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Cascade Express 460 Virtual Edition


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Riverbed Technology introduces a virtual edition of Riverbed Cascade Express 460, which provides visibility into private cloud or software-defined data center environments running virtualized networks so IT teams can quickly view network and application performance and troubleshoot issues before end users notice.

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Cascade Express 460 Virtual Edition

  1. 1. Monitoring Cloud Environments Cascade Express 460 Virtual Edition April 30, 2014 Heidi Gabrielson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Copyright Riverbed Technology 1
  2. 2. Riverbed Confidential WhyVirtualize Cascade Express? Copyright Riverbed Technology ● Cascade Express 460 appliance is very popular – Rapid growth – High uptake by Steelhead customers – Gartner NPMD magic quadrant leader ● Need for virtualized monitoring growing – 53% of x86 workloads were virtualized in 2013 and this is expected to grow to 70% in 2015 (Forester) – 75% of enterprises use some sort of cloud (GigaOm) • IaaSis fastest growing, with usage increasing from 35% to 45% YoY – 34% have deployed or are testing SDN overlay networks while another 50% are evaluating or researching (EMA)
  3. 3. Riverbed Confidential Cascade Express 460 Virtual Edition ● A virtualized, all-in-one network performance monitoring solution that deploys easily so IT teams can quickly identify network and application performance issues and troubleshoot them before end users even notice. It can be deployed: – By companies that have fully embraced virtualization – Within software-defined datacenters using virtual networks – By SMEs as an alternative to the hardware appliance Copyright Riverbed Technology 3
  4. 4. Riverbed Confidential Cascade Express 460 Virtual Edition All-in-one network performance monitoring solution: Copyright Riverbed Technology 4 Cascade Profiler Monitoring, analytics and reporting Cascade Gateway Flow collection Cascade Shark 2TB packet capture Cascade Pilot 1 concurrent packet analysis license
  5. 5. Riverbed Confidential Full NPMD Capabilities ● All of the same capabilities of a full Cascade solution: – End-to-end visibility into network and application performance – Service dashboards that provide an at-a-glance view into the health of an application or location. – Automated dependency mapping – Analytics: automated baselining and anomaly detection provides early warning of problematic trends – Enterprise-class flow monitoring tightly integrated with world- class packet capture and packet analysis – Simple yet powerful, top-down workflow paradigm that streamlines problem isolation and diagnosis – Industry-leading virtualization support
  6. 6. Riverbed Confidential Business Intelligence, Not Data Copyright Riverbed Technology 6 Service Dashboards Dependency Mapping Analytics
  7. 7. Riverbed Confidential Comprehensive, Unified Visibility ● Flow data provides cost-effective end-to-end visibility ● Packet data provides detailed visibility into application performance – where needed ● Combines both packet and flow in single logical, de-duplicated record − Share knowledge – associate application tagging by one source across all sources in aggregate flow − Correlate info from different devices for end-to-end visibility into conversations − Seamless transition from business-level views to technical details Copyright Riverbed Technology 7 PACKETS METRICS UNIFIED DATA STORE INTERNET WAN Single logical, de-duplicated record FLOWS
  8. 8. Riverbed Confidential Streamlined Troubleshooting  Service-level dashboard  Understand dependencies via automated discovery  Fast, flexible drill down to incident report or traffic metrics  Automated analytics  Seamlessly drill-down into packets  Packet-level / transaction analysis in Cascade Pilot  Integrated with Wireshark
  9. 9. Riverbed Confidential Virtualization Leader Copyright Riverbed Technology 9 Server Virtualization • VMware vSphere Desktop/App Virtualization • Citrix XenApp • VMware View Network Virtualization • VMware NSX Supports all forms of virtualization monitoring:
  10. 10. Riverbed Confidential Cascade is the Only Solution to Provide Visibility into Virtual Networks
  11. 11. Riverbed Confidential Cascade Express Virtual Edition Models SKU Description CAX-VE-460-F1 Cascade Express Virtual Edition, 15K FPM CAX-VE-460-F2 Cascade Express Virtual Edition, 30K FPM CAX-VE-460-F3 Cascade Express Virtual Edition, 60K FPM CAX-VE-460-F4 Cascade Express Virtual Edition, 90K FPM CAX-VE-460-F5 Cascade Express Virtual Edition, 120K FPM CAX-VE-SDN Cascade SDN License for CAX-VE-460 Copyright Riverbed Technology 11 • Available on VMware vSphereESXi • SDN license for monitoring VMware NSX available Pricing starts at $19,995
  12. 12. Riverbed Confidential Streamline your PoC Simplifies online trial process • Free, 30-day trial • Single license: CAX-VE-460-F5-E (120K flows) • Trial.htmll Copyright Riverbed Technology 12