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Deploying Full BI Platforms to Oracle Cloud

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Deploying Full BI Platforms to Oracle Cloud

  1. 1. @rittmanmead Mark Rittman, CTO, Rittman Mead | UKOUG Tech’15, Birmingham Deploying Full OBIEE Systems to Oracle Cloud Is it possible? How does it work … and what’s the benefit vs. on-premise? 1
  2. 2. @rittmanmead About the Speaker • Mark Rittman, Oracle ACE Director, Oracle BI, DW & Big Data • 14 Years Experience with Oracle Technology • Regular columnist for Oracle Magazine • Author of two Oracle Press Oracle BI books - Oracle Business Intelligence Developers Guide - Oracle Exalytics Revealed • Writer for Rittman Mead Blog : • Past Editor of Oracle Scene Magazine,
 BIRT SIG Chair, ODTUG Board Member • Co-founder and CTO for Rittman Mead 2
  3. 3. @rittmanmead Oracle BI Cloud Service - What Is It? • Oracle Business Intelligence, re-imagined for the cloud • Runs as part of Oracle Public Cloud, part of wider Oracle Platform-as-a-Service • Pay monthly, min 10 users, rolling upgrades and new features • Entirely thin-client, simplified administration • Comes with single DB schema,
 50GB storage • Aimed at departmental use-cases - Sharing data from a spreadsheet - Team reporting - Development sandboxes 3
  4. 4. @rittmanmead Regular Updates & Previews of On-Premise Functionality • BICS has had multiple updates since v1 launch, automatically added by Oracle - Significant real-world benefit for customers - no-more big-bang upgrades • Adding on-premise functionality missing in v1 (mapping for example) • Filling out functionality e.g. Data Sync tool • Early access to on-premise features - Visual Analyzer - Data Mashups 4
  5. 5. @rittmanmead Includes Oracle Visual Analyzer + Data Mashups • Tableau-style data analysis tool aimed at data analysts and self-service users • Point-and-click exploration and visualisation of datasets • Uses BI Repository as data source, ensuring “single-version-of-the-truth” - Users can also add their own data, “for data mashups” • Enables more self-service, users doing “last mile” in reporting 5
  6. 6. @rittmanmead Thin-Client Data Modeller for Simple RPD Modelling • New thin-client data modeller, works with RPD online • Single repository per tenant • Regular RPD, but modeller only supports 
 subset of BI Administration features - Single LTS per logical table - No Alias, have to create DB views - Single business model - Only logical calculations - But otherwise - an RPD 6
  7. 7. @rittmanmead Oracle Database Schema Provided with BICS •Each instance of BICS comes with Oracle Schema Cloud Service •ApEx environment with 10GB storage attached •Able to run PL/SQL packages (with 5m timeout) •Either create tables, views etc from ApEX,
 or use data uploader in BICS
 7 Click to launch 
 ApEX Home Page
  8. 8. @rittmanmead Built-in Application Express Database Developer Tool • Full ApEx environment for application building, table creation, SQL queries • Can be used to build supporting applications, administration screens for OBIEE application • Make use of PL/SQL functionality - Data cleansing - Call Web Service REST APIs - More complex processing
 and calculations • DB Cloud Service dashboard has tools
 for data and application exports 8
  9. 9. @rittmanmead Options for Uploading Data to BI Cloud Service (DB Cloud) • Use ApEx front-end and tools within it (data upload, data modeller etc) • Use SQL*Developer and SFTP data upload facility • Use BI Cloud Service Data Uploader 9
  10. 10. @rittmanmead Oracle BICS Initial Use-Case : Departmental Reporting • Oracle BI Cloud Service in initial, standalone form aimed at departmental reporting - 50GB storage in single schema, limited ETL access - Single subject area and limited RPD features • Other common use-cases include - Development environments - Spin-off data discovery sandboxes - Dedicated SaaS reporting applications • But … part of wider Oracle Cloud platform - Can we use that to host a whole BI system? 10
  11. 11. @rittmanmead Benefits from Running BI in Oracle Cloud • Cost - TCO can be cheaper than on-prem - Factor in service management, upgrades, staff costs, managed service contracts etc - Operational issues taken care of by Oracle, along with security compliance • Pay for software + hosting monthly/user, out of OpEx • Gives more agility around creating test, dev branch environments • Early Access to New Features 11
  12. 12. OK…
  13. 13. but…
  14. 14. @rittmanmead But How Useful Is BICS Now …. Really? • I’d like to migrate to cloud, but my BI System uses a full Oracle DW database - How do I host that in the cloud? And replicate it there in the first place? 14
  15. 15. @rittmanmead I Need Access to Full Admin Tool + RPD… • We need access to a full Admin Tool, multiple data sources, federation - BICS Thin Client Data Modeller isn’t enough… 15
  16. 16. @rittmanmead I’d Like Support for Multiple Subject Areas … And VA! 16 • We need support for multiple subject areas - And we’d like to use Visual Analyser … now!
