatures bringing visibility to over 600 applications.Application level reports can be combined with real time bandwidth consumption metrics to efficiently plan for network upgrades, fine tune QoS policies and make path selection decisions in a very deliberat and intelligent fashion.App flow Engine – Vineyard DPI basedShark Express is embedded in all Steelheads…so the data can be pulled on demandFeature: Application Flow Visibility (WAN Bytes, Application Discovery, new AppFlow engine) Question: What are the use cases for the new capability, and what customer challenges does this new capability solve? Answer: There are three different use cases for these new visibility features: sizing, incident identification, and shaping control. Total WAN bytes measures the total bytes directed outward from the Steelhead to the WAN over time. This report provides a bandwidth over time view for all data flowing to the WAN through a Steelhead. Previously, bandwidth over time was available only for optimized traffic, while the Traffic Summary would show byte summaries for all traffic (optimized and pass-through) but not actual bandwidth consumption variation over time. The new capability helps a Steelhead user visualize WAN-directed traffic from a Steelhead and see if traffic is actually hitting the limit of the WAN link. Application Discovery shows the bandwidth consumption over time for up to seven applications in a single report, which previously could be viewed only one-at-a-time for optimizable applications only. Application Discovery lets a Network Engineer visualize bandwidth consumption over time by application and compare bandwidth consumption across applications. The new AppFlowengine works with App Discovery and the new DPI in CascadeFlow feature to identify over 600 applications out of the box and simplify application identification. This new AppFlow engine greatly eases the process of identifying applications in the Steelhead. Question: What benefits does this feature provide to customers? Answer: Each report has slightly different benefits: Total WAN bytes gives Network Engineers real-time views into WAN bandwidth consumption, giving Network Engineers clear visibility into periods when WAN data approaches the maximum WAN bandwidth. This report helps the Network Engineer understand whether the WAN link is, or will be, undersized for the traffic flowing through the Steelhead. Application Discovery provides the Network Engineer with a visual record of LAN-to-WAN directed traffic, or WAN-to-LAN directed traffic, broken out by application. This information can be used to identify peak demand for network resources and help the Network Engineer set shaping rules effectively to maintain data flow. The new AppFlow engine simplifies shaping by allowing the Network Engineer to simplify application identification across over 600 popular network applications. The AppFlow engine simplifies shaping rules by simplifying the app identification process. The AppFlow engine also improves the power of the Riverbed Cascadeflow integration by adding detailed app and shaping information into the flow data passed from a Steelhead to Cascade, making the Cascade reports much more powerful.
  • Customers are asking for deeper application awareness to make better performance and delivery decisions based on application priority. We all know that the growth of applications to drive business is exploding yet not every application deserves the same level of handling, service or prioritization’ some are simply more important than others. However with the growing popularity of web application delivery, deeper visibility of what specific applications are being utilized is critical and without application–awareness, ITteams are handicapped by limited application visibility. Nowwith a visibility solution that identifies application type accurately, distinguishing between important web traffic and non-essential web traffic, IT teams can control, troubleshoot and get to answers faster because they know at a glance which applications are running across the network. Uniquely, adding Cascade 10.0.7 to this release of Rios 8.5 provides an enterprise wide view of application utilization and insight into the DPI intelligence from all Steelheads across the enterprise. The ability to see what is really running across the WAN, to understand the % of the traffic down to the application name and to make path selection and quality of service decisions based on this insight is unique in the industry.
