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smart textile


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this presentation tells about smart textile and shows some of the example with the use

Smart textiles have been called e-textiles or intelligent textiles, electro active textiles, wearable electronics, and textronic depending on the approach.

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smart textile

  1. 1. Submitted by : Ritu Solanki
  2. 2. Smart textiles have been called e-textiles or intelligent textiles, electro active textiles, wearable electronics, and textronic depending on the approach.  Smart textiles need to be designed to exhibit physical properties similar to those of traditional textiles such as bendable, stretchable, and washable while keeping good electrical conductivity  Earlier smart textile clothing systems are not practically wearable because of wired with cables crisscrossing all over and batteries or hard electronic devices.  Now days the concept of wearable textiles becomes more practical regarding comfort, light weight, breathability, and especially to care and maintenance.  For Smart textile two important aspects of the human body must be considered: I. body size II. human motion both will affect the sensor placement on the garment as well as its relative position with human body.  Manufacturability of the e-textile must be considered starting from the process of embedding sensors during weaving to alignment of embedded fabric for cutting patterns and proper joining of patterns in garment.
  3. 3. Home/ architecture/other , 22.30% Fashion and entertainment, 11.40%Sports and fitness, 15.40% Protection and safety/military, 30.40% Transportation, 14.40% Medical and healthcare, 6.10% Smart Fabrics end-use market
  4. 4.  After 1996 Olympic many sport analyst raised their eyebrows by observing the unexpected results in the swimming events. By analyzing a medalist a common found was, about 77% of the medalist use “Speedo” fabric as their swimming suit.  Imagine, a trouser, which reminds you if you forgot your car keys  ‘Smart Skin’ which warns you when you are exposed to a hazardous chemical  A jogging suit, tunes to the climatic changes or the physical condition after exercise and further advice the jogger for the balanced action.  a jacket, which is cooler in summer and warmer in winter, entertains the wearer with TV channels or computer games. In addition, connect with his friends on phone for a chat. Do you know
  5. 5. Musical Jacket
  6. 6.  The musical jacket was first developed in the fall of 1997. It has a touch sensitive MIDI keyboard embroidered directly into the fabric using conductive thread. It contains stainless steel filaments, which makes it conductive. the keypad is polyphonic, thus several keys can be hit simultaneously. Sound is generated by a single-chip General MIDI wavetable synthesizer, and sequences are generated in a microcontroller. Musical Jacket The jacket is entirely battery operated, with powered speakers in the pockets.
  7. 7. Wi-Fi detector t-shirt
  8. 8.  A shirt with a built-in Wi-Fi signal detector Glowing animated shirt dynamically displays the current Wi- Fi signal strength Animated Decal is Removable (with hook and loop fasteners) for Easy Washing Battery Pack is Concealed in a Small Pocket Sewn Inside the Shirt Wi-Fi detector t-shirt
  9. 9. Space-suit
  10. 10. A space suit is a garment worn to keep a human alive in the harsh environment of outer space, vacuum and temperature extremes. Advanced suits better regulate the astronaut's temperature with a Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment (LCVG) in contact with the astronaut's skin, from which the heat is dumped into space through an external radiator. Another layer is composed of spandex, an elastic wearable polymer The innermost layer is made up of a Nylon tricot material Space-suit Dacron—a type of polyester—is used for a pressure-restraining layer.
  11. 11. Smart Military Uniform
  12. 12. The uniform is equipped with optical fibers, which can detect an injury such as by bullet and send information to the concerned center. The signal’s magnitude would depend on the force applied on the fiber that can be considered as the severity of the injury and priority of treatment can be decided by this information. The US military’s land warrior program is arming soldiers with the uniform containing protective gear and body armor and computer. This would help also in reaching or locating injured soldiers in the battlefield or rescue operation. Smart Military Uniform  The headgear shows battle plans soldier position transmitted over a wireless LAN. It also consists of a microphone. The radio cum computer on the back or on the arms is powered by lithium battery. At chest, another strap contains Solider Control Unit for interfacing with computer.
  13. 13. The goal will be to increase the "protection and survivability" of US soldiers with new technologies
  14. 14. Speedo Fabric (Shark Skin)
  15. 15. SPEEDO Intentional, Japan has developed mimic of sharkskin, which ensures easy swimming The fastest aquatic creatures have one thing in common: sleek, durable skin that lets them slice through the water. Following their lead, the speedo fabric has been developed. In addition, this fabric is knitted with 3-dimenssional V- shaped groove with 3-D knitting principal. Speedo Fabric (Shark Skin) The sharkskin is made from specially developed polyamide and Lycra fibre coated with Teflon to prevent water penetration With help of this V-shaped groove, the friction between water and swimmer is negligible and drag up to zero. This increases the efficiency of the swimmer by 8-10%.
  16. 16. These fabricated textiles are water repellent, chlorine resistant and super-quick to dry.
  17. 17. Smart Shirt