  17. 17. @rittmanmead And My ETL Still Needs to Work … Or Be Better! 17 • And our ETL needs to keeping working as now … or better! • Can anyone help us?
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. @rittmanmead Oracle Cloud Can Host Full BI Platforms … Here’s How • Host Full Oracle Data Warehouse in Oracle DBaaS • Upload and run on-premise RPD including use of multiple databases - Including on-premise through new WebLogic connector • Run full ETL using ODI • Use VA without 12c upgrade • Still have partner support
 for key stages + new
 development … - But take away IT hassles 20
  21. 21. @rittmanmead Wider Oracle Public Cloud PaaS Ecosystem • Similar to other public cloud services (AWS, Azure etc) at IaaS layer • But with platform (PaaS) and software (SaaS) layers as differentiator • Can we use Database, Storage and other layers to host full OBIEE platform? - And what about ETL, identity management, file storage and so on? 21
  22. 22. @rittmanmead Hosting Full OBIEE Platforms in Oracle Public Cloud • Leverages BICS’s new “Upload RPD Data Models to the Cloud” feature - Migrate supporting DW to full Oracle DBaaS - Update on-prem RPD to connect to DBaaS - Upload RPD to BICS • Create new Oracle Cloud users for BICS • ETL can connect via SQL*Net, JDBC etc • Use for wider use-cases than BICS incl. - Host full production platform (or test, dev) - Create development branches, etc 22 Oracle BICS Oracle DBaaS RPD 
 Upload ETL ToolsBI Administration On-Premise Source DB Data Uploads
 via SQL*Net
  23. 23. @rittmanmead BICS Upload RPD to Cloud Key Steps 1. Make sure on-premise data model is consistent, no errors etc 2. Create DBaas Instance, Upload on-premise database to cloud 3. Update RPD Connection Pool settings to point to DBaaS instance 4. Recreate any user accounts, application roles etc 5. Create new dashboards and reports 23
  24. 24. @rittmanmead Example Migration : Full OBIEE11g SampleApp v406 • OBIEE11g SampleApp v506 - based on release and delivered on VM • Comes with Oracle 12c Database with multiple schemas, MVs, partitioning etc - Also uses Essbase, Hadoop etc but out of scope for this exercise • Objective is to migrate OBIEE, DW database and security elements - Verify that ODI can still connect and load DW in Oracle Cloud - Look at options for additional DB sources, 
 Essbase, Hadoop sources etc 24
  25. 25. @rittmanmead Creating a Full Database Instance in Oracle DBaaS • Initial step is to create an Oracle Database Cloud Service Instance • Options for 11g or 12c Release Database, High / Extreme Performance Options - Determines scope of DB features available (OLAP, partitioning etc) 2 1 2
  26. 26. @rittmanmead Oracle Database Cloud Service Connectivity / Configuration • Database runs in a VM, has Listener and other processes running • Database parameters can be altered, but DB Options set by DBaaS version - OLAP, Partitioning Options not present may affect DB uploads • Ports blocked by default, need to be opened for SQL*Net etc access 26
  27. 27. @rittmanmead Managing and Monitoring Database Cloud Service • Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express 12c for DBA tasks - Features determined by DBaaS edition 
 (regular, High or Extreme Performance) • Virtualised Cloud Hosting monitored by
 Oracle DBaaS Monitor - RDBMS storage, alerts, processes etc - OS-level monitoring - Listener - Backups etc 27
  28. 28. @rittmanmead Migrating On-Premise Data to Oracle DBaaS • This can be the tricky bit - if only because of volumes • RMAN, DataPump etc available as options, along with ODI, SQL*Developer etc 28
  29. 29. @rittmanmead Configuring On-Premise RPD to Connect to DBaaS • Update Connection Pool settings in on-prem RPD before upload to BICS - Note : DBaaS instance must be in same datacenter as BICS • Note - No need to change overall DB connection setting in BICS Console 29
  30. 30. @rittmanmead Steps to Upload RPD to BI Cloud Service • Backup (snapshot) current BICS environment if required • Select Snapshots > Replace Data Model • Use Browse button to select RPD from desktop, then upload to BICS 30
  31. 31. @rittmanmead Additional BICS Capabilities when using Uploaded RPD • Allows multiple subject areas vs. single one in standard BICS • Multiple DBaaS instances can be mapped into RPD for federated queries • Full access to RPD features - vertical/horizontal federation etc • Data Mashups also available (but not VA) 31
  32. 32. @rittmanmead Additional Post Upload Configuration : Mapping • Mapping is now available in BICS, requires further Administrator configuration • Single map provider (OracleMaps) with set of associated layers • As with on-premise, map layers then need to be linked to subject area columns 32 1 2 3
  33. 33. @rittmanmead Configuring Security and Recreating Users, Roles • On-premise users need to have corresponding new account created in BICS - Also creates an Oracle Cloud login for BICS identity domain - separate to OTN login • BICS licensed per user, min is 10 per pod with test and prod instances • Application roles also need to be recreated and users added 33 1 2 3
  34. 34. @rittmanmead SSO between Oracle SaaS and BICS 34 • Allows an Oracle Cloud customer the ability to have SSO between different Cloud Apps, e.g. BICS and PBCS • Requirements: - Services need to be ordered in 
 the same data center - Customer must activate 
 services under the same 
 identity domain • When in the same IDM, a single 
 user can be authorized for one or more available services.