  • SharePoint Optimization1. What’s new Prior to RiOS 8.5, SharePoint applications benefited only from the HTTP optimization feature. RiOS 8.5 now offers application level latency optimization for Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint adds several different protocols like FPSE (Front Page Server Extension) and WebDAV that run on top of HTTP and Steelheads can greatly enhance SharePoint usage experience by optimizing and accelerating these application protocols. 2. What are the advantages of SharePoint optimizationBoost productivity with faster collaborationCentralize and consolidate SharePoint farmsDeliver LAN-like performance for branch office usersWhat is the typical use case targeted for optimizationThe main use case we are targeting for this feature is ‘File Edit Usage’. SharePoint optimization can provide significant benefits when users are trying to open files for editing purposes that are hosted in central sites. The latency acceleration and bandwidth optimization will allow the user to open files in a matter of seconds as opposed to minutes.SMBv3 OptimizationWhat is SMBv3 ? With the introduction of Windows 8 and Windows 2012 server, Microsoft also released a major upgrade to its SMB protocol for file sharing. Some of the important features of SMB3 are - Encryption: If server and client negotiate SMB3 and the server is configured for encryption, all SMB packets are encrypted on the wire, except for when share level encryption is configured. New Signing : uses a newer algorithm for signing – AES-CMAC instead of the HMAC-SHA256 used by SMB 2Secure Dialect Negotiation: Capability to detect “man in the middle” attempts to downgrade the SMB 2/3 protocol “dialect” or capabilities that the client and server negotiate. When such manipulation is detected by either client or server, the connection will be disconnected.What level of latency optimization does RiOS 8.5 offer for SMBv3 RiOS 8.5 release supports full optimization for SMBv3 traffic (bandwidth and latency). The optimization support will cover all the key features introduced in SMB 3 like – Encryption, signing, secure dialect negotiationWith Storage Intelligent optimization for NetApp SnapMirror, the IT organization can now efficiently prioritize and deliver data replication to ensure business continuity and rapid disaster recovery of critical data. Customers can obtain detailed insights into each storage volume and prioritize replication for the most important data sets while avoiding taxing resources on processing data that will see little benefit. Combined with previous optimizations  for replication, data protection goals can be more easily met across the enterprise What previous optimizations?
  • Steelhead CX255 Appliance delivers enterprise WAN optimization to small branch officesWith the introduction of Steelhead CX 255 model appliance, the Infrastructure IT team can bring high-speed performance and enterprise class WAN optimization to every branch office including small branch offices, cost-effectively while delivering the best experience. With 230 connections  and 6 megabyte (MB) bandwidth capacity, Steelhead CX 255 model appliance has tripled the capacity over previous Steelhead CX 250 model applianceSiginificantly improved performance….higher optimized bandwidth, connections, Faster CPU, Built-in HW for Compression/Encryption and RegexSmart Package – 1U rack mountable, Dual system in 1U space….Only 11” deep, will fit into EiA Telco racks.Benefits:1) Meet increasing bandwidth and scale needs for small branches2) Compete more effectively on the low end3) More scalable solution for future services4) It also helps us to get into new markets like Retail to increase penetration of Steelhead appliances
  • Full Offload with exceptions: Internet becomes default path for all traffic except mission critical and voiceWater/sanitization construction work focused on large projectsBig accounting firm looking to provide direct-to-net at all the branches
  • Steelheads will be more relevant to Enterprises across all major verticals. As they support new cloud services from the branches and deploy hybrid networks in their organization, will will continue to optimize and accelerate applications in their chosen architecture. No one else gives this level of capability in our space, with new tools to manage applications growth and SLAs.WAN Optimization Extended to Application Delivery across Hybrid NetworksDeliver best application and data performance reliably by enabling administrators to prioritize and match applications across private, public and internet links.Leverage high performance, cost effective hybrid network architectures to deploy innovative applications.Dynamically reroute application traffic to secondary route in case of failure.Automated discovery and Visibility + Path Selection means better control of complex applications environment
  • For those in the audience who want to understand the path selection process…the first step is to identify the incoming traffic. This can be done via application flow engine that can identify over 600 application and protocol signatures or based on packet rule classifications. Within the Riverbed framework the application is optimized and forwarded across the network with the appropriate QoS.The typical forwarding process can be based on next hop MAC address or upstream policy based routing. The steering of the traffic or interfacing with the the under lying network is way more simpler than routing configurations.End to end ICMP messages are used to ensure the application flow…If there is a disruption, the application flows are moved to the back up paths.Path Selection – More efficient, more specific and more deliberateIdentify  Optimize  QoS  Path Selection  Path FailoverCompetition  Network centric options with limited applcation visibilityClassification – app awarenessForward – we are steering traffic or interfacing with underlying network – way more simpler than configuring with traditional routersApp Flow Engine classification, with over 700 apps and protocols
  • .. resulting in decreasing IT visibility, control while increasing costs, complexityThe result is a complex hybrid network, where establishing application performance can be very tricky. When business leaders adopt new custom applications, IT teams have very little control overpredicting SLAS across their application ecosystem. This becomes even more challenging with limited visibilty of applications behaviour in their network environment. Our customers spend an increasing amount of money in infrastructure management, compliance and monitoring the network with a whole of host of third party tools.Riverbed offices are connected via a mix of MPLS and IP VPNs….MPLS connects the core data centers in Chicago and SF. At one time we looked at MPLS connections for all offices and it would cost 5 times more…you can imagine the conversations between IT and CFOs in such scenarios.
