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Introduction to Pykih Software LLP and JARVIS Business Intelligence.

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Company presentation

  1. 1. Data Visualisation We simplify the consumption of data and analytics. Ritvvij Parrikh, Founder, !1
  2. 2. Introduction We are an award-winning, 2.5 year old, Mumbai based data analytics and visualisation company. We build visual representations of pre-analysed datasets to help users to do some tasks more effectively. Top 75 early stage startups out of 14,000+ in India. Govt. of India sent us to IIM-A for 10 days of education. Invested in our charitable product TracksGiving.
  3. 3. What clients are saying? Pykih has satisfied customers in US, Germany, ! Canada, Australia, Kenya and India. Over-delivered, on time and on budget. Great communication and end product. Pykih seeks most viable options from business perspective by always considering what’s best for our current and future needs. If pykih bids on your project and say they can do it, then you would be crazy to choose anybody else. Can not recommend more highly. Pykih has deep expertise in product management and enterprise design of dashboard technology.
  4. 4. How can we help? Help product companies improve analytics modules in their software Help front-line managers take data driven decisions with live dashboards Help websites make sense of web traffic and segment customers Help data journalists find and explore large, open data sets to derive stories Help charities educate donors of the need for social impact
  5. 5. Services Offered We simplify the consumption of data and analytics. analytics value chain • Build custom dashboards • Design and build custom visualisations • Data analysis using Statistics and Natural Language Processing • OLAP Data Modelling in Pentaho • Data Collection from APIs, web scrapping, web mining, PDF mining • Analytics Consulting - we study your data and business and help identify how data analytics can help you solve specific business problems
  6. 6. Portfolio of our work Pykih has a diverse set of clients ranging from ERP software companies, media analytics software companies, data journalism ventures, gaming companies, etc.
  7. 7. Visually query to find right employees for right job The chart first loads all employees with each employee rated in a skill set. Choose your mouse to select and the chart tells you which specific employees meet the criteria.
  8. 8. Hawk Eye Chart for cash flow management A stacked bar chart that categorises finances by available funds and overdue expenses. Click on a month and it opens a percentage chart that breaks down each expense by various category heads. Click on a percentage and it opens a table that lists each expense.
  9. 9. River Chart for analysing multi-channel funnel A custom chart specifically designed for a Canadian offline advertisement to e-commerce tracking company. Percentage view See funnel for only one channel: Email
  10. 10. Data discovery dashboard on India Census A dashboard on top of India Census data (a large data set) that allows data journalists to explore this open data interactively to come up with data driven stories. !10
  11. 11. TV dashboards Businesses are removing paintings from offices and replacing them with TV dashboards that broadcast analytics to subconsciously build a data-driven culture amongst their employees.
  12. 12. Google Analytics data in Infographics format Does your company send regular presentations and updates to your clients? ! Replace the presentations with automatically generated infographics style reports. They are easy to understand and automatically generated.
  13. 13. Two level heat-maps to monitor nation-wide sales If you have data with a geographic context, leverage maps to quickly identify which areas are performing better than others. See a heat map of the whole country. On identifying which state needs your attention, click on it and zoom in to see a heat map of counties / districts to know which specific counties are causing the problem.
  14. 14. Analytics for FMCG sales managers pykih has developed a deep understanding of how analytics can be used by FMCG / CPG companies to improve sales decisions. Problem: Sales managers, who are constantly on the move, need to make sense of vast amounts of data at their disposal in MS Excel. This is inherently inefficient, errorprone and adds lag in decision making.
  15. 15. Why pykih? There are many out-of-the-box data visualisation tools in the market. Then why should we choose pykih’s custom visualisation? Generic Analytics and BI Product Pykih Target audience IT admins create reports for managers Managers Focus on Technical flexibility Giving the right analytics to the right manager at the right time Manager sees Sees one report at a time Sees a bird's eye view of the whole business. Implication Manager must know what he is looking for before he can see it. Sees everything and then drills down Visualization They will throw standard pie, bar, column charts or Excel pivots. We focus on building multi-dimensional custom visualizations that are specific to your domain.
  16. 16. We simplify the consumption of data and analytics. You can reach us at Fun fact: The word pykih comes from five random characters in a CAPTCHA that we saw. We decided till we do good work it does not matter what we are called. !16