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  1. 1. ABOUT LITERATURE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  2. 2. The writer‘s name is Margaret Mitchel. What‘s the name of her famous book? The story takes place in Georgia and Atlanta during the civil war in America between 1861-65 and afterwards. Scarlett O‘Hara is the main character. Antwort
  3. 3. GONE WITH THE WIND Link to an episode of the famous film with Vivian Leigh and Clark Cable Start
  4. 4. AZAR NAFISI The Iranian writer describes the situation of women in Iran • after Ayatollah Khomeini had come to power. • WHAT‘S THE NAME OF THE BOOK? Antwort
  5. 5. Answer: Reading Lolita in Teheran. Start
  6. 6. Thomas Hardy wrote the famous book „ Tess of the D‘Urbervilles“. • Which period in English history does he assault in it and what disturbes him very much? Antwort
  7. 7. Answer: The conventional Victorian pharisaic morality. Hardy started writing the book in 1888 and he set it in his County of WESSEX, in the southwest of England. Start
  8. 8. From which book derives the following sentence? Renowned curator Jacques Saunière staggered through the vaulted archway of the museum‘s grand gallery? Antwort
  9. 9. The DA VINCI CODE by DAN BROWN It has to do with the holy Grail, Maria Magdalene and the descendents of the Merovingian Kings or Opus Dei. Link to the film with subtitles Start
  10. 10. The following story starts as follows: I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngon Hills. The writer had gone to Kenya with her husband to plant coffee in 1913. The marriage and the plantation failed, but her passion for Africa remained. What‘s the book‘s name, her name and where is she from? Antwort answer
  11. 11. Answer: • Her name is Karen Blixen and she is from Denmark. • The book‘s title is: • OUT OF AFRICA Start
  12. 12. What is „The Old Man and the Sea“ about? • Antwort
  13. 13. Possible answer: It‘s the story of an old fisherman who has gone without a fish for 84 days and has finally hooked such a big one that he has not the energy to get it out of the water in time and about the man‘s thoughts while this is happening. start
  14. 14. The Kite Runner • This book is about the friendship of two boys, Hassan(Hazara-low-caste ethnic group)and Amir (Pashtun)in Afganistan and the latter‘s betrayel of it. • By whom was the story written? • By whom was the film made? Antwort
  15. 15. Answer • Khaled Hosseini Mark Forster Start
  16. 16. A THOUSAND YEARS OF GOOD PRAYERS is about and by? Antwort
  17. 17. Answer Big difficulty of comprehension between father and daughter who lives in America. The author of the book is: YIYUN LI Start
  18. 18. IN COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED TALES • by Roald Dahl, who is also a famous childrens‘ • books writer • There are many: Antwort
  19. 19. Answer FUNNY, MACABRE, OUTRAGEOUS, WITTY, THRILLING AND DARK SHORT STORIES. Some titles: - Taste, Man from the South, My Lady Love, My Dove, Skin or Mrs Bixby, the Colonel‘s Coat or lamb to the slaughter start
  20. 20. ATONEMENT • It‘s in the hot summer 1935 andCecilia and Briony Tallis live with their parents in the country house. Briony watches her sister in a delicate situation with Robbie Turner which she misunderstands completely and therefore ruins her sister‘s life. • By whom is the book and • The film is with? Antwort
  21. 21. Answer The author‘s name is IAN MC EWAN and the film stars Keira Knightley and James MC AVOY. Link to the film in episodes: Start
  22. 22. What does Frank Mc Court narrate in his book „Angela‘s Ashes? Antwort
  23. 23. Answer: It‘s about the writer‘s sad and very difficult childhood. He finally escaped to the United States and saved himself. Here a link to the video about his biography: Start
  24. 24. Jack Maggs • Is the thrilling story of a so called criminal deported in the ninetheen‘s century from England to Australia and who managed to become quite wealthy on that continent.This would probabibly not have been possible in England! • With which very important novel is this book in connection and who wrote these 2 novels? Antwort
  25. 25. Answer: This novel refers to „Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. The author of Jack Maggs is Peter Carey. Start
  26. 26. Who wrote „Snow falling on Cedars“ and what is it about? • Here is the link to the film in parts: • Antwort
  27. 27. Possible answers: - David Guterson is the author of the book. - It‘s a thriller. (There is the death of a fisherman. - About the tragic situation of the Japanese citizens,especially in California,during the second world war. Start
  28. 28. What does „Cry, The Beloved Country“ speak about? Antwort
  29. 29. Answer: The novel approaches the racial problems in South Africa with an intelligence, a simplicity and compassionate sincerity. It was written by Alan Paton and first published in 1948 in New York. Start
  30. 30. Death on the Nile • This is a detective story by ............and first published in the UK in 1937. • The book features the Belgian detective • Hercule Poirot. The story is mainly set in .... • Who called Smon‘s wife Linnet,? Antwort
  31. 31. Answer: Agatha Christie Egypt. You have to find out yourself!! v=oxTa4mF9XFk Start
  32. 32. He was baptized in Stratford-uponAvon in 1564. Some of his famous plays or comedies are: - Hamlet - Macbeth - Othello - The Merchant of Venice - A Midsummer Night‘s Dream - What‘s the writer‘s name? Antwort
  33. 33. Answer SHAKESPEARE Start
  34. 34. Louisa May Alcot (1832-1888) wrote a famous book set in in the Alcot family home in Massachusets, United States. It follows the live of four sisters and is based on childhood experiences with her sisters. What‘s the name of the book? Antwort
  35. 35. Answer THREE LITTLE WOMEN Here is the link to an animated series of the story which loosely derive from the book. Start
  36. 36. In which book can we read the following sentences? War is Peace (refers to the fact that while a country is at war it can get away with murder) Freedom is Slavery (means that you are supposed to treat your supposedly natural rights as privileges which you have to earn constantly) Ignorance is power (means that as long as you Antwort believe what the state tells you, it can to do whatever it wants to.
  37. 37. Answer The title of the book is: 1989 by George Orwell. It criticizes very much totalitarian systems that make us believe that 2 + 2 is =5. Here is the link to the film v=hATC_2I1wZE Start
  38. 38. Do you know any novels written by • F.SCOTT FITZGERALD? • Maybe the one where there is a wealthy and mysterious man in his superb home in Long Island, near N.Y. where he gives his superb parties? Nearly everyone takes advantage of his hospitality. Antwort
  39. 39. Answer I was first of all thinking of „The Great Gatsby“ and also of „Tender is the Night“ Link to the film 8 Start
  40. 40. „When we were Orphans“ • What is the above mentioned book about • And where is it set? • The authors name is: Kazuo Ishiguro Antwort
  41. 41. Answer It‘s a detective story about a boy born in early twentieth century Shanghai who is orphaned at the age of nine when both his parents vanish under suspicious circumstances. He grows up in England and returns to Shanghai more than 20 years later when the SinoJapanese war is raging to solve the mystery. Start