  • There are two modes with which one can use SharePoint, as a web app or for file transfer. We optimize the latter. If you use SharePoint as a file repository but do the work at your local machine, these optimizations will help you.
  • RiOS 8.5 launch presentation

    1. 1. Acceleration Everywhere with Riverbed WAN Optimization July 2013 1 ©2013 Riverbed Technology. All rights reserved. Riverbed and any Riverbed product or service name or logo used herein are trademarks of Riverbed Technology. All other trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. The trademarks and logos displayed herein may not be used without the prior written consent of Riverbed Technology or their respective owners.
    2. 2. Riverbed Confidential Q3 Launch: Steelhead WAN Optimization Delivers … pyright Riverbed Technology 2 Acceleration Everywhere for end-users … …while enhancing IT Control… … and Visibility
    3. 3. Riverbed Confidential What’s News? ● Acceleration Everywhere – New streamlined optimizations for critical business Microsoft and NetApp applications – New high performance WAN optimization appliances for small branch offices ● Control – New Path Selection capabilities to simplify complex hybrid networks ● Visibility – Industry first integrated application-aware network performance management solution
    4. 4. Riverbed Confidential Growth Opportunities for WAN Optimization Copyright Riverbed Technology 4 80% Of traffic moves to WAN by 20141 $80B Private WAN services spend2 50% Split between Windows and non-Windows apps $100B Cloud IT services spend – 20163 Changing IT Spend Changing Network Environment Changing Apps Environment 1 Plan now for Hyperconverged Enterprise Network, Gartner, May 2012 2 2013 Ethernet and IP MPLS VPN Services, Infonetics, June 2013 3 Worldwide and Regional Public IT Cloud Services 2012-2016 Forecast, IDC Sep 2012
    5. 5. Riverbed Confidential Increasing Need for Hybrid Networks Internet SaaS IaaS 1 Private Networks Internet MPLS Branch Data Center CloudInternet VPNs Local Internet access 2 3
    6. 6. Riverbed Confidential Gartner on Hybrid Networks Copyright Riverbed Technology 6 Network architects should revise WAN architectures to improve performance for external cloud applications and resources. In most cases, hybrid WAN architectures will provide the best blend of performance and availability. In a hybrid approach, enterprises supplement existing MPLS connectivity with Internet/VPN. Source: Is MPLS Dead?, Andrew Lerner, Neil Rickard, Gartner, 2013
    7. 7. Riverbed Confidential Control: Simplify Complex Hybrid Networks with Path Selection Applications vs. Packets ● Application layer policy and control Copyright Riverbed Technology 7 Transparency & Simplicity ● Virtualized path selection based on path characteristics Performance ● Performance based on end user application experience. ISP 1 ISP 2
    8. 8. Riverbed Confidential Control: Path Selection Benefits ● Decrease monthly spend ● Increase available WAN bandwidth Data Center Cloud Lower Costs ● Smart mapping between private and Internet links ● Align service level with application need Increase Performance ● End to end monitoring ● Ensure availability of priority applications Increase Reliability Branch Office MPLS Internet
    9. 9. Riverbed Confidential Visibility: Integrated Application-aware Network Performance Management What’s NEW ● Application Visibility – Cascade 10.0.7 integration enhances CascadeFlow with DPI information – Appflow Engine upgrade ● Network Visibility – Real time bandwidth consumption (optimized and pass through) reporting – Application flow statistics Benefits ● Application Visibility – Discover and profile applications with Cascade – Reporting application- specific performance ● Network Visibility – Ability to plan upgrades – Tune Steelhead QoS
    10. 10. Riverbed Confidential Visibility: Enhanced Application Awareness Previously - Limited visibility Now - Deep application visibility Port 443 Port 80 Port 1494 UDP Application level visibility across the hybrid network/WAN • Gain insight into application type, usage - who used it, when they used it and from where • Recognize popular business and recreational applications • Classify any custom web application using URLs
    11. 11. Riverbed Confidential Acceleration Everywhere: Streamlined optimizations for business critical apps What’s NEW? ● Application level latency optimization with SharePoint 2013 ● Bandwidth, latency optimization of SMBv3 applications ● Storage intelligent optimization for NetApp SnapMirror Benefits ● Centralization and consolidation of SharePoint farms ● Lower bandwidth utilization and better latency acceleration ● Business continuity and rapid disaster recovery
    12. 12. Riverbed Confidential Acceleration Everywhere: New Enterprise WAN optimization for small branch offices Model CX255 Series Configurations U L M H WAN Capacity 2 Mbps 6 Mbps Optimized TCP Connections 50 75 150 230 CX255 Highlights ● 6 Mbps WAN capacity – 3 times previous model ● >200 TCP connections ● Built in HW assist for compression/encryption CX255 Benefits ● Significantly enhanced performance at same price ● Future proof investment ● Competitive solution to meet needs of small branches
    13. 13. Riverbed Confidential Case Study: Engineering Firm Situation ● Engineering firm with 180 offices in 31 countries ● 70% have MPLS ● Need to support traditional and new enterprise apps Strategy ● Leverage commodity Internet links ● Hold budget flat, increase total bandwidth from 3Gbps  9Gbps ● Example: Melbourne office – Historic: 10 Mbps MPLS – Future: 6Mbps MPLS +100Mbps Internet Cloud MPLS Internet
    14. 14. Riverbed Confidential Case Study: Consumer Goods Company Situation ● Global consumer goods company ● Nearing major MPLS WAN refresh cycle – very costly Strategy ● Freeze MPLS circuit upgrades ● Offload high-bandwidth apps to Internet VPN links ● Target apps to offload: video; AV updates; SCCM; Email; backup & replication; SharePoint Copyright Riverbed Technology 14 MPLS WAN Internet/VPN
    15. 15. Riverbed Confidential Summary ● Acceleration Everywhere – New streamlined optimizations for critical business apps – New high performance WAN optimization appliances for small branch offices ● Control – New Path Selection to simplify complex hybrid networks ● Visibility – Industry first integrated application-aware network performance management solution ● Key Dates – Launch Date: July 29th • Embargoed until 9 am ET/6 am PT – Key GA Dates • Steelhead Appliances: Q3 ● PR Contact – or
    16. 16. Riverbed Confidential  Boost productivity with faster collaboration  Centralize and consolidate SharePoint farms  Deliver LAN-like performance for branch office users New - SharePoint Optimization  Application-level latency optimization  Faster file edit operations (open, save & close)  FPSE protocol optimization (FPSE)  Uses HTTP GET & POST messages  Used during file create, open, save & close  WebDAV protocol optimization  Mapping a remote SharePoint drive on client machine
    17. 17. Riverbed Confidential Visibility: Riverbed Steelhead + Cascade ● Validate and troubleshoot QoS classification ● Audit performance across all application tiers ● Utilize dashboard-style reporting ● Integrate with Steelhead appliances ● Audit MPLS WAN provider SLAs and usage With Cascade, you can….