  18. 18. This shirt is equipped with motion sensors; it can provide feedback about the wearer’s movements or postures. Such information is helpful in rehabilitation or sport applications, where it is important that certain movements are executed correctly. The life shirt system is a comfortable garment that can be worn under normal uniform and it can automatically and continuously monitor over 40 physical signs such as respiratory rate, ventilation, swallow counts, arterial pulse wave, and heart rate. Smart Shirt For example, rehabilitation exercises need to be performed in clearly a defined motion sequence, with the correct speed and a defined amount of repetitions.
  19. 19. Jogging suit
  20. 20. The Brussels, Belgium based research lab, Star Lab has developed a suit which monitors the heart beat, and then plays certain type of music, adopting the rhythm to push the wearer faster or slower. A mobile phone in clothing can send the data by e- mail to wearer’s club. This suit has several layers with heat sensor and microphones embedded in cuffs and collars to measure light and sound. Jogging suit A microchip card inside the suit can sense when jogger is tired and suggest him to continue or rest.  From outside it measures the weather and from inside it monitors wearer’s biophysical state by analyzing this internal and external characteristics, the jogging suit can suggest the duration and intensity of exercise In addition, if something dangerous does happen it can intimate a doctor.
  21. 21. Wind stopper fabric
  22. 22. These types of fabrics are used during trekking on mountain in windy weather. Windproof clothing prevents convective heat transfer. Convective heat loss is a significant factor in causing discomfort. In cool or cold, windy condition windproof clothing keeps us warmer by preventing convective heat loss (the wind chill effect) and the discomfort associated with it. Wind stopper fabric Wind stopper products are typically coated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent), which provides them with a modest degree of water resistance. When wearing a windproof layer, we can maintain our warmth with less insulation in windy conditions.
  23. 23. Cool shirt refrigerated t-shirt
  24. 24. Cool Shirt is a company that make a neat refrigerated shirt. This company offers many different solutions for cooling from small scale to industrial solutions. The cooling comes from a non-flammable CFC-Free solution that flows through about 50 feet of tubing. Cool shirt refrigerated t-shirt  It offers instant relief on hot days. The fluid is stored in a replaceable 12oz Port-a-cool can
  25. 25. Sun Protective clothing
  26. 26. Sun protective Tshirts are the best and most reliable protection against the sun. They are recommended by both the World Health Organization and the dermatologists. It contains no chemicals that could harm the skin nor the environment. The protection from UV radiation that textiles provide is indicated as a UV PROTECTION FACTOR(UPF) . Sun Protective clothing They are slightly extensible and do not loose their shape in time. They resist sand and chlorine abrasion Beyond the amazing UV protection (UPF50+), these t-shirts dry up really quickly and absorb sweat
  27. 27.  The standard for Sun Protective Clothing- UPF Rating Protection Category % UV radiation Blocked 15,20 Good 93.3-95.9 25,30,35 Very Good 96.0-97.4 40,45,50,50+ Excellent 97.5 or more
  28. 28. Touch Sensitive Fabrics
  29. 29. Imagine a roll-up QWERTY keyboard, a jacket that interfaces with your mobile phone, a television remote control sewn into the arm of a sofa or light switches embedded in curtains and carpets. A unique technology developed to enable textiles to function as interfaces to control any type of electronic device also called SOFT Switch. Essentially, this means that soft flexible fabrics can be used in place of conventional hard switches, keypads, keyboards, buttons or knobs. Touch Sensitive Fabrics Soft switch fabrics can interface directly with any type of electronic device without the need for signal processing or complex software.
  30. 30. Colour Changing Shirt /Chromic Materials
  31. 31. This technique is developed by the use of electro chromic polymers — a flexible material that changes colour when an electrical charge is applied to it. Electro chromic polymers have been around for a while, but they were too small and fragile to be practical, but now developers have found a way to make them long and flexible enough to be woven into cloth. Some people fear that the chromic materials will be a short boom. Colour Changing Shirt /Chromic Materials However, the accuracy and endurance of the materials are all the time being improved.
  32. 32. CHAMALEON FIBRE Inspired by a fruit called MARGARITARIA NOBILIS (also known as bastard hog berry) How it is made-The fibre is made from two polymer materials layered on top of each other and then rolled into cylinders tens of microns thick. How it works -The top n bottom layers reflect light separately and the resulting beams interfere in a way that produces bright colour , which changes when the fibre is stretched and the angles at which the light waves are reflected are altered. Where it can be used - sports clothes that change colours in the areas of muscle tension or that sense when an object is placed under strain as a result of heat.
  33. 33. Hear wear Sound Activated Textiles
  34. 34. HearWear is a concept created by Younghui Kim and Milena Iossifova, uses the sound/noise level of the environment to create active color patterns on clothing or bags. These cool garments interact with ambient sounds and show the levels on the garment. The microphone and processor converts the sound levels into light via LEDS and EL wire. Hear wear Sound Activated Textiles Despite its coolness, this may also have safety purposes too