  35. 35. @rittmanmead Row-level Security Within RPD • Row-level security works properly within BICS and uploaded RPDs • Best practice is to base on application roles, recreate matching ones to proceed • Regular and row-wise session variables then work as expected 35
  36. 36. @rittmanmead Limitations on BICS with RPD Upload vs On-Premise • Can only access other DBaaS sources at present - but see next slide - Presume integration with PBCS, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, SaaS apps to come - No ability at present to access Essbase, TT or other acceleration layers • No further editing of the uploaded RPD - but TCM enhancements soon • Upload the catalog to go with RPD - coming soon • Further limitations that may possibly be lifted in the future - Adding of HTML or Javascript to Analyses is disabled - Some limitations around alternate sorts and other small issues - Visual Analyser not available yet (multiple subject area issue?) - No usage tracking (but see MOS Doc.ID 1965207.1) • No BI Publisher - though can install through JCS + DBaaS 36
  37. 37. @rittmanmead Accessing On-Premise Sources - Coming Soon 37 • On-Premise Data Access using WebLogic Connector • Enables direct query to on-premises accessible databases - Secure & Optimized for WAN transport - Free download from OTN, requires WebLogic - Phase 1: Requires Admin tool & RPD upload - Phase 2: Thin Client Modeler support
  38. 38. @rittmanmead What About ETL and Data Integration? • ODI12c (and other tools using SQL*Net, JDBC etc) can connect to DBaaS as normal • Either through SSH tunnel and SQL*Net, or direct from internet if ports enabled • Current data integration and ETL routines can therefore continue as normal • Makes it possible to create a hybrid on-prem/cloud solution - ODI can run on-premise, can integrate data from on-premise, 
 Oracle Cloud or SaaS apps - ODI could also run in cloud, within a 
 standard Linux compute instance • Full ODI Studio • Standalone Agent or JEE Agent within WebLogic Data Uploads
 via SQL*Net
  39. 39. @rittmanmead Future Option : Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service • Oracle Cloud-based Data Preparation Service, aimed at da • Takes files and other datasets from Oracle Cloud and prepares for analysis • Split, transform and obfuscate data before loading into Hadoop data platform 39
  40. 40. @rittmanmead Uses Machine-Learning to Automate Data Recommendations • Uses Spark MLlib machine learning to profile data and recognise patterns • Automates many of the routine data preparation and profiling work - Spot credit card, SSN + other sensitive data, recommends masking - Suggest appropriate names, datatypes for columns based on 
 format and data patterns • Allows analyst to focus on key tasks - Example of cloud app consumerization 40
  41. 41. @rittmanmead Cloud Datasource Integration & File Upload/Download • Primary datasource and target is Oracle Storage Cloud Service (like Amazon S3) - Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, Oracle DBaaS and others • User can also upload / download files directly into Big Data Prep Service 41
  42. 42. @rittmanmead How Can We use Big Data Prep Service with BICS? • User uploads or downloads files (CSV, TSV, Excel, Word, PDF, etc.) into Oracle Storage Cloud Service • Big Data Prep Service loads files
 from Storage Cloud for preparation • Prepared files are written back into Storage Cloud Service • User uploads prepared files into BICS
 as datasource for ApEx / Schema Service - On roadmap : direct integration with VA
 + Answers for data-mashup data files 42
  43. 43. @rittmanmead Proposed Direct BDP Integration for VA / Data-Mashup Files • Roadmap proposal from Oracle is to make BDP available from BICS homepage • Load and prepare data to add as Visual Analyser & Answers Mashup data files 43 1 2 3 4
  44. 44. @rittmanmead Direct BICS / BDP Integration using Oracle Data Integrator • Possible now : Use of ODI to prepare individual files through BDP • ODI on-premise used to automate file extracts and upload into Storage CS using its REST APIs • BDP picks up files available in 
 Storage CS and prepares them • Prepared files are written back 
 into Storage CS • Prepped files downloaded by ODI 
 from Storage CS, loaded into BICS - On roadmap: BDP will be able to 
 load prepared data directly into BICS 44
  45. 45. @rittmanmead Summary and Next Steps • It’s now possible (mostly…) possible to migrate full OBIEE systems to cloud • On-premise RPDs uploaded into BI Cloud Service + linked to DBaaS for DW • ODI can still upload data from on-premise sources into DBaaS, or consider BDP • Contact … we can save you from corporate IT delays 45
  46. 46. @rittmanmead Mark Rittman, CTO, Rittman Mead | UKOUG Tech’15, Birmingham Deploying Full OBIEE Systems to Oracle Cloud Is it possible? How does it work … and what’s the benefit vs. on-premise